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Sabarlah pakcik.. moga kepala Dato’ Raja Nong Chik bin Datuk Raja Zainal Abidin   yang  melastik ball bearing  tu pulak pecah kena lenyek lori..aminYes, Khairy, and I can categorically state that you have reduced yourself to the status of an apologist for all of Umno’s crimes against common decency – albeit a very well-dressed one with a posh imported accent.
While maintaining that there has yet to be proof of who started the Pantai Dalam fracas on last Thursday, Lembah Pantai Umno division chief Raja Nong Chik Raja Zainal Abidin speculated that it happened because PKR brought outsiders into local politics.
 I dare say Khairy is not in the inner circle of Umno to confirm whether directives were issued or not. The problem is that Malaysiakinidoes not report the news accurately. They do not tell you of the PKR supporters throwing and starting the violence, but show one side and report only one side.
Just like the butt hooligans who masqueraded as army veterans outside Bersih co-chair S Ambiga’s house have been traced to Rela members under the home minister’s purview, these attacks are well-coordinated using similar tactics of throwing stones, eggs and water bottles.
Umno may want to portray incidents like this as Malays being unhappy with Opposition Leader Anwar Ibrahim, but till the day thugs like the Sekinchan Ikan Bakar owner can manage to draw 100-200 loafers for his protests and not thousands of Malays, we could safely conclude that Umno’s so-called Malay support and support from the silent majority are fairy tales. Keep dreaming.
 Who but Umno encourages and gets involved in this type of thuggery? Give credit to the opposition and the public that they have not retaliated to this ‘samseng’ culture.
More interested in mega-business
Now how on earth do our politicians have the time to be involved in healthy and wise politics serving in the best interest of the rakyat and the nation if they are also into mega-buck businesses?
Besides, one also wonders how on earth can they place rakyat first before self if they have their own profits to worry about, day and night. Should the government of the day not ban all politicians from indulging in business deals and leave business to the business world?
It seemed that BN/UMNO has already won the Lembah Pantai parliamentary seat before it begins with the registration of 15,000 new voters which appears to be exceptionally high !
Would the Election Commission cares or dares to make public the electoral rolls for the public to scrutinize if no underhand tactics or methods are intended.realated article
The public has every right to check the lists of names and addresses of the new voters to ascertain that they are genuine and bona-fide new voters It is here that the shift in voter support is happening. Raja Nong Chik has been active in cultivating voters at the PPR flats and the numerous crowded urban housing schemes in Kampung Kerinchi, Pantai Dalam and Brickfields.
Mr. Baradan,how much you were paid by Raja Nong Chik the bastard who unleased the dogs at his voters . As usual it will be buttering a BN candidate, this time Raja Nong Chik, the backdoor representative. You have left out an important point ( deliberate or by ignorance). Whose money is Raja Nong Chik using to ” win” the hearts Lembah Pantai voters. And every candidate will display the most caring attitude before election except for Nurul Izzah who remains humble as ever.related
The constituency also has a strong PAS presence among the rich and poorer sections and they are expected to back Nurul as they did in 2008.
But many of the electorate are moving away from  lies transformation programmes introduced by Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak.
Grassroots workers are seeing a shift in voter perception for Nurul
Both sides have registered voters in large numbers in this Malay-majority constituency that they hope would tip the balance in their favour.
Whatever the outcome, the battle for Lembah Pantai will be one of the hottest in the upcoming general election.
But this time around Nurul has a tough fight on her hands to retain this urban seat that has a mix of voters – urban poor, middle-of-the-road civil servants and the urban rich.
Shahrizat and her supporter, who are  expected to re-contest the seat that she had held for three terms, was removed from the political scene by the “Cowgate” scandal, will give  maximum trouble to  Raja Nong Chik  so that he will loose his deposit leaving the political scene for ever

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