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Umno Youth chief Khairy Jamaluddin, don’t take us for fools like Datuk Seri Raja Nong

Sabarlah pakcik.. moga kepala Dato’ Raja Nong Chik bin Datuk Raja Zainal Abidin   yang  melastik ball bearing  tu pulak pecah kena lenyek lori..aminYes, Khairy, and I can categorically state that you have reduced yourself to the status of an apologist for all of Umno’s crimes against common decency – albeit a very well-dressed one with a posh imported accent.
 I dare say Khairy is not in the inner circle of Umno to confirm whether directives were issued or not. The problem is that Malaysiakinidoes not report the news accurately. They do not tell you of the PKR supporters throwing and starting the violence, but show one side and report only one side.
Just like the butt hooligans who masqueraded as army veterans outside Bersih co-chair S Ambiga’s house have been traced to Rela members under the home minister’s purview, these attacks are well-coordinated using similar tactics of throwing stones, eggs and water bottles.
Umno may want to portray incidents like this as Malays being unhappy with Opposition Leader Anwar Ibrahim, but till the day thugs like the Sekinchan Ikan Bakar owner can manage to draw 100-200 loafers for his protests and not thousands of Malays, we could safely conclude that Umno’s so-called Malay support and support from the silent majority are fairy tales. Keep dreaming.
Today, Umno is unlike the one we had during the Tunku Abdul Rahman era.
Nurul Izzah said Anwar had castigated the Umno Youth members after the PKR rally was pelted with objects. — File pic
KUALA LUMPUR, May 26 — PKR vice president Nurul Izzah Anwar today said her party has evidence that Umno members were behind the violence during an opposition rally in Lembah Pantai on Thursday.

Earlier today, Umno leaders accused PKR de facto leader Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim of provoking Thursday night’s violence at the PKR rally, and denied responsibility for the incident.
But the Lembah Pantai MP today revealed that the party has recordings to disprove its rival’s accusation.
“We have proof, video evidence that Umno condoned and led attacks against the rakyat prior to Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim’s condemnation of such thuggish behaviour,” Nurul Izzah toldThe Malaysian Insider.
Anwar had called Umno Youth members who were at a separate rally 100 metres away “sial” and “celaka” shortly after PKR’s event was attacked with stones, eggs and water bottles.
The Lembah Pantai MP stressed that Anwar’s remarks were made only after the PKR function was pelted with thrown objects, and that it was in no way a form of provocation.

Ibrahim said they did not know who did the throwing. — Picture by Jack Ooi
She said PKR will now lodge a police report against Lembah Pantai Umno chief Datuk Raja Nong Chik Raja Zainal Abidin, as well as Datuk Mohamad Sazali Kamilan and Datuk Ibrahim Thamby Chik, respectively the division’s Youth and information chief

“The responses made by Raja Nong Chik’s reps are tantamount to an admission of guilt… as such, the three will be held accountable for their allegations,” said the PKR leader.
The Umno division leaders today also accused PKR of “exaggerating” the events from that night.
“On that night, some of our own (Umno members) were also hurt. The provocation was started by Anwar, who called (Lembah Pantai) Umno Youth ‘sial, celaka’.
“You have to understand, when provoked… anything can happen,” Mohamad Sazali told reporters.
Mohamad Sazali maintained his Umno Youth members as well as several youth groups were conducting a polls “simulation” exercise on that night when the PKR de facto leader began provoking them.
“We can’t even accuse… there were a lot of people… [we don’t know who threw what and at whom]. We don’t want to accuse,” Ibrahim added.
Umno Youth chief Khairy Jamaluddin has since condemned the violence and denied that any instruction was given to Umno Youth members to disrupt the ceramah.
Nurul Izzah is currently the Lembah Pantai MP. She won the seat narrowly from Umno Wanita chief Datuk Seri Shahrizat Jalil.
The first-term lawmaker is expected to defend the constituency and will likely face Raja Nong Chik in the coming general election.
Those were the days when Umno was loved for its services to the people. Today’s Umno is Dr Mahathir Mohamad’s Umno Baru.
Umno Baru’s tools are cheating and inciting fear in the Malay mind. In order to win in any election, Umno Baru uses these two tools without shame.
The rakyat in general are now closing in on the cheating tool (for example, Bersih, the RCIs and other civic actions). Umno Baru is now hard pressed to use this tool that has secured them many previous electoral victories.
The other tool – i.e creating fear amongst the Malays – is therefore now being deployed more frequently in recent events. The fear of losing Putrajaya is making Umno desperate.
Umno appears to be behind all the recent mischiefs. Umno’s dream would be a situation of racial unrest amongst the people so that a state of emergency could be declared to enable it to continue its rule minus any elections.
Let’s not fall into this trap.
Where are the religious leaders to declare a fatwa against such violence? All sleeping?You don’t need to issue any. It’s unnecessary once you have created this poisonous political atmosphere, this climate of permissible thuggery, this “anything that it takes to maintain our power is right” attitude.
The fact that violence disruptions only happen whenever the opposition holds an event or ceramah and the similar modus operandi of the thugs involved speak volumes, and the rakyat are able to judge for themselves.
: Where are the PM, home minister and the IGP (inspector-general of police) on this matter? They have been painfully quiet.
No matter how some might deny their involvement, everything is becoming too obvious and the people will not be fooled. We condemn this violence and will act accordingly in the coming GE.So Khairy’s denial is meaningless. True perhaps, but useless. Of course he would say that. And he might well feel entitled to say so. It’s called ‘plausible deniability’.
Any independent police chief worth his salt would have ensured police presence to discourage such lawless behaviour, especially with the spate of recurring attacks.
All desperate political players driven to recourse to thuggery have to maintain that. It’s the deceptive figleaf of spurious honourability, the pretence of respecting the law and democratic ethics.
Umno Youth chief Khairy Jamaluddin, don’t take us for fools.
You say the police should do this and should do that, all “shoulds” and no action. If the police had done the necessary before the ceramah, all would have been prevented. The police were nowhere in sight during the fracas.
Instead as in the past such events, the police only escorted the speakers out of the troubled areas, when they really should have escorted the troublemakers to jail.
They are obviously in cahoots together to stop the opposition speakers.
What we are really seeing are the last gasps of a dying regime. But it is refusing to die, hence employing goons and assorted gangsters to intimidate, and in this instance, to cause physical harm to people who do not support them.
Umno Youth chief Khairy Jamaluddin, don’t take us for fools.
You say the police should do this and should do that, all “shoulds” and no action. If the police had done the necessary before the ceramah, all would have been prevented. The police were nowhere in sight during the fracas.
Instead as in the past such events, the police only escorted the speakers out of the troubled areas, when they really should have escorted the troublemakers to jail.
They are obviously in cahoots together to stop the opposition speakers.
Who but Umno encourages and gets involved in this type of thuggery? Give credit to the opposition and the public that they have not retaliated to this ‘samseng’ culture.
Prime Minister Najib Razak and Home Minister Hishammuddin Hussein must be disappointed that their provocation doesn’t work, just like their sex, religious and racial provocations.
It looks like the public has more common sense than these brainless morons. As for the police, what else can one say about them?
Free and Fair Election: You can categorically deny what you like, Khairy, but it seems to me that your monkeys are the ones instigating and provoking the peaceful opposition ceramah.
Firstly, even if there is a directive from Umno, it will be from the top and who is Khairy to know? Secondly, even if Khairy is aware of the directive, would Khairy admit it openly to the media?
Besides, Hishammuddin and Najib have already in their own words said that they are prepared to defend Putrajaya at whatever cost.
And since Najib himself has said that he would be willing to see ‘crushed bodies’ in the ruling regime’s defence of Putrajaya, we can expect real serious violence in the months ahead. This is indeed a sign of great desperation by Umno-BN. They know the end of their reign is near – fast!But they are desperate to hang on to power as their greed is insatiable. Now they employ thugs to harass the opposition and their supporters.
Najib and Mahathir are petrified that they have lost Malay support; they know if they lose Putrajaya, they lose everything. Mahathir, the evil doer, will have to go to jail. And Najib may have to go to Paris to face the ghost of Altantuya Shaariibuu.
Malaysians, including the Malays, will need to see through a period of violence, before seeing off the worst regime ever. The funeral of Umno will be violent. That we can be sure of.
Najib, when are you going to speak out against such behaviour? We may have different allegiances, but that does not make us enemies.
This is where we require strong leadership to ensure democracy remains clean and healthy. Your silence smacks of mischief, and it’s dangerous.
What is happening at the opposition ceramah is an extremely dangerous trend. If this is not checked at this early stage, it can mushroom to every ceramah, Pakatan Rakyat or BN, and anarchy will be the order of the day.
So far, the government has been conspicuously silent on such violent disruptions. This is very disconcerting because either it means that the government condones this kind of uncivilised behaviour or worse still, the government is behind it.
Either way, the government better do something to curb this worrying trend before it gets much worse and lives are lost.
Come on, stupid, say something! Better still, send in the police. I was taught that the police are trained to protect people, not beat them up.
Bert: As the days go by, we are having more and more gangsterism attacks against Pakatan ceramah. What has become of this nation?
What have the authorities got to say? Are they in favour of such intimidation and harassment?
What have you got to say, PM Najib Razak, Home Minister Hishammuddin Hussein and inspector-general of police (IGP) Ismail Omar?
Are you in favour of and supporting the violence? If this were to occur at the BN ceramah, the perpetrators would have been arrested there and then. Why the double standard?
This is a sure sign of desperation. It’s so shameful that politics in Malaysia has descended to this gutter level where there is no more human decency, respect and civility left.
Those who do acts of this nature are really cowards and gangsters. We must not be intimidated by such cowardly hooligans.
Instead we must stand firm and act and pray that these cowards are exposed and punished, and those who send them or support them are voted out of power.
Let’s reject the politics of gangsterism, hooliganism and ill-mannerism resoundingly at the next general election, and let the voice of civility and moderation prevail in the ballot box.
What is it with Umno and stones and eggs? Is it because they have stones for hearts and eggs for brains?
On a more serious note, this really cannot continue. These idiots are really getting too much. They have lost their sense of Asian decorum.
Meanwhile, our leaders are maintaining their elegant silence over this unruly and unacceptable behaviour.
They don’t realise that no matter how much they deny it, people will know the hooligans are getting instructions from the top, for their monkey behaviour reflects the character of their leaders.The irony of it is that we have no doubt of the presence of Special Branch and other personnel wherever there are opposition ceramah, but with reports of assault and resulting injuries, such police personnel were no where to be found.This is really sad, these thugs injuring kids and the elderly. What is wrong with these people and who are these people who seem to get away with all kinds of criminal acts?
There’s no need for Khairy to deny, the rakyat can tell who these people causing disruptions at Pakatan’s gatherings are. It’s no rocket science to figure out who they are and who are behind them.
Even the deputy IGP has the audacity to say the thugs have violated laws and yet only selected Bersih 3.0 protesters are being prosecuted in courts.
Is it a pure coincidence or part of the Umno-BN’s scheme of things to resort to such underhanded tactics to intimidate the opposition? Surely, it’s not pure coincidence.
Injuring a young girl is a despicable act. If the authorities do not take serious action, it implies that it has the tacit approval of those higher-ups.
The more these acts continue, the more it will make the rakyat determined to make the rule of BN come to a speedy end because most of the majority do not accept these kinds of ‘kurang ajar’ behaviour.
The country can well do away with this brand of politics. Obviously, after 55 years of independence, we have not progressed much under Umno-BN if such thug behaviour is any measure at all. As usual, silence on the MSM (mainstream media) front…HAS GONE FUCKING

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