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Heartless MinisteTengku Adnan and Three little pigs and faulty KL towers story

Heartless MinisteTengku Adnan and Three little pigs and faulty KL towers story

Even false hope can be marketed well

Does one own one’s existence? Do individuals have full property rights over their life and actions? Does the social imprint left behind by an individual belong to her? Can one choose to erase one’s actions if information about them is potentially damaging for the person in question? These and even more vexed questions are inevitable in the light of the new ‘right to be forgotten’ ruling in Europe that grants this right to individuals.
Without stating its location, Federal Territories Minister Datuk Seri Tengku Adnan Tengku Mansor said his ministry was now discussing with the FT Land and Mines Department on the housing project.
“We have the land and will ask the developer to build as many houses costing below RM200,000,” he said here today after witnessing the balloting for units of the Federal Territory Affordable Housing Project (RUMAWIP), Residensi Pandanmas 2, Kuala Lumpur.
He said the type of housing, the size of units and name of the housing project had not been decided yet but would be announced soon.
The internet has changed some fundamental assumptions around which society has been ordered. The relationship between the individual and society was mediated in part through the notion of the public and the private which attempted to reconcile the dual nature of one’s existence. The individual resided in the collective but retained parts of her life to herself by way of the private. The private rippled outwards into the public gently through successive layers of whispered gossip, formal conversation and news that appeared in a tightly controlled media pipeline.

Crimes against poor: Whom do we blame?

  MinisteTengku Adnan false hope brook no debate that these are utterly and wholly reprehensible acts in any society? What more can we do than let our soul cry in sympathy and anguish for the victims of such terrible tragedies?

Federal Territories Minister Datuk Seri Tengku Adnan Tengku Mansor says a piece of land has been identified in the Federal Territory (FT) for a project to build houses that cost below RM200,000 each, to enable more middle-income earners to own a house.

Din Merican
This thread is an eye open opener for all us regardless of colour, race and religion. We have the poorest among the poor in our midst right here in Kuala Lumpur. The pictures you see tell a sad story. Our country which hopes to be a developed nation in 2020 cannot deal with the plight of our poor citizens. See how they live. Sorry to spoil the Divali party.

Remember the three little pigs who set out to make their own homes? The first one was trapped by a tout. “Buy hay”, the tout said. “Cheap, light, earthquake-proof, and in case of land dispute, shift where there is less trouble. Get green points!” He did not tell him that where there is urban land, there are urban wolves.
When attacked, he moved to his brother’s place, who had bought a house of wood after finding it on a website. There were water bodies filled by tankers on the day of occupation, but later on it was their job to fill them. A golf course, but the grass had to be nurtured. Most pigs prefer flat ground; going up and down and rolling into sand fills is a bit awkward. All was fine, but the wolves of the forest department came, and it was found that the wood actually belonged to the timber mafia.
So, now to the eldest brother. He had applied to a registered company he worked for for a lifetime, and got a proper brick house. Thankfully three sides open instead of four. Not the sort of house pigs prefer. It was an apartment. Three BHK, just right for them. Only others sneered at them in the lift, and in power safety mode, they had to call two of their neighbours, for the lift to go down. To come up, only two (the neighbours) were allowed, and the three had to walk all the way up to the twelfth floor.
Men are rarely good neighbours. A few months later, four of the occupants of the apartments got “neurocysticercoses” That’s the egg of a tapeworm that somehow prefers the brain tissue. It actually happened after a party the builder had thrown after achieving full occupancy. The meat used was contaminated. However, since pigs are the intermediate hosts, it finally came to them. Pigs they were, but had proper toilets, washed their limbs, and there was a kitchen too, though at the twelfth floor a chimney was not necessary. Finally, it came to them, and they were quarantined in the vet department for a week. All samples were negative. Restored, but surely the blemish was to stay.
Six months later, five people knocked at the door, in turns, during the day. Unusually polite, the pigs felt. Each one left his card. All retired section officers of various government departments. There was an election for the President of the RWA the coming Sunday. Come and have snacks too, but don’t hang around too long, you know why!
That residents would be keen about the welfare of the whole lot was rather alien to the pigs. There was stuff like built-in area, superadded area, amount of square feet of land that was promised, and if someone was on a higher floor, his land was to be compensated by so much of sky in the balcony.
The pigs were happy that humans were human. What they found, however, that at places on the walkway, gravel had been unearthed, because it was not of the quality promised, and deductions were to be allowed by the builder. The RWA with their heads “Muthuswamy”, and “Jhootha Sawhney” were to go to the court. “Jhootha” Sawhney was so named as he was the first male child (though not of much worth) after about five miscarriages. The judge was his sister’s husband, The law does not bother about that, but just in case.
The pigs were happy that they too had human rights . On the day of the hearing though, there was a disappointment. The placard in front of the court said quite clearly, “Tenants and pigs not allowed”, Shocking! That was not the case while the eldest brother was working. Besides, he wasn’t retired. He had taken a voluntary retirement, after a diamond-studded golden handshake. At the end of the day, the case was postponed, so it was not much of an insult.
No builder can be so without the help of those who help build the nation. The urban affairs minister put in an affidavit, that seismological tests were not carried out. That meant that everybody will have to vacate, and they will blow up a small hillock 100 metres away to assess the damage. If the structure crumbles, so be it. The insurance would not take up the responsibility post-construction. The project was signed just a week before the seismic laws were enforced. Muthuswamy lost his head. “Jhootha” Sawhney had elaborate plans of forgery, that he would quietly slip in the file, when he goes to meet his sister. When it comes to underhand dealings, nothing like Punjabi sisterly love!
The pigs realized that human intellect beyond a level nullified itself. That was not the way with the wolf. “I’ll huff, and I’ll puff, and will blow your house away!” Plain and well meaning

Prof Datuk Dr Rohana Yusof you are the message you convey!

Tomorrow's event which features Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim at the Universiti Malaya campus has met with strong resistance from varsity authorities.  – The Malaysian Insider file pic, October 26, 2014.

One of the less discussed points of  Anwar phenomenon is how he has restored the credibility of the Malaysian political class. at the peak of the Reformasi movement, politicians were lampooned as an arrogant, corrupt elite Anwar changed all that. Anwar has set high standards for himself. The craze for entitlements finds no place in  Anwar’s scheme.For him being in public life is amission. This has restored people’s faith in the political class. Anwar has followed up words with action. His innovative approach has forced conventional politics to stand on its head. By changing the idiom of political discourse, he has left traditional politicians looking out of sync with their hackneyed ideas of race, clan, language and chauvinism. That is why where Chinese politicians from vernacular school backgrounds were looked down as caricatures.An editor of Umno-owned Utusan  has blamed vernacular schools for the inability of Chinese Malaysians to speak the national language, describing them as worse than Bangladeshis.For long ,Malaysia politics suffered from an absence of political gravitas. Politicians failed to command respect. As a result, they had to constantly harp on race the lowest common denominator. Anwari’s assertive dignity and powerful oratory and his mass appeal have infused a sense of pride in the political establishment to speak in one’s mother tongue — not a mall thing in this milieu of globalisation. And this complex transformation has been smooth and naturalAnwar has established a political stake for the common man and the youth active on social media by connecting to them directly. This has democratised our democracy like never before. Who are the most ardent supporters of Anwar other than hard-core party workers? It is fascinating that  the common man and the youth  has taken a great liking toward Anwars. Of late, in their circuit, Anwar is often the topic, he has come as an antidote to the middle-class refrain of “Nothing can change, nothing will move in Malaysia”. People have got interested in politics.
 The good, the bad and the ugly. Highs and lows. Dignities and indignities. Success and failure. The loving and the hating. If the only certainty about life is that it ends, why should anything else be allowed a more permanent state?    
And if change is the rule of life, the intelligent thing to do is to whiff the winds of change and steer our own selves. We need to change ourselves before life changes us. Planning ahead and remaining in sync with our own selves and the world is the only way to occupy a dignified and happy space.    
Whether you like it or not, we are changing with every passing moment. A part of us dies with every second that passes. You are not the same person you were 10 years ago, so wouldn’t the last hour have changed you in some teenyweeny manner? As a friend put it, “We are dying every second… we also add something to ourselves every second.”    
If we stay stuck in a comforting time warp, soon the cocoon of comfort will become constraining, keeping us on the periphery as the world flows past. Constant change and reinvention is as much the fundamental rule of personal lives as it should be of any dynamic business.    Morals, principles, adages, emotions, thoughts or beliefs – nothing is sacrosanct as we allow the winds of change to whistle through our lives. Just be true to your own self and in sync with life around. As for the rest, go with the flow of the life force. A friend put it very well, “Let go and do what you believe in as right. Drop all sense of propriety if it holds you back. Nobody is giving you brownie points… there is no scorer anywhere.” 
UM deputy vice-chancellor for student affairs Prof Datuk Dr Rohana Yusof has warned organisers against going ahead with an event featuring Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim. – Pic courtesy, October 26, 2014.
 UM deputy vice-chancellor for student affairs Prof Datuk Dr Rohana Yusof Your self-image and what you convey about yourself to rest of the world influences perceptions and the ultimate reality about you!
Prof Datuk Dr Rohana Yusof, who has ordered students to stop tomorrow's event "40 Years: From UM to Prison". Rohana has also said that the organiser, Universiti Malaya Undergraduates Association (PMUM) president Fahmi Zainol, would face suspension and a fine if he proceeded with the event.
"[Rohana] is showing utter contempt to the rights and dignity of not just Fahmi but the thousands of students themselves.
-"Universiti Malaya must support academic freedom and the deputy VC must stop talking like an UMNO branch leader and start showing some intellectual back bone," Anwar said in a statement tonight.
"To suggest that the event would ‘damage the image’ of the university defies logic. On the contrary, such an event would help to enhance its image as an institution that fosters vibrant discourse on socio-economic and political developments."
Anwar was invited by PMUM to speak tomorrow night, the eve of his appeal at the Federal Court where he is seeking to overturn his sodomy conviction. If unsuccessful, he faces five years in prison.
PMUM's Fahmi has refused to retract the invitation and insists the event will go one.
Anwar's aide, Dr Fahmi Ngah, told The Malaysian Insider earlier today that the PKR de facto leader plans to attend the event, which will be held in the square outside the Dewan Tunku Canselor on the campus grounds.
"I deplore the latest acts of intimidation by UM against Fahmi," Anwar said of Rohana's statement reported by Berita Harian on October 24, that Fahmi could be suspended and fined RM200 for disobeying the university's ban on the event.
Anwar, who was once a student leader at UM, said students needed exposure to political and current issues for their academic and intellectual development.
"You cannot sweep under the carpet issues such as the rising cost of living, social injustice and the use of the Sedition Act as a tool of political repression and the economically oppressive National Higher Education Fund (PTPTN).
"Rather than trampling on the fundamental rights of the students in exercising their freedom of association and expression, the university authorities should instead focus its attention on how best to improve the university’s international ranking," he said.
UM was criticised earlier this month for not participating in the Times Higher Education (THE) World University Rankings 2014-2015. It justified this saying that the indicators used in the survey were not suitable for Malaysian universities younger than their western counterparts.
Anwar praised Fahmi for "braving the threats of expulsion and criminal prosecution" and said Putrajaya could to expect to remain in power "indefinitely".
"They must stop the current campaign of marginalising and intimidating student leaders, academicians, professors and lecturers who dare to question the establishment," he said.
UM deputy vice-chancellor for student affairs Prof Datuk Dr Rohana Yusof and her gang They’re all thieves What’s not to admire about the changeover from ugly duckling (metaphorically speaking) to graceful swan, with all its attendant soul-searching and metamorphosing pangs? It certainly requires immense courage to look at yourself from an outside perspective, have the gumption to work on negatives; to actively project the positives, and finally emerge a winner! Years ago,

 a couple of examples in real life as well, but the phenomenon is rare enough to deserve applause. The event that triggered this thought process was Hillary Clinton’s recent town hall interview in Washington, broadcast worldwide. Gone is the uptight humourless, diffident Senator and later Secretary of State Clinton talking from a distance. In her place was a relaxed, warm, confident-in-her-skin Hillary accepting questions with a smile and answering them honestly. Indeed, in the digital age, Hillary has embraced new media effectively to get a swift makeover and reach out to the youth in an ageless maneuver!
UM deputy vice-chancellor for student affairs Prof Datuk Dr Rohana Yusof and her gang They’re all thieves What’s not to admire about the changeover from ugly duckling (metaphorically speaking) to graceful swan, with all its attendant soul-searching and metamorphosing pangs? It certainly requires immense courage to look at yourself from an outside perspective, have the gumption to work on negatives; to actively project the positives, and finally emerge a winner! Years ago,
Whether or not Hillary decides to take a go at breaking the Presidential glass ceiling for the most important job in the world, her journey from cheated wife to Presidential hopeful, to Secretary of State, to chilled-out model for women, has been a pleasure to watch!
At the CNN interview, Hillary was asked by a student to describe herself in three words.  “Oh my gosh!” Hillary laughed. “Oh wow. Well, it would depend upon the mood I was in. Some days it’s a little less favorable than other days.”  Then came the three words – Intense. Passionate. Service-minded. That’s how she has tried to live her life, she said, admitting, “sometimes just like every other human being, I’m disappointed in what I did or didn’t do.” In those days she has “less happy” words to describe herself!
And then Hillary said something that seems a direct learning from her own experience and response to public criticism. Addressing young women and men, but particularly women for when they get into the public arena, she said, “I think it’s very important for you to take criticism seriously but not personally. And don’t let yourself get pulled down by other people’s opinions, because I think what you think about yourself, what you say to others about yourself, really does affect how you present yourself, and eventually, who you are.”
Indeed, so true! By being well aware of our own selves, our triggers and aspirations, we can project the image we wish the world to see. Hillary herself is a living example of this principle. Far from allowing herself to be pulled down by jibes and criticisms, she has used them as a springboard to improve and catapult herself to greater heights. What others say about us becomes irrelevant in the face of the confident foot we set forward and our self-belief.
If we are able to convey our self-perception effectively to the world, it fast becomes our identity and calling card – and eventually, our reality – who we really become! And so the power is in our hands; we are responsible for who we are and what we make of our lives. Marketing guru Shama Hyder talking of Hillary’s smart digital moves says, “Today, participating in digital media isn’t a choice. Your digital footprint is created regardless of your participation, and any smart politician knows that it is best to help curate that image vs. leaving others to define it for you.” So as on digital, Hillary exhorts youngsters in real life as well, to put that message you wish to convey out into the Universe!
Finally to conclude, Hillary said, “I try to practice what is called the discipline of gratitude — so I’m grateful.” And that she says is her one word for herself!

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Can the federal court judges, Malaysian judiciary prove that it is independent and had integrity?

A truth nobody will ever admit why mahatir incarcerated Anwar Does justice matter after 11 years why lingamgate was buried?

Anwar told that he and his family had prepared themselves mentally and physically for the possibility of a second jail term

So what do you think Attorney General  is  made of? The zeal to help, to uplift the judiciary, to learn governance if they haven’t, and proclaim publicly that it is not for the lust of power? No it is for self-serving goals, loyalties for sheer benefit, clubbing on to an ideology so as to move down the dissenters. Do we play for the game, or do we play rather aggressively for our own innings?  Both, you may say, but if it comes to elimination of one of the two, self-serving goals are preferred, perhaps wiser.Democracy, in its conceptual principles gives one the right to choose, but disturbingly from the lot that is already chosen. Can’t say that money, muscle and manipulation do not go in all that, and putting it bluntly, why should one who has all this not use it for his purpose? The answer is that he probably would, if he found someone more deserving. No harm at all in believing we all are immortals, because when the inevitable happened, no one came back to say, just to say that it was indeed not so.What comes around goes around Best option is for him is to resign or sue Mat Zain

This treason of the highest order an unforgiveable betrayal of trust voters reposed in themThis has been morally degrading and has turned politics predatorySHAFEE FRAMED AND FABRICATED THE SODOMY1AND 2 NOW WANTS BE SODOMISED A LIABILITY TO NAJIB

TIM LESTER: So was Anwar’s trial fair? The damage from the trial goes beyond perceptions about Government influence over the judiciary to the police force.TIM LESTER: So was Anwar’s trial fair?

Yes, says Shafee Abdullah. But even he admits Malaysians don’t see it that way.readmoreCan the federal court judges, Malaysian judiciary prove that it is independent and had integrity?.

Mahathir and Rosmah the real mastermind behind this latest conspiracy to incarcerate Anwar

If the probe report turns the needle of suspicion towards Rosmah it is more towards the integrity of the country’s PM Najib  we need thorough investigation, including into the changeable findings of
Sometimes you do not realise you are in the midst of a vast silence till it is pierced through with sound. Often, you may not notice noise until it ends abruptly and silence prevails. You may not notice how dark it is till a light is flicked on. Sometimes you do not know how agitated you have been, till a caressing hand calms you. The absence of some people makes you realise the significance of their presence.Mat Zain accuses  Tan Sri Muhammad Shafee Abdullah   of being LIAR, FABRICATOR and MANIPULATOR
the man who is the real mastermind behind this latest conspiracy to frame Anwar is Shafee Abdullah. Just days before the sodomy allegation exploded, and even before Saiful’s meeting with Rodwan on 25 June 2008, Shafee was in Najib’s house to attend a gathering. And in front of scores of witnesses he asked to be excused early because he ‘had a very big fish to catch’. Shafee conveniently made it known that he is behind the move to catch the ‘big fish’ and he wanted all those in Najib’s house to be aware that Najib was in the know. Actually, Najib did not know what he was talking about and assumed that the ‘big fish’ meant Raja Petra Kamarudin and was with regards to the Statutory Declaration that he had signed just days earlier on 18 June 2008.
Shafee was supposed to have led the prosecution against Anwar. A provision in the law called FIAT allows the Attorney-General to appoint an outsider to conduct the prosecution. If Shafee does well then he would most likely be appointed the next Attorney-General. When word got out that he is heading the special police operations centre, which was located in his office, they had to abandon the whole idea.the Anwar conundrum. I feel that if the Federal Court were to incarcerate Anwar , there will be a reaction. Malaysian will not and cannot sit by to see such travesty of Justice. Until today the charge against Anwar is consensual sodomy. Assuming it did took place, why was Saiful not charged? That question still linger in the minds of Malaysian and if the Judges cannot see this then , they must be a bunch of idiots that pander to their political masters. Malaysia and Malaysian cannot allow such injustice to rule their lives. Anwar’s case merely highlight this.
Shafee’s hands are behind the whole thing. And this can only happen with Abdullah’s blessing. No, it is not Mahathir who is behind this. And it is not Abdullah, Najib and Anwar who are the three victims. The victims are Mahathir, Najib and Anwar. Abdullah is the hidden hand and Shafee is the henchman who was tasked with the job of implementing the evil deed. Politics is not what it always appears to be in Malaysia. Read more
what a lot of people in the country might be thinking right now but can’t bring themselves to be upfront enough to put into so many words.”Let’s compromise on Judiciary for a stable UMNO” This is refreshing – and surprising – candour from UMNO  which in effect says that if stability of governance is to come at the cost of moral compromise, so be it – is a rare and honest response to Malaysia’s ingrained culture of bribery and graft. Corruption has become endemic to the country, as has the hypocrisy that accompanies it. All of us –from Elitist to common citizens – publicly denounce Judiciary corruption  in as the greatest besetting sin of our body politic, but privately we accept it as being part and parcel of our daily lives, almost as indispensable as the air we breathe and the food we eat. a tenure which witnessed rampant corruption matched with not just policy paralysis but policy retrogression in matters This is widely felt to be not just a desirable end, but the only end that matters. And the means of attaining that end like Judiciary with retrospective effect which scared off potential investors, both foreign and domestic – the country is in desperate need of not just political stability but also political efficacy. India wants not just a government that works, but also a government that will allow .citizens will endorse, if not explicitly then at least implicitly – don’t matter very much at all.If morality is an obstacle to our achieving the necessary objective of having a stable, workable government then let’s dispense with morality, or at least dispense with the pretence that this commodity is capable of existing in our public life. – if ever there was such a creature – but only the politics of expediency.If everyone is more or less corrupt, corruption becomes a non-issue, as  Judges has pointed out. What’s important is ‘good’ — read ‘effective’ — governance.
It got under my skin. It disgusted me, to see how  Justice was being commercialized in Malaysia  After all, our judiciary is  in a hurry to convict anyone and when it does the right deal the Supreme Court is basically kind and considerate and adopts a humane approach towards the guilty as they too are human beings with human feelings and emotions and I really have no problem with that. In fact, it is indeed a laudable feature of our judiciary. Period. The question is, the UMNO’s judges and  commercialization of Justice  spared not a thought for the families of their victims? These people too deserve the court’s mercy? They too have the right to breathe free, like you and me? Doesn’t crime deserve punishment? Doesn’t even God mete out reward and punishment according to our actions?
In the case of Halim Saad, Lawyer Shafie Adullah wrote a letter to federal court judges about character ofJustice G,S.Ram on the case.Federal Court expunge the comment of Justice G.S.Ram and further commented he is “frolic” but in this anwar case now cannot expunge.Eventhough the federal has acquitted him of sodomy charge .Why Federal court did not remind AG to take contempt of court against Shafie? UMNO’s judges have all been instructed wants to kill off their arch-enemy once and for all.
Anwar Ibrahim has failed in his bid to expunge certain paragraphs in the majority 2004 judgment acquitting him of the first sodomy charge, for which he was sentenced to nine years’ jail, but which also stated unequivocally that the incident had taken place. This is the sacrifice a politician must anticipate. The whole country will assure you that your supreme sacrifice will not go to waste.readmore Mahathir and Rosmah the real mastermind behind this latest conspiracy to incarcerate Anwar

Imprisoning Anwar will save Malaysia or Umno?

As the country’s political landscape undergoes a massive transformation, Najib Rogue regime is expediting the nailing of their 'coffin'. Najib ’s stock has hit rock bottom after For this reason, I think even the conservatives will realise this unpalatable reality, given time and persuasion to chew over the fatal consequences of so decisively alienating such large and important sectors of the electorate; and the progressives who fervently believe and support the common cause of good governance and social justice of Pakatan Rakyat will surely prevail in the current power tussle and gain clear power by the next party election  the latest. UMNO have downplayed Najib the significance of the defeats and resorted to political manoeuvrings designed to, yet again, shield Rosmah from being held responsible for the party’s serial debacles. when UMNO was reduced to its lowest strength ever.In any party, a leader who presides over so many election debacles will be called to account. Not so in UMNO,This will make UMNOs decline into gentle irrelevance in national politics, sooner rather than later. The only solution is for Najib to gracefully step aside, enabling a new leadership to take over the reins of UMNO.— is a rudderless organisation led by a dynasty which a majority of Malays have become indifferent to. Cocooned in a party loath to acknowledge the obvious failure of the high command, Najib has not shown leadership skills and qualities, if not near-complete apathy in the task of rejuvenating
an organisation that appears in terminal decline.When that happens, PAS will emerge stronger, so will Pakatan Rakyat, considering the excellent rapport existing between PAS’s progressive leaders and their counterparts in PKR and DAP

Anwar’s departure to prison will not leave a vacuum, as the Reformasi ideals are already firmly implanted in the leadership of all the component parties of Pakatan Rakyat. Neither would Anwar’s PKR party suffer a leadership deficit, as its youthful leaders are already groomed to carry on the torch of reforms without Anwar’s physical presence. If there is any difference, Anwar in prison will only inspire and strengthen their political conviction that, come what may, they must save the country from the seemingly unending crutches of an evil regime.
To those Umno hardliners gleefully looking forward to what they think is the political annihilation of Anwar, I advise them to take a trip down memory lane.

Mahathir vs Najib
The other main factor that may impact the court verdict is the current power tussle between Najib and Mahathir.
For Mahathir, it is a relatively simple decision.  Eliminate what is to him Umno’s enemy No1 would safeguard Umno’s hegemony, as well as dodging the day of reckoning for him personally if Anwar were to become the prime minister. Besides, with Anwar removed from the scene, Mahathir would feel free to unleash his fury to unseat Najib without the worry of the dreaded Anwar to take advantage of Umno’s open rift.
However, Najib may have quite a different view.  Knowing that Mahathir sees Anwar as his most-feared enemy, the continued presence of Anwar in the political arena may serve as a counterweight to Mahathir’s reactionary influence to restrain him from all-out attacks against Najib’s premiership.
Another important consideration for Najib is his concern for his international image. For years, he has been painstakingly cultivating his image as a moderate leader in the international stage (at great costs to the public of course) and even launched his pet Global Movement of Moderates to buttress such credentials.
Now, what will the world make of Najib, if an internationally respected leader like Anwar is sent to prison in a notorious trial that has already been universally condemned as a great travesty of justice, transgression of human rights and democracy? Where would Najib and his wife Rosmah (more so the latter) hide their faces at distinguished international gatherings during their frequent overseas trips?
Hence, it is not entirely impossible that Najib would prefer to see Anwar freed, or perhaps, as a compromise to Umno’s hardliners, penalised with a fine that would bar him from election or appointment to party post for many years to come.
To sum up, Anwar’s fate at his final appeal hinges on the outcome of cross-currents of Umno’s party interests and conflicting personal interests of feuding leaders.

The last time Anwar was jailed on a sodomy charge in 1998, it caused such a torrential backlash that Umno, for the only time in history, lost the support of the majority of Malays. And Barisan Nasional (BN) would have been defeated in that 1999 elections, if not for the massive and unprecedented swing of Chinese support to BN. That swing was a result of BN’s campaign of deception through a blitzkrieg on street violence against Chinese in Jakarta in the aftermath of the toppling of dictator Suharto, Mahathir’s constant warning of a May 13 style racial riot and the concocted imminence of an Islamic state under PAS.
Fifteen years on, the political scenario has much changed.  The sound and fury of the Malay masses that greeted the previous sodomy trial of Anwar is no more found in the current trial. But equally, if not more important, is the virtual permanent alienation of Chinese electoral support for BN.
Taking the 2013 election as a benchmark, where Pakatan’s 52% share of the popular votes is estimated to comprise 40% of Malays and 75-80% Chinese, and there were dozens of seats lost to BN on thin margins, BN can ill afford to lose even a small swath of Malay votes, keeping in mind that the massive swing of Chinese support to Pakatan in the last two general elections in 2013 and 2008 is virtually irreversible.
Is Umno so sure that the second-time jailing of Anwar on sodomy will not incur a backlash among Malays, though understandably less sweeping than the previous occasion?
The rapid advance of the social media has made our people much better informed now. If Umno couldn’t hide the injustice against Anwar fifteen years ago, it is even less able to do the same this time. Take it that the majority know what is going on, and it is certainly not to the credit of Najib’s leadership and government to so savagely maul Anwar yet again, with a trial which is manifestly void of merit in fact and in law.
Keeping silent does not mean ignorance or approval. Beneath the calm on the surface, hazardous undercurrents could be running that may cause fatal consequences to the perpetrators of such an injustice.
Umno is hence advised to look before it leaps.
The symptoms of this malaise are easy to spot: outright intolerance for another’s point of view, the belief by every faction that they alone have a monopoly on truth, absolute black or white categorisation of every issue leading to the complete absence of appraisal of merit or nuance or relativisms in debate, an atmosphere of constant suspicion and hostility, the routine use of foul language and lumpenisation of almost all processes of dialogue. for some time now, Indian democracy has become a barren landscape of brittle mediocrity. People expound, but rarely listen. The cyber world in India is full of unpunctuated, ungrammatical, uncouth expressions of hate. Such illiterate venom raises the decibel of debate but reduces its quality to abysmal levels.Debates in Parliament have mostly deteriorated to uninhibited slanging matches where lung power routinely overwhelms the elegance and substance of argument. Absolute leaders nurture absolute followers who believe in absolute intimidation. The high command remains an impregnable citadel. Leaders welcome sycophancy. To question is to be suspect. Democratic dissent is equated with disloyalty. Those in opposition are enemies.There is an atmosphere of near complete intellectual inertness. The syncretism of our culture, which was itself the consequence of a remarkable socio-philosophical dialogue, is being sought to be replaced by a hate-filled ‘me’ versus the ‘other’ campaign. A richly endowed, complex culture has been reduced to a sterile simplification: don’t talk, vilify; don’t discuss, condemn; don’t differ, just follow.
 UM is an institution of learning and as such should be neutral in politic. What is wrong for the student body to invite Anwar to speak? It is up to the students body to decide. Likewise they can invite foreign politicians, politicians which favour the incumbent or politicians who do not side either party. This is part of learning and the University should not intervene. The more they do that the more suspicious Malaysians, particularly the students will be. Unless there is something the incumbent did wrong, I do not see why are they so scare of the students from listening from opposition. I am sure the students will not blindly believe what the speakers told them. We need to move on otherwise we may be having the 1st whole infrastructure but we are still stuck with 3rd world mentality. A lot got to thank to the incumbent government for being so narrow minded and fearful of the opposition leaders.
Few would doubt that the outcome of the final appeal of Anwar Ibrahim on October 28 & 29 against his sodomy conviction will be decided by politics, not by law.More specifically, the court’s verdict will likely be determined by Umno’s political considerations of the impact of such a final judgment.
Two main factors will decide Anwar’s fate. The first is Umno’s answer to this question: will the jailing of Anwar be a net gain for Umno’s political survival? The second is the outcome of the competitive influence on the judiciary between Prime Minister Najib Razak and the conservative faction led by former premier Mahathir Mohamad.

What are the causes behind this malaise? The first is a new form of ‘informed’ intellectual shallowness. Everybody claims to know the answer to every question. There is no scope for self-doubt. The denunciatory vehemence with which views are parroted is in inverse proportion to an in-depth knowledge of the subject. This atmosphere of superficial certainties is in direct violation of the cerebral refinements, based on moulik soch or the power of original thought,Such an astonishing degree of intellectual sophistication happened at a time when in most parts of the world people had not yet come down from trees. .In Alan Bennett’s celebrated play ‘Forty Years On’, there is an amusing but poignant scene centred on the trial of Neville Chamberlain by the ‘Court of History’. This court, the presiding judge informs the disoriented accused, is "not a ‘Court of Justice’. We judge solely by appearances, and i don’t like yours." In a court where the presentation of evidence follows the sentencing, Chamberlain is held guilty for his failure to recognise that Hitler was a "patent scallywag". He is handed out a two-word sentence: "Perpetual ignominy".There may be unintended similarities between the procedural quirkiness of Bennett’s ‘Court of Justice’, particularly its decision to ”judge solely by appearances”, and the lack of rigour that marked Justice
Looking deep into your own eyes, or another’s, can be an uncomfortable experience because not all of us are prepared for the truths revealedOn the face of it, it’s difficult to figure why Anwar is treated as a heinous offender by the  Malaysian criminal justice system because, according to his prosecutors But , Muhammad Shafee celebrity federal prosecutor currently pursuing Anwar with great ferocity, is hardly going after friends of Mahathir and Najib  of a large number on this score from leading the Attorney General’s Chambers’ appeal against Anwar Ibrahim’s acquittal for sodomy. Shafee’s appointment as Deputy Public Prosecutor smacks of desperation and sets another bad precedent, sending the wrong message that the authorities will go to extraordinary lengths to secure the conviction of UMNO’s political adversaries.Shafee is a well known UMNO lawyer and has appeared in court and advised in several matters that concern UMNO’s interests and has admitted so in his CV.Umno lawyer Tan Sri Muhammad Shafee Abdullah (pic) and Putrajaya will suffer from negative public perception if he is made the Attorney General, a lawyers group said.Lawyers for Liberty adviser and co-founder Eric Paulsen said Putrajaya should not even consider Shafee a candidate for the job as “he is carrying too much baggage”.“The office of the AG is sacrosanct and any candidate must be seen to be neutral and above politics,” Paulsen told The Malaysian Insider. He has acted and advised former Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad and Prime Minister Najib Razak and his wife Rosmah Mansor, all known and bitter political adversaries of Anwar Ibrahim. Shafee is also presently defending a few high profile defamation cased filed by Anwar Ibrahim appeal case that went awry? .The most important issue is is the power struggle between Mahathir and Najib , why did then Shafee give up his cover and focus attention on Anwar? Shafee is key fixer in Baginda non appeal freedom while Ghani is chief  architect of sodomy1 and 2 with appeal . There are no easy answers but it is conceivable that Shafee realized that he was being watched and put pressure by Rosmah pointing out that Ghani was vulnerable If this is the case, then kudos to Ghani smart enough to realize that he was being targeted. As pressure mounted on Najib to remove Ghani first Mahathir and then Rosmah put counterpressure on Shafee. Ghani by filing a case agaist Mat Zain possibly got some help  from a US CIA agents working at Attorney Generaloffice of Malaysia.He said if Shafee was appointed or even considered for the post, then the whole debacle that had plagued the AG’s position would turn from bad to worse because he (Shafee) is “through and through an Umno lawyer”.

He said Shafee had acted and advised previous prime ministers and even current premier and Umno president Datuk Seri Najib Razak on various matters.
“Shafee was also known to have taken up adversarial position against the opposition, especially Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim.
“That is why, it is all the more inappropriate for him to be involved in Anwar’s sodomy case. The public perception is that if he successfully secured a conviction for the prosecution, there will be a trade off, and Shafee gets to be the next AG,” said Paulsen.
On January 9, 2012, the High Court in Kuala Lumpur acquitted Anwar on a charge of sodomising his former aide, Mohd Saiful Bukhari Azlan, 26, at the Desa Damansara condominium unit in Bukit Damansara, Kuala Lumpur, on June 26, 2008.
Shafee is expected to lead the prosecution when the Court of Appeal hears the public prosecutor’s appeal on February 12.
Paulsen was commenting on The Malaysian Insider report today where Shafee had said that he would take up the position of Attorney General as “service to the public was far more important than making money”.
“I would take any position to do public service. And if that public service is something I am qualified for, if the government really requires me, I will take it,” said the 61-year-old Shafee.
Shafee said rumours of him becoming the AG had been around since the time of former prime minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad, some 15 to 20 years ago

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Najib and Rosmah continues to be king and queen, delivers impressive performance

 Najib and Rosmah continues to be king and queen, delivers impressive performance
Confucius said, shameless people are small people, most diificult to deal with!Did people say anything about the wives of previous prime ministers even though their husbands were not liked? We are not stupid. She should realize she is too insignificant to attract any criticism if these were not deserved. But we will not remain quiet where there are abuses of power. Why because he has another "Altantuya" somewhere else. But I thought you never leave his side because you don't trust him besides you can enjoy life of attention and most of all you can quench your addiction to shopping whilst he is attending to official matters
65old Rosmah you remains so young and beautiful. How did you defied aging? What is the secret? No wonder our datukship national badminton star is so in awe with you, never mind his current problem being probe with drug-enhancing performance capabilities. I wonder where he learned that from?Beauty is not the fiefdom of a chosen few; it is a crown anyone can claim, but only if you tap your hidden potential
Not all are lucky enough to have a Prince Charming kiss awake their beautiful selves ­ some do need to make efforts to nudge the beauty within. And that goes for men too.
The good news is that each of us has the potential to be beautiful and attractive, if we only knew how. Like all good things in life, of course, this requires effort, but the results are amazing.
Follow these eight steps to meet a more radiant and confident you …
Love yourself!
Beauty lies in the eyes yes, but not just in the eyes of the beholder. Learn to love your own self. We all tend to focus on our shortcomings and are harsh on ourselves, but the world sees a better picture in the whole package. Figure out your strengths and be proud of them. A trick to looking beautiful is feeling beautiful. If your eyes are your best feature, use them to your advantage; if it is your clear skin, let it shine like a beacon for you. In short, revel in your advantages.
Be aware and alert
Everyone is attracted to a man or woman who is well informed and hap py to share. Intelligence, awareness and good conversational skills impart confidence and beauty, which is very attractive. It is important to keep sharpening your mind with challenges and to keep adding to your knowledge. Just being good looking is no ticket to personal or professional success, if you have a vacuous mind.
Stay healthy and fit
Taking good care of your looks and body is part of loving yourself. Hygiene is a given, but also spend time pampering and pushing yourself to stay fit. Health imparts a unique glow that is youthful and flattering. Spend two days slogging it out at the gym, and you will see the change for yourself.
Connect with your inner self
A peaceful face, relaxed body, slight smile and alert, happy eyes impart a beauty that no chiselled features, beauty products or surgeon’s scalpel can provide. This kind of contentment only comes when you are all sorted out inside. Make time to move away from the chaos and sit alone to listen to your inner voice. As you deal with issues that perturb you, you will feel peace and happiness descend.
Stand tall and walk confidently
You are generally perceived in the manner in which you project yourself.If you pull back your shoulders and walk with a confident stride, everyone will pay attention. Shuffle into a room awkwardly and you will be relegated to a corner. Smile and the world will come asking what keeps you happy; scowl and you will be left alone. A confident carriage adds inches to your height and turns heads, giving you added confidence and grace.
Stay happy and positive
There is nothing like happiness to give a gleam to your eyes and a glow to your face. The world loves a happy person, while steering clear of a grouch. Be peaceful and sleep well; this instantly enhances your looks. Stay upbeat and positive; it acts like a magnetic field that helps draw the happy stuff towards you.
Make time for yourself
All of us have our little spot in the sunshine every day ­ things we look forward to doing all by ourselves.
From soaking in a bubble bath to music to meditation to writing to books to TV to a massage ­ these are our little rewards. Do not underestimate these little indulgences ­ these help plug any holes in the soul and rejuvenate and recharge us, imparting inner peace and beauty.
Own your style
While it is fine to follow trends, not everything suits everyone. Develop your own individual style, which flatters your best features and takes attention away from the weaker areas. Take an objective look at yourself and wear what you feel comfortable in. Use clothes and accessories to draw attention to your more attractive features.
And then, armed with your best smile, a confident gleam in your eyes, a bounce in your step and warmth in your manner, set out to conquer the world with your inner beauty.
Syncretic’ and ‘secular’ are no longer bragging rights. Like the tiger, they have been decimated. Every mention harbours the awkward blush, the defensive cringe. In that sense, they are less like the awesome big cat and more like the embarrassing predatory uncle. But for the hordes now so trigger-happy over diversity, let me retell my once-upon-a-time Rosmah tale. It’s for real.The government would appear to have given primacy to the political calculus Given that UMNO is on a strong wicket politically Prime Ministe Najib is well placed at this point to challenge a firmly held conviction among politicians, to the effect that good economics makes bad politics. There is no real evidence to confirm such a conviction. Malays have turned aspiratio-nal but politicians are behind the curve.NAJIB is commonly perceived as being pro-business but this hasn’t hurt him politically in any way.
It’s now time to turn that perception into reality by pushing  emphasis on the bumiputera agenda  economic reforms. True,BN was politically burnt by its MCA and Gerakan experience, but this has been radically misinterpreted. Benefits of reforms during the last Mahathir regime 
Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak's emphasis on the bumiputera agenda during Budget 2015 is not because it's a racist government, .because reforms were enacted during the fag end of Tunku Abdul Rahman  .  Najib should take tough decisions on the economy now when UMNOs political fortunes are on the ascendant and his hand vis-a-vis the pro Malay NGO has grown strong. The need of the hour is big-ticket reforms such as Goods and Services Tax, land acquisition, labour laws, direct benefits transfer, supply side response to inflation and so on. Having already displayed an appetite for political gambles, Najib must not play it safe on the economy front. Risks of inaction are far higher than risks of reform, as UMNO found out to its cost.