Friday, January 22, 2016

Bribery is PAS president Datuk Seri Abdul Hadi Awang’s most creative art form.

Beware the mistake you think you haven’t made, particularly if it seems innocuous. The unconscious slip reveals far more than vigorously polished truth, or indeed a lie carelessly exposed. Decipher the cipher and you could well discover a lump of golden illumination. This is as true of social gaffe as of political combat.Changing the rules might be easier than changing behaviour in a land with such a stern pecking order. Distinctions thrive in , politics, bureaucracy, determined by tradition, or power or wealth.

PAS   use its fruits such as modern weaponry, and the internet to propagate their diseased ideology.the PAS organ, Harakah. if not watchful, , Taliban, and their like will push Muslims into the Dark Ages, when unlike Islam, Christianity had serious problems reconciling with science and reason.Shaykh Google and fatwa dotcoms are by default part of the problem. Radical imams and hundreds of young Muslims are feeling obliged to spread Islam and correct the ways of whom they think as wayward Muslims. But recent studies prove that the majority of new Muslims do not embrace Islam overnight due to pamphlet distribution or through YouTube or television shows. Most conversions take place over years of interaction with Muslims, impacted by their kindness, generosity, values and unwavering devotion to God.
The debates on modernity are complex, because while claiming to return to first century Islam,  PAS actually use modern Salafi Wahabi Islamic texts to justify their actions. Salafis reject centuries of Islamic philosophy and teachings, which approaches the Quran as a spiritual treatise and not a political document. Dry, rigid Wahabi narratives do not leave room even for creative expressions of devotion, destroying the rich and textured legacy of indigenous Muslim communities and their local traditions.WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter have made it impossible to escape the cacophony of the words “shirk, bidah, haram” (meaning idolatry, innovation and unlawful) by fellow Muslims. Instead of calling to moral excellence, this propagation of an exclusivist fatwa and finger pointing Islam based on trivia is sheer ignorance, arrogance and stupidity.
Unfortunately, the internet can lead to gross misguidance. Viewing remains largely unmonitored by family elders, depriving of traditional learning through sohbat – companionship of the wise and enlightened. These are challenging times for Muslims, and unless the continuing rhetoric of rage, revenge, conspiracies, blasphemy, evangelism and damning the “other”, is shed, the word Islam is in danger of being used derogatorily, much like the word jihad.The thought is so shocking that we might as well be done with it in the very first sentence: there is good news ahead for both PAS and UMNO. They should not worry about the coming partnership as much as their crumbling eyebrows suggest. The results will have only a marginal effect on the bigger war ahead,  victory and defeat will seem far less dramatic when the Great Game enters its decisive phase in 23e4 months. 2013 is not the semi-final that some commentators – addicted to shorthand at the expense of long-form analysis – visualize. The game is the same, but the tournament is different. PAS president Datuk Seri Abdul Hadi Awang merely wanted to inject his regular dose of loyalty into media veins, but in politics In PAS Hadi is not permitted to voice unacceptable. He accepted that something was building around Najib, even if it might be a bubble Abdul Hadi Awang who learnt negotiation from the business school of life, is taking payment in advance before  does a deal by January with Congress 

Just in case you were getting misled, Pas has not always been as kind to opinion polls as it is now. It might whoop a bit with each projection this year, but it discovered a distinct distaste for them when, in 2013,, evidence of ’s decline started to turn euphoria into dread. All parties want messengers who only bring good news. You can’t blame them. Who wants to enter battle burdened with the omen of defeat? The greatest of warriors checked their fortunes with astrologers, chicken entrails, coffee dregs or tea leaves. Congress has begun to take its own form of pre-emptive protection, by rigging up alliances where its vote has collapsed. The price, however, goes up when you are down.

Bishop of the Anglican Church's Kuching Diocese, Datuk Bolly Lapok (right), seen here with Selangor Menteri Besar Datuk Seri Azmin Ali in March last year, criticises PAS president Datuk Seri Abdul Hadi Awang for making disparaging remarks against Christians in Sarawak. – The Malaysian Insider pic, January 22, 2016.
 Innocence has been violated and corrupted by the seeds of fanaticism sowed by PAS president Datuk Seri Abdul Hadi Awang a "loose cannon" and a person of "no substance",hypocrites,  'terrorist sympathizer'  In physics, every action has an equal and opposite reaction.  This holds equally true of the social and psychological dynamics of fundamentalism and radicalisation: extremism of one form inevitably gives rise to an equal and opposite extremism.UMNO-PAS coalition-led state governments would offer rapid upward mobility for many party members. The younger members have seen how UMNO’s ulama graduate followers have done well. Understandably they are impatient and hungry for their turn at access to power, wealth and fortune with an Islamic face

 the dream of returning to some imagined ideal Islamic state, suggesting that Islamic history has failed and they are here to correct it. Islamic civilisation has witnessed a glorious history powered by cultural diversities of largely non-Arab Muslim communities. It created literary, scientific, architectural, philosophical and cultural marvels, which fuelled the Renaissance, carrying its light to Europe.

 Hadi knows that there is no prospect of hudud being implemented because the individuals and groups that will be affected most by the imposition of hudud law will come mainly from UMNO; and perhaps from PAS too.

Hudud was used as an opening gambit in getting out of the Pakatan coalition. It has served its purpose and is now being put on the backburner. Replacing it is the siren song of a purer and larger Islamic agenda that can help cleanse UMNO and national politics.


desperately wants to secure his position by rallying Malay support via PAS mullaism. To achieve his aim the Prime Minister is prepared to ignore the concerns of MCA, MIC and Gerakan and other secular parties in Barisan Nasional about Hudud. Fancy having a fanatic as Deputy Prime Minister No. 2 at the expense of his loyal Deputy, Dr. Zahid Hamidi.The reason why Najib is doing this is clear. In addition to gerrymandering, vote-buying and other forms of electoral trickery, Najib needs an insurance policy to ensure that UMNO retains power in the coming election. Desertion by UMNO’s supporters alone could lead to a possible loss of power. Having Hadi by his side and a partnership with PAS could stem the UMNO haemorrhage arising from the 1MDB and RM2.6 billion donation debacles, and see the party’s rank and file refrain from abstaining or voting against the ruling government. It could also produce the bonus of having PAS supporters vote against whatever opposition coalition that finally emerges. In effect this is a double whammy against the opposition and a winning strategy for Najib.

Is this arrangement with PAS is sustainable? I wonder. Of  greater concern to me is: will there be a GE-14 given Najib’s unpopularity among Malaysians and factionalism within UMNO? If he knows that he may not win in the next general election, why must Prime Minister Najib have one in 2018? To me, the passage of the NSC Bill by the Senate after Dewan Rakyat had earlier voted in the Bill is a clear signal that the Prime Minister is has something in mind as back-up. Of course, I hope I am wrong about this. What do you,

 President Abdul Hadi Awang by the Prime Minister and UMNO President, Najib Abdul Razak. The seduction line held out: in bed together, we can advance Islamic and Malay unity.could also produce the bonus of having PAS supporters vote against whatever opposition coalition that finally emerges. In effect this is a double whammy against the opposition and a winning strategy for Najib.

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