Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Nazir Razak my father would be shocked,at the rate Rosmah using of public money

Malaysia's second prime minister Tun Abdul Razak with Tan Sri Abdullah Ahmad (third from right), who was his political secretary, and Tun Rahah (right). – File pic, January 14, 2015.
Legendary Tun Abdul Razak and his careful use of public money and this was something he had always impressed on his children.Rosmah had caused controversy over the title of "First Lady of Malaysia". During the premiership of her husband, Rosmah widely used the title of "First Lady". However, many quarters either argue that it is reserved for the Raja Permaisuri Agong, or that it should never be used at all due to Malaysia not being a republic. The title 'First Lady of Malaysia' drew ire from certain public quarters, for they claimed that such status is not official

Sometimes, it is important not to understand things. Everything happens for a reason, no doubt and in usual circumstances, it is critical to set things in context and to make sense of them as a part of a larger process. But at times, an event begs to be looked at from a singular perspective and evaluated for its own sake. Rosmah considered to be addicted to shopping.she nurtures her shopping addiction Rosmah has been the subject of criticism on the Malaysian blogosphere, with critics focusing on her alleged reputation as a spendthrift and dominance over Najib's political and social agenda.She has been photographed with designer handbags including numerous Birkins and expensive jewellery which have attracted criticism from opposition politicians. US Jeweller Jacob and Co has countered allegations that Datin Seri Rosmah Mansor bought a diamond ring worth RM24 million from it in 2011 with documentation proving the item was sent back to the US.“The reason Madame Rosmah Mansor’s name was on the House Airway Bill is because to ship a valuable into Kuala Lumpur, the item has to be in the care of a local Malaysian,In the Sydney Morning Herald, columnist Andrew Hornery called Rosmah the "first lady of shopping", allegedly for spending A$100,000 (RM325,000) at a Sydney boutique. According to the column, Rosmah and Najib had during the holiday stayed at the A$20,000 (RM65,100) a night penthouse (right) at the newly minted five-star Darling Hotel., Najib Razak has dismissed reports that his wife had spent RM325,000 on a shopping spree in Sydney and said it was a wildly exaggerated story deliberately fabricated to affect people's perception of their leaders through n 10–14 November, Rosmah Mansor's controversial trip to Qatar using the government-funded private jet has caused an uproar, but news reports and photographs on her website show it had been four busy days for the prime minister's wife's entourage.[33] Pengerang MP Azalina Othman, who accompanied Rosmah Mansor during a women's summit in Qatar, which the prime minister's wife had gone on in a private jet, admitted that the invitation to attend the summit was extended to Rosmah in her personal capacity and not to the government. Shahidan, minister in the Prime Minister's Department said the trip was approved by the cabinet at a meeting chaired by the Deputy Prime Minister Muhyiddin Yassin and that Rosmah was representing Malaysia.
 The minister said most MPs are thankful to Rosmah Mansor for making a "fruitful" trip to Qatar. Parliament was told earlier November 2013 that the use of executive jets by the government cost RM15 million for fuel and RM160 million for maintenance, with a single flight costing around RM470,000.

Nazir Razak my father would be shocked,at the rate Rosmah using of public money

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