Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Najib and Ahmad Maslan the jokers of the first order

The real truth is that Ahmad Maslan  may or may not become full minister. But whichever party forms the next government, it should create a new “Ministry of Comedy” and make him it’s minister! His only job should be to make one speech a day….keeping us all fully entertained!

it seemed like a bad joke. It did not sound like a joke after hearing that the state government had every intention of fulfilling this ridiculous agenda of reviving a tyrant.  evil, he was no saint and neither did he have an ounce of largess in him that now Datuk Seri Najib Razak have suddenly discovered.Ahmad, well-known  for constantly making remarks on the goods and services tax and other cost of living issues, will now head the party’s information technology bureau, in charge of cyber warfare and new media

 Ahmad Maslan is bizarrely gifted, with hilarity running through his every vein…..every time he opens his mouth, his audience goes “Wow, did he really say that?”!! Move over Apart from his ability to be self-deprecating (well, ok not self-deprecating really, but goofing around with his partymen nonetheless!), Deputy International Trade and Industry Minister Ahmad Maslan  does have another advantage His show is telecast by all news channels simultaneously,  is far more innovative , far more creative with “facts” and far more “economical” with truth when it comes to development statistics. Such awesome width of “knowledge” is not something that That Malaysian women are nutritionally deficient because they are “figure conscious”! Too good!

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