Monday, August 27, 2012

Raja Petra Kamarudin BELIEVE voters in Lembah Pantai AS NAÏVE AND DUMB LIKE Umno's Datuk Seri Raja Nong AS NAÏVE AND DUMB LIKE THEM.

And this I strongly believe is also Nurul Izzah’s main concern.
Nurul Izzah needs a better election machinery. But is it too late for that? I really don’t know. But better late than never I always say. The campaign should no longer be just about ABU. We must remember that many who voted for Nurul Izzah in the last general election were Umno people. ABU will not work on Umno people. They will take it as a personal attack. How do you expect to get their votes when you attack them, meaning scream ABU?
Malays have this other ‘disease’: tak kenal maka tak cinta. And this is Raja Nong Chik’s strong point. He makes the voters cinta him but getting them to kenal him. And never visit them empty-handed -- as the Malays would say, bawa air lior basi. But to visit them with gifts means you need to have a deep pocket, something which Raja Nong Chik has and which Nurul Izzah will be hard-pressed to match.
Nurul Izzah has to stop all her gallivanting. No need all those trips and going around the country to ceramah. Focus on Lembah Pantai, which is a large enough territory as it is. The voters need to see your face and shake your hand. Kiss babies if need be. Just make sure that your presence is felt. What you lack in Ministerial powers and millions in cash you need to make up for in personal touch.
And get rid of those Young Chikos. Get some Old Cocks onto your team. And go poach some Umno people as well. Pay them to work for you if need be. You need to pull every trick in the book at this stage. And if you need more money just holler. With 500,00 readers, and if each Malaysia Today reader donated just RM10 on average, that can already come to RM5 million.
You need to fight Raja Nong Chik using his own weapon. And his weapon is money. So you must use that same weapon. And if this is something you are not prepared to do then get out of Lembah Pantai and contest somewhere else.
It is now in the hands of you, Malaysia Today readers. If you want Nurul Izzah to win then open your cheque books now. If not, then bye-bye Nurul Izzah and hello Raja Nong Chik. And do not say I did not tell you when I write my ‘I told you so’ article the day after the 13th General Election.
NOTE: Bank account where you can send money to is "AHLI PARLIMEN LEMBAH PANTAI", Maybank, account number 5641 2834 5008

Najib must call elections early next year but is widely expected to do so within months
Federal Territories and Urban Well-being Minister Raja Nong Chik Raja Zainal Abidin has been accused of spending a disproportionate amount of ministerial allocations on the Lembah Pantai constituency.
PKR vice-president Tian Chua said that this might be because Raja Nong Chik is widely tipped to be the Umno candidate for the Lembah Pantai seat in the next general election.
NONE“There seems to be misappropriation of funds. I challenge the minister to explain that this is not because he is intending to contest in Lembah Pantai (in the general election).
“Come clean… if it is, then what he did so far… is an abuse of government resources for hispolitical interests,” Tian Chua (right) told a press conference at the PKR headquarters in Petaling Jaya today.
Among others, he said, the minister has been providing assistance of more than RM50,000 weekly to “leaders and organisations close to Umno”.

The money is issued through the Kuala Lumpur City Hall bank accounts.
“This was shown to us by a witness, and we can provide the person’s testimony if need be,” said Fahmi Fadzil, political secretary to PKR Lembah Pantai MP Nurul Izzah Anwar.
Raja Nong Chik, who heads the Lembah Pantai Umno and BN divisions, was appointed a senator in 2008.
Raja Nong Chik ‘intensifying efforts’ in Lembah Pantai
During the 2008 general election, Umno suffered a shock defeat in Lembah Pantai, where heavyweight incumbent Shahrizat Abdul Jalil lost s the seat to Nurul Izzah, then a PKR greenhorn.readmore

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