Monday, February 9, 2015

The New York Times Mahathir Inspiring leadership in Islam unlike Najib has an Appetite for woman and expensive champagne

The New York Times found in an investigation
Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak has "received an inheritance" which is his source of wealth, a statement from his office reportedly said.In early 2010, a young Malaysian financier named Jho Low began making some very expensive real estate deals in the United States.First, a shell company connected to Mr. Low,
So in Malaysia, the Chinese are rich, Indians are rich and Malays are rich. Only the the Muslims are poor. Do you agree, Mahathir? ask Malaysian financier named Jho Low

Mr Prime Minister, is this what you meant by “concrete and rational excuses why GST should be implemented”? So that you can continue to channel huge amount of public funds into 1MDB? How is that in line or has anything to do with the people and national aspiration? To begin with, GLCs lack accountability, have no profit motive or the kind of incentive that private companies are subjected to. That is, to produce goods and services that consumers want, at the lowest possible costs. The comfort of the government’s backing - the availability of subsidized funds and the largesse in the pricing of government’s contracts – works to the detriment of and undermines productivity, and worst still, is subject to gross abuse.

In lieu this publicity, people in Malaysia are asking where Zhen Low is getting all this money to waste on Paris Hilton. And Low's father is not happy with all this unwanted publicity back at home. He is the brother of notorious partyboy Taek Jho Low, who may or may not be an arms dealer according to press reports. Nothing like a good champagne ordering contest to spice up your vacation. Low won, with the $2.6 million bill but people back at home are questioning his lifestyle and businesses. Anyway, Zhen (or Taek) should keep in the back of his mind the fact that all the money on Earth can't cure herpes. All I see in these photos is a topless herpes spreader doing her thing. In an unrelated story: all of the jellyfish around St. Tropez have contracted herpes. Q


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