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Najib-Anwar bromance evidence of the chemistry relations must be handled delicately

Najib-Anwar bromance strategic interests. But let’s not get carried away either.needs to be proactively managed through timing and structured options

Given Anwar’s age and Najib’s tenuous hold on his power, it is not entirely impossible for the two to have come to an agreement for their mutual survival.
Archives would reveal that the only time the Opposition Leader had appeared on these UMNO-linked media organisations is when he was on the receiving end of brickbats.Therefore Anwar’s claim of possessing “solid evidence” regarding how Daim Zainuddin, a close associate of Dr Mahathir Mohamad, had allegedly abused his position as Finance Minister to amass wealth has ignited the speculation mills.
Adding fuel to the furnace is the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission’s swift response in wanting to secure the evidence from Anwar. In previous cases, the MACC had been often accused of suffering from paralysis when it concerned allegations against ruling politicians, both serving and retired.
At some point in our lives, we’re all confronted by someone who is toxic to us. Usually, this person is carefully embedded into our lives and you can’t get them out. Truly, you don’t want to, but you know that you must. They make you so happy momentarily, but so miserable in the long run. They’re everything you want and need, and everything you fear and detest. All your efforts put forth towards distancing yourself have failed and resulted in a pool of shame and self bashing.
Of late, Mahathir has been critical of Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak, lashing out at his policies, leadership and even his brainchild, 1Malaysia Development Berhad (1MDB).Eyebrows were raised when an UMNO division Deputy Chief filed a Police report against 1MDB and later lodged a complaint with the MACC.
It came as no surprise that the UMNO man, Khairuddin Hassan (above), was also the publisher of the infamous book ’50 reasons why Anwar cannot become Prime Minister’, which lead to the then Deputy Premier’s eventual downfall.
Battle lines redrawn
Despite being a decade short of turning a century old, Mahathir is still razor sharp in political manoeuvring. And it will be perilous for the current Prime Minister to underestimate the former Premier, who has perfected the art of dismantling political careers, from which Najib himself rose to power.
What is unraveling now is similar to the era of Abdullah Ahmad Badawi, where the media was used to criticise Mahathir and his lieutenants, while their unflattering views were blacked out.
This had forced Mahathir to turn to Malaysiakini, for which he granted four interviews during that period, and later to blogging. Needless to say, this was a standard operating procedure (SOP) of Mahathir himself, who had used the media to vilify his opponents, including Anwar, during his tenure as Prime Minister
Najib and Anwar are joining forces to oppose a common enemy in former finance minister Daim Zainuddin, who, along with former prime minister Mahathir Mohamed, has been on the front lines of the anti-Najib sentiment in Barisan Nasional itself. Anwar has volunteered his services to the MACC to help bring Daim’s sins to light in a move that will only benefit the besieged Najib.
It’s no real surprise that Najib would seek out a man who has been his administration’s greatest enemy for most of his tenure. After all, he is fast running out of allies after a strong showing by the Mahathirists in Umno at the party’s general assembly last year, and Najib realizes that he will be deposed if he doesn’t comply with their demands. He knows too that even if he does comply, he will still be eliminated from the post slowly. If Anwar is presented as his best chance at political survival, Najib would embrace him with open arms.
The bigger question posed by this situation, however, is what exactly does Anwar stand to gain from such an arrangement. As speculated by Ariff and Shahbudin, the easiest answer that springs to mind is a favourable outcome to the Sodomy II saga that has embroiled the Opposition Leader’s life for so long. With no date set for the announcement of the verdict, working with Najib could be Anwar’s move for his political survival as a guilty verdict would crush all his efforts to reach the throne of Putrajaya.
But what if, as speculated by Shahbudin, the deal entails far more than merely a favourable verdict to Anwar’s own legal dilemma? It’s no secret that Pakatan Rakyat stands on shaky ground right now with the tensions between the component parties at an all time high. There is a strong possibility that PAS may strike off on its own given its partners’ opposition to its plan to implement hudud in Kelantan. And given its long-term ambition to enact hudud throughout Malaysia, the marriage of convenience is a heavy shackle for it.
A “unity government” between Anwar’s people and Najib’s would be an immense coup for the Opposition Leader, returning him to the nigh-untouchable status he held when he was the Deputy Prime Minister. A deal with Najib, as opposed to depending on a divided coalition like Pakatan, would move him closer to the throne.
, a young man claiming to be the former police corporal’s son, posted a sinister warning on Facebook: “In all honesty, I am a son of Corporal Sirul Azhar Umar. To those who don’t know about his case, don’t just say what you like. Watch your mouth. If I talk to the press, Malaysia will fall. The PM will also fall.”
 Now SIRUL'S MOTHER speaks upMy son was FRAMED, I fear for his life
The mother of former police commando Sirul Azhar Umar who was sentenced to death for the murder of a Mongolian model has insisted that her son was framed.
How did a felon like Sirul managed to slip into Australia, and reside there for a couple of months since October, without the knowledge of the Australian authorities? How, did Sirul managed to regain possession of his passport, applied for a visa and flew to Australia without anyone raising an eyebrow? Does the Attorney General care to comment?

News of his detention has certainly ruffled a few feathers with some of the top elite residing in the corridors of power, shivering like jellyfish and shaking in their boots.
All of a sudden, Malaysians have taken a rejuvenated interest in the sensational case, after having given up all hope, that the real truth would emerge, following the death sentence imposed on the duo.
Australia’s refusal to return Sirul back to Malaysia has put the government in a very precarious position. Many believes that his detention would be a good move for his personal safety & protection, since he holds the key to the mysterious elimination of Altantuya whose cries from beyond, still demands justice.
Meanwhile, Sirul’s Malaysian lawyer Kamarul Hisham Kamaruddin said that he would apply to the Federal Court to have Sirul Azhar’s murder conviction reviewed and oppose a extradition request from Malaysia.
He also questioned why would [Sirul Azhar] murder the victim, and why key witnesses were never called by the prosecution during the original trial, fuelling speculation of political interference in the case. “It raises questions as to what really is going on”, he stressed.

Bringing final closure to Altantuya Murder Conspiracy
What we knew so far was that Altantuya was the translator for the Malaysian Government in Malaysia’s negotiations with DCNS for the purchase of submarines when Najib Abdul Razak was Defence Minister. Her insistence to claim a USD500K commission ultimately led to her demise, where she was shot twice, her body packed with C4 explosives and blown to smithereens.
Will the main characters in the murder conspiracy like Najib and Rosmah, Razak Baginda, DSP Musa Safri and their ilk be exposed and implicated?

The murder of Altantuya Sharibuu a secret hard to hide, but hard to steal too 
Convicted killer Sirul Azhar Umar, a former police VIP bodyguard sentenced to death for the murder of Altantuya Sharibuu was captured in Brisbane, Australia after an alert from Interpol, a few days ago and placed in detention.The expose’ may bring final closure to the sad episode not only for Altantuya’s father and the people of Mongolia,

Ottawa warns Najib against selective prosecution It'st not sedition but dissent,

Till a few weeks back I thought MSG was monosodium glutamate, the food additive best known as Ajinomoto. Some love it. Others call it dangerous, a health hazard. Once a standard ingredient in all Chinese meals, it’s now optional.So should be the new 

The Centre for Independent Journalism (CIJ) today urged the Prime Minister's Office to stop barring online news portals such as Malaysiakini from entering the PMO complex for press events.

the power of governance to the public 

Today, technology has made censorship an impossibility.
Malaysia “bloody tryst with a demonic destiny” almost like thrusting independence under the most inappropriate circumstances with a land not yet prepared to galvanize its law, law enforcing forces, that too in the presence of a man- made divisive precipice.
 “We hold the truth to be self evident that all men are created equal by their Creator with  certain unalienable rights. That amongst these are life, liberty and pursuit of happiness”.

There has been a steady stream of outlandish statements made by individual members of Najib's cabinet
The issue of media freedom is today beyond any form of debate. Article  guarantees freedom of expression. In Malaysia— unlike in some other jurisdictions — free speech in terms of freedom of Press, is not a separate right and it is included in the larger ambit of freedom of expression. And those who drafted the Constitution, created an exception.The exception was, that whereas in relation to other fundamental rights, you had a general exception of what is reasonable, could be restricted on the fundamental right — the generalised restriction was not there in the context of free speech. So, free speech was given a more elevated status, and you only define circumstances on account of which there could be a restriction on free speech. So, a general concept that there is a reasonable restriction against free speech, is no longer a valid consideration.
This preeminent position which has been given, has now to be utilised by media with great circumspection. This is particularly because media now forms the eyes and ears as far as citizens are concerned, it also has a very powerful impact.
Something must be very, very seriously wrong with the Sedition Act Sedition act in Malaysia is to catch the opposition guys and put them in jail. when political and community leaders from around the world keep reminding us time and again that the said Act must never be used for selective persecution to quell dissents.
Enforcement of a country’s laws should not run contrary to democratic principles, Canada warns Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak when wielding the Sedition Act.
An appropriate reminder about what justice and democracy are about and absolutely not from a bigoted and supremacy underpinning.


refer to IGP Khalid Bakar's remarks on Twitter that the Paris attacks shows that the Sedition Act is needed in our country. 

Khalid's remarks are a desperate attempt to justify continued usage of the draconian and archaic Sedition Act 1948. His claim is without any logic or basis. 

How can the Sedition Act possibly protect the country from terrorist attacks? Only good police work and intelligence gathering can prevent terrorist incidents from occurring. 

On the contrary, the Sedition Act criminalizes legitimate criticism of the government and the authorities. For example, why are the police now investigating PKR Adun Haniza Talha merely for questioning the federal budget allocation for Permata? Can the IGP answer this? 

It is even more disturbing that the IGP has chosen to interfere in the ongoing dispute between the BN and the Opposition/ civil society on the retention and use of the Sedition Act. 

The IGP, as a top civil servant, has no business to publicly intervene in policy or political matters. The IGP's job is strictly confined to law enforcement. 

His interference in policy matters outside his ambit will only further tarnish and damage the reputation of the police force. 

Issued by,
N Surendran
MP for Padang Serai,
Political Bureau Member, Keadilan 

The lack of outrage at the conclusion by Delhi police that there is "a fit case" to charge Kashmiri separatist leader Syed Ali Shah Geelani and author Arundhati Roy with sedition for what the two said in a seminar at Delhi is appalling. Only a few civil liberties advocates spoke out against the move. The opposition Bharatiya Janata Party openly bayed for their blood. Congress maintained a studied silence. The minor parties were just not bothered. Union law minister Veerappa Moily didn't come out to well when he suggested that freedom of expression couldn't' be used to violate "patriotic sentiments", whatever that means.
The incident isn't the best advertisement of either our democracy or our famed culture of tolerance. Sedition involves an attempt to overthrow legally constituted government. As far as I know, neither Geelani nor Roy did anything remotely in that direction. What they said was definitely against the government line on Kashmir. It was also against the popular opinion. Mercifully, there is no law that obligates us to toe the government or popular line. Going against it is dissent, not sedition; and democracies thrive on dissent. They do not shun it.

Geelani's views about Kashmir are well known. He has made no secret of them. Most other Indians do not agree with him and even find his views offensive. Yet, he is an Indian citizen and entitled to his individual liberties as much as any other. Freedom in a society is tested by its tolerance of what most of its members consider offensive. Freedom to say goody-goody thing is actually no freedom. If we assert before the world that Kashmiris in India are living in freedom, it means even those Kashmiris who would rather not be part of India. They have as much right to air their opinion as the rest of us have to assert Kashmir is an integral part of India. If we find Geelani's ideas offensive then let us come up with better ideas to counter them.

I am never tired of recalling the historic 1989 ruling by the US Supreme Court upholding the right of American citizens to burn the national flag. Justice Anthony M Kennedy, who wrote a concurring opinion with the majority, put it so memorably, "It is poignant but fundamental that the flag protect those who hold it in contempt." By so doing, the court added to the majesty of the American flag and the constitution, it did not imperil them.

The same goes for Roy too. She holds strong views and expresses them forcefully. Too forcefully for many people's comfort. Yet, her presence lends balance and a provocative edge to the discourse that would otherwise have been too one-sided. She raises uncomfortable, often troubling, questions. Of course, she does not provide all the answers. Sometimes her stance is contradictory and confusing. For instance, she herself uses airlines and railways but the development model she recommends would deny these to most others. If we are to build more airports, planes, and railways then land, steel, and aluminium for them have to come from somewhere. That would require some people to be displaced. One cannot be totally against displacement and still enjoy these facilities for oneself.

However, her views are not the point. The point is her ability to say it in the manner she chooses. Of course, the moment she picks up a gun or begins to organize an army to overthrow the constitutional authority, she can be booked and restrained. But if she merely argues-much to the discomfiture many, of course - that Indian state tramples upon its own citizens, that it is sold out to corporate interests, that each new mine is a huge conspiracy to dispossess the poor and the defenceless, then she has to be countered with better arguments that it is not so. Threatening her with court cases actually proves her point.

In any case, presence of people like her or Medha Patkar ensures that the debate is well rounded and all voices are heard. It may not stop the development but it at least would ensure better compensation and rehabilitation package for the displaced. That way, she is also being patriotic. When she challenges our ideas on Kashmir, does she not force a thought about where things have gone wrong and how we may right them? That also is a patriotic act. Now, should Mr Moily be booked because he violates this sentiment?

In the end, it is not about Geelani or Roy. It is about our own idea of India. It is sad that police even in national capital cannot differentiate between an act of rebellion and a contrary opinion. It is sadder that the entire political establishment remains silent when citizens are threatened with criminal charges for voicing opinions-howsoever unpopular or offensive. This is only to be expected at a time when books are withdrawn from universities because some goon decides it is written in bad taste. It is time for us to rise and take the matter of our freedoms into our own hands. If we won't use our liberties, sure as hell we would lose the

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