Thursday, January 15, 2015

Zahid warns of news portals' attack under veil of Official Secrets Act.

Shifting lines: Most countries recognise limits to free speech though they differ on where to draw the line

Malaysia may have been one of the first to recognise the need for limits to freedom of expression, but most countries, including several western nations, have come around to a similar view. Where they might differ is on exactly where the line should be drawn.
That the right to free speech and expression is not absolute is underscored by this historic irony: In the US, the much-touted First Amendment enacted in 1791 prohibited any abridgement of free speech. But the First Amendment to the Indian Constitution in 1951 imposed “reasonable restrictions” on the same right. Such restrictions, spelt out in Article 19(2), are meant to protect “the sovereignty and integrity of India, the security of the State, friendly relations with foreign States, public order, decency or morality or in relation to contempt of court, defamation or incitement to an offence”. This amendment, clarifying that freedom of speech was not absolute, has ensured that laws placing reasonable restrictions on free speech are not struck down by courts.
We, the Rakyat of Malaysia, demand PM, HM and the whole cabinet to step down now! None of the leaders in BN government stands up condemning Zahid and allowing a multinational gambling kingpin to involve in a national security project, all cabinet ministers have zero integrity! This country, Malaysia, won't hesitate to disown you due to your betrayal. Paul Phua is a person of very questionable character. An alleged big-time criminal wanted for illegal gambling, money laundering,. Is it "top secret" only for the people involved in San Marino project, or for genuine security concern, that he is a double agent for Malaysia and whatnot, that this has to be classified as secret for rakyat?
 Zahid's vicious attack on the liberal establishment exceptionalism’ more than the journalists editorial team not only met its deadline – a feat in itself – but the issue it produced was true to form.And in what will surely be regarded as an act of exemplary courage by some and as a puerile and dangerous provocation by others, Clearly the staff of the journal is determined to pay any price to safeguard its independence  above all, a real apprehension that the government might impose certain restrictions on its citizens for security reasons.And how would this rhyme with the latest expression of the national resolve to uphold Malay values?  that mock at the conceits of every religion to be superior to another, the answer, alas, isn’t blowing in the wind.

 Zahid, you're disgusting. Both physically and mentally. Kingpin involved in national security affairs, WTF is wrong here.a gambler handling our security matters. This is unacceptable and our country has been compromised. Of course it is Top Secret or else I would not have by pass the Police and the Foreign Ministry ! See , I was able to spend a lot of money to buy votes in the last election and was elected ,partly due to the fundings from him .Now I am the 'monster ' in charge of the security matters of the country ,so he has indirectly contributed to the country 's security matters in a different way !Usually if someone assist the govt, it must be in the form of consultancy. So I wonder in this case where Paul Phua is "consultant" to the BN govt, how was he paid and how much? Wonder if that also under OSA! Or maybe in this peculiar case its the reverse, it's Paul who is "paying" the BN govt for assisting in a very highly classified security matter!
The mood has been one of despondency, cynicism and intolerance generated by a weak economy, an incompetent and venal political class and the growing incidence of racist, anti-Semitic and Islamophobic outbursts.
readmore  Zahid warns of news portals' attack under veil of Official Secrets Act.

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