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Anwar Ibrahim the rebel who preferred ideas to ideology

written by the voice from the street

an indelible stain on Malaysia's political and legal systems

Malaysian Bar president Steven Thiru today denounced the recently tabled anti-terrorism law as 'repressive'. – The Malaysian Insider filepic, April 5, 2015.

Anwar Ibrahim was persecuted, not prosecuted, says Malaysian Bar Council PresidentFederal Court Judges

"We must describe our leaders, including judges, accurately and with respect of course. But stop fudging, otherwise nothing will change," he added.
Pelukan terakhir Anwar
Power is the glue of politics. That is why a government is expected to be in array and opposition generally in disarray. Ideology is a fickle custodian of unity in an age of convenience. Its absence has eliminated the difference between single-party rule and coalition government. Both are held together by individual or sectarian self-interest, which is why they last. Ideology is a differentiator; it makes a partnership untenable even if the partners consider it sustainable. Sentiment is irrelevant to any political marriage.  This is true of all democracies where coalitions become necessary.  Politicians live for power; why would they invite a premature death? Malaysian politics, reduced to minimalist, notional ideology, devoid of individual or party accountability, is peculiarly suited to coalitions.  If there were accountability,
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The beheading of Najib's leverage' against Dr M,Opposition Leader Anwar Ibrahim on Final Judgment written by a Hindu convert to Islam

This seems odd to those who hold him responsible for ruining the country, but there is no restraining an egoist summoned by his imagination. “I cry when I see Malaysia,” lamented  the editor to a motley crowd, evidence that there does not seem much of a market for his tears. Crocodiles rarely get handkerchief sets for Delusion is a curious disease. It does not affect the afflicted, since they are unaware of their condition.Ever since ideology committed suicide in the late 1980s, those in power have sought to fill the vacuum with ideas. Most ideas were perceptive and prescriptive; some were even brilliant. The flexibility was exhilarating after too many decades of doctrine born in an open mind but Anwar was  killed  politically by a closed one.
 Adulation and sensational levels of money are a heady cocktail, and if some young men get inebriated, it is only a temptation waiting to explode. But the dirt is controlled by older men wearing the heavy make-up of lies needs a radical and rational platform of ideas that recognizes how dysfunctional this system has become, and finds the courage to sweep below the carpet. The nerve points of the nation have shifted to the young.who  do not want merely a different government Anwar want a new course that will take Malaysia out of this jungle of greed in which governance has become synonymous with greed, and the street a playground for lechery. If nothing is done, their patience will turn into rage.. He seems condemned to wander through courtrooms disguising humiliation with a false smile. Perhaps there comes a time in life when  the of prison home seems a better option than meaningless speeches Najib. This wasn’t accidental.Anwar Ibrahim  became the rebel that Malay middle class youth were looking 
Questions will not go away merely because the Najib government is struggling to hide behind a veil. Who are the bureaucrats  involved in sabotage and deflection of pinpoint accusation? In the absence 
Old soldiers, goes the saying, never die; they just fade away. Unless their career includes a spell as dictator of Malaysia, in which case they fantasize about a Napoleon-style comeback, cheered on by an adoring public now deeply regretful about having thrown the chap out.Najib who ruled for six years like an unforgiving sultan,

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There is no greater sacrifice for a cause than to give truly of one's self, to barter away one's very freedom, one's dreams and indeed one's life. And for PKR defacto leader Anwar Ibrahim, who has fought his battle to the brim, he has perhaps done just that – in the fight for all that is good and just.

While too jaded to see in him purely a hero, I have no doubt he has given more than most, in the quest to unseat from our sorrows.
He has sold himself not cheaply, but made the powers pay the bill, for his removal from the political chessboard, and did give the opposition a shrill battle cry. He had put himself upon the line, gambled of his own what he had hoped to give – the freedom that the rakyat sought for still.
At long last we have Rosmah Marie Antoinette. The Bourbon queen before the French Revolution of 1789 began to dislocate royal heads from their shoulders , imperiously asked citizens hungry for common bread to eat cake instead.But it has already earned pride of place in the political thesaurus of memorable insults. There is nothing like bodily fluids to stoke conversation in a thirsty teh tarik .The French Revolution, like any historic occurrence , offers more than one instructive anecdote. Marie Antoinette’s husband, Louis XVI, who lost his mind long before he lost his head to the guillotine , heard the mobs in July 1789, when Paris stormed the Bastille prison, and asked his courtier Francois Alexander Frederic, duke of Liancourt and grandmaster of the wardrobe, “So what is it? A riot?” The duke replied, doubtless in silken tones, “No sire, it is a revolution.” But Louis’ diary entry for July 14, the day Paris changed the world, consisted of just one word: “Nothing.” The heights of power are not always the best perch for a cool look when anger is sweeping past your door
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