Sunday, January 18, 2015

Tengku Adnan wants Muslims to follow liberal Hinduism butt out Perkasa

Salvaging religion from quacks Campaigns and Hindutva sloganeering, There has been a growing feeling that unless the PM speaks out, in the long run the communal surround sound would undermine his agenda for the economy caused by religious, ethnic or economic cleavages. All of the above or any one of these could have been the immediate reason for the killings. But what they have laid bare is that the basic underlying assumption in  Malaysia that one culture can laminate over all other cleavages is a lie.A common culture is not enough of a glue to paper over the growing gaps between immigrants and the Malay Muslims  Even Communist China has spectacularly failed in elevating the God of Communist Nationalism as a substitute for religion or ethnicity. This is despite the assistance of State machinery which is at its best in very heavy handed policing.  But a Common Culture is surely anathema alongside a belief in Liberty, Equality and Fraternity.

Umno secretary-general Tengku Adnan Tengku Mansor says he will advise Batu Kawan Umno deputy chief Datuk Khairuddin Abu Hassan to withdraw the police report on 1MDB's alleged scandals. – The Malaysian Insider pic, December 13, 2014.
 To drag the country back towards religious bigotry and social disharmony.
It is my considered view that liberal Muslims far outnumber fundamentalist Muslims Will the majority, in its own self-interest, now stand up and oppose the hijacking of Islam by the loonies Perkasa, Pekida and PAS a "religious criminal organisation" leading to the ethnic cleansing in Malaysia  our media pride themselves on free and bold speech, they maintain a conspiracy of silence on some issues relating to the supposed “national interest.” Tengku Adnan has taken an important first step to reassure a large section of its voters that it will not succumb to its extremist fringe.

Our Common Religion: Jews, Muslims, Parsis, Christians have thrived   because of a liberal Hinduism Federal Territories Minister Tengku Adnan Tengku Mansor today slammed Malay rights group Perkasa for "making noise" and "instigating" by questioning the construction of a Hindu temple in Putrajaya.Among the many battles that will determine the further evolution of the mankind, one is unfolding largely ignored. We are familiar with the normal fault lines: rich vs poor, left vs right, Muslims vs Hindu. But the deciding battle of the future will be between Muslims themselves, abrasively espouse the new, right wing, fundamentalist and intolerant brand of Islam Hounded by Islamic authorities and taken to court for having different religious views,  has vowed to fight to the end.said the Federal Territories Minister

Ahmad Maslan manufacturing lies Pees and cues:gimmickry lasts only so long:

For lying about flood fund, DAP wants Ahmad Maslan to apologise

Zahid puts his own & Najib's neck on the line -why?
After being caught by surprise with the exposure of the letter he wrote to Deputy Director of the FBI Mr. Mark F. Giuliano, Dato’ Seri Ahmad Zahid Hamidi has not been able to give a credible explanation to those who have been asking him about the letter and its content.
The best he could do was to explain to the cabinet and we all know that most of the ministers are ‘Cap Ayam” (the ubiquitous Hen brand)! Zahid could have told them any “cock and bull” story and they will simply nod their heads in agreement without understanding what has been going on!
Zahid boasted that he has the authority to write such letter. But of course he can write any letter as he wishes as the Home Minister, but everybody is asking about its content! Zahid did not make a mistake; he made a huge blunder in admitting that Phua who is a known gambling kingpin has helped the government, yes, the Government of Malaysia not in a one off incident but on numerous occasions!

Anyhow, if Zahid is of high stature and not just a big bully with a loud mouth, he should own up, be a man. He is only being timid by hiding behind the power and apparatus at his disposal.
Another thing to note is that Zahid has been willing to defend Phua in front of the cabinet and sidelined Najib. It sure speaks volume on the relationship between him and Phua.
Maybe Zahid is stuck with Phua and is willing to do anything for him, such that he is willing to embrace Phua and even kiss his shoes when Phua returns home to Malaysia. Phua, Zahid must really love you so much!

.To become a visionary leader PM Najib has to outgrow It is as plain as daylight that Budget 2015 must be revised in the wake of plunging world oil prices, given that some 30% of government revenue comes from petroleum. In addition, it has been noted, the unprecedented ferocity of the year-end floods which will require a multi-billion ringgit reconstruction effort means that development expenditure must be reallocated to rehabilitate damaged infrastructure and restore normalcy to the victims’ lives and the economies of the affected regions.Last week, Prime Minister and Finance Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak indicated, not a day too soon, that an announcement about a possible restructuring of the budget to address these challenges would be made this week.

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