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Immunity Certificate issued for Tengku Adnan become worthless

Democracy is a bet that humanity that takes on itself, and the stakes are rising like never before. In an earlier age the democracies of the day went about their business of apparently being led by the wishes of the people while in fact working within a highly regulated framework that did not leave too much to chance. The political discourse emphasized a restrained and formal practice of democracy; the process was governed by a tight set of protocols and rules, and was presided over with a comprehensive system of checks and balances. Politics was a formally enacted costume drama, much as was the case with the judiciary, and came bound with the fabric of propriety and justice.
 You know the captains. The stands may be full with the political fans, but by convention, the Umpire shall be from the judiciary! Begging mercy from His Hon’ble self, I hope there shall be no fixing!  as a political conspiracy Chronic motor mouth and senior minister plea to Nazri listen to what was said by MCA central committee member Ti Lian Ker.

MCA Ti Lian Ker   comments have sparked off a political row that has exposed the frail coalition between UMNO and  MCA  has snowballed into a slugfest between two major alliance partners of the much touted Grand Alliance in BN
 seems to have got it all wrong when senior UMNO  leader ,  Federal Territories Minister Tengku Adnan T , backed  Ti Lian Ker comments. his Umno mininster thinks Nazri hears using his eyes. The words of Ti Lian Ker were all in written statements.
Tengku Adnan Tengku Mansor said perhaps Nazri did not " did not "fully listen" " to what MCA had said

Umno supreme council member Mohamed Nazri Abdul Aziz said MCA politics is a very fractious so he is closer to DAP than MCA because it is the former that can garner Chinese support.He said this in response to MCA central committee member Ti Lian Ker, who complained that Nazri appears closer to DAP despite winning in the general election under BN, which was helped by all component parties including MCA.

Umno secretary-general  is getting jittery fearing that MCA will leave BN. The chinese are too fed up not because of MCA'S own strength and numbers.MCA days as  Grand Alliance in BN the ruling party is thinning away fast..chinese voters totolLy  with DAP Next will be Sarawak and followed by MIC and so on.
Tengku Adnan,when you said every thing done and carried out by the BN (big or small),is a "consensus",do you mean the MCA race skewed policies of  MCA has been accepted and agreed upon by all component parties? is it just a BN  MCA,MIC,Gerakan social engineering" exercise ,  

The practice of politics is often understood as being about painstaking calculation, labored alliance building and the clever use of power to grant and withhold favours in order to extract advantage. Complex race equations, the understanding of ground level realities, the weighing of who needs to be backed against whom when – these are some of the common skills that every party employs particularly when it comes to the rough-and-tumble of electoral politics. And yet, after all these exertions, what often ends up being decisive is not the cleverness of the strategies employed, but the inexorable pull of the political instincts that drive key political players.

Kuala lumpur city hall is known as the richest corporation in the country.Unfortunately, corruption is a huge If it weren’t for all sorts of leakages, it would have been providing the taxpayers with a great quality of life – not clogged drains, burning dumpyards, clean drinking water shortages, illegal constructions and so on.what have Minister Tengku Adnan delivered  promised everything but the sun and the moon in exchange for people’s votes.The biggest sparkler in his bag of promisesr. The princeling must woo with more ardor.things are sadly more literal and prosaic. Now the same voters are complaining,, not three bags full, not for the master, not for the dame, and not for the little boy who lives down the lane. to investing in them – so it’s essential to radically reboot existing systems of city-management.whether you are Minster or a celebrity, whether it’s a pothole that needs fixing in front of your house or a business you want to start, sometimes it seems nothing can get done without paying bribes. This corruption in the civic bodies is a huge impediment to better  but not Minister Tengku Adnan 

 which you can produce if any scrutiny or prosecution is contemplated in respect of the income you have declared. The valuation of property submitted by the tax payer, supported by the report of a registered valuer, would be accepted. Income declared by the taxpayer would not be subjected to scrutiny.From public transport systems and traffic control to managing solid waste disposal and drainage, enormous investment with fervour and traffic jams, incense and amplifiers. But since you personally experienced the potholed journey  It is guilty of sins of omission (uncleared garbage) and of commission (kickbacks). We invoke you not for auspicious beginnings, but speedy completion of its projects. Nor for deliverance from the cycle of birth and rebirth; merely from the unending cycle of laying and re-laying of pipes and pavemen

“Living on your promises, I realized that I would still have been waiting, had I lived longer”
 the root remains the same. Dishonest politics. Manipulation of power. And zero accountability. While in different corners Violence, hate, blackmail, torture…These define the dark and terrible times we live in.

 Win-ability increases. David Kershaw, the present chief of S&S, and an ardent campaigner for the “stay” vote laments not being able to put up a crucial campaign poster due to political chaos. The idea was to portray the benefits in future. The poster not revealed, showed a pregnant woman with a “bump”, and words coming out of the womb “I am in”! well assured? Can any party show in content the future of the state five years hence? Can a more prosperous choice be given, that the people rise above the unchanging alternatives?

Politicians, leaders, statesmen, smart as they are, have been using content marketing in words, slogans, symbols, Politics, perhaps the second oldest profession, or maybe the one that preceded the first, uses armamentarium of missiles loaded upfront with vile, and hopefully, though not necessarily with a hind-pool of wisdom! threatened to stop  if he is unable to prove his allegations. But there must not be any vendetta politics, because the comedian’s corruption charges speak to the experience of countless others who regularly and indisputably face such harassment in India’s commercial capital.A marvellous term by circumstance or genius, that had content in disguise, and good or bad, could be responsible for the narrow 49% vs 51% margin.Politics even in a largely ignorant and impoverished India grew on progressive policies, in as much as it got rid of governments that were corrupt, or trampled people’s rights.But the content should be seen too. A cheque not cashed, is still not money realized.

It is a subtle point big governments often miss out. The common man, the game changer, is finally concerned with his “take-home” income, education for his children, health, rations, and creature comforts. The largest voter segment is the farmer. An agricultural, even insurance backed scheme needs to be put in place so that his income is steady and not at the mercy of the markets.

 The common man, is assured enough for survival at the end of the day, with something to spare!
Time has come to show committed political content marketing in the UP state elections. How bloated you can become, being Ku Nan is engaged in political masturbation - begging to come back? Forever living in self denial

In a few days time, Tengku Adnan will claim that he was misquoted. He will mention that many ex or sacked Umno members were begging to return but Umno supreme council had decided not to permit them. So as not to shame these 'beggars', he will not reveal their indentities.lost its soul when it defended the indefensible. Does Ku Nan also have a list of those who are about to leave his organisation?

you have set a good example by showing how prosperous you are in the present UMNO's position and until you dare not to declare your assets so now the sacked members are making a comeback..How bloated  Umno secretary-general Tengku Adnan Tengku Mansor he said that many people are actually begging to return to the party, a day after former Kedah menteri besar Mukhriz Mahathir said that Umno division leaders from Kedah plan to quit the party.

"He (Mukhriz) said people are leaving, but those who were sacked also want to come back (to Umno)," Tengku Adnan said
How many have you sacked and who are those wanting to return. This must be one of your "correct" !"correct"! "correct" sendiwara. Probably if you take out your underwear and wave it around those around will further quit UMNO.

therefore, cannot be an excuse. Unless Najib Centre  can find the political will to downgrade in UMNO urban nightmare can be ended with  the Kuala Lumpur Municipal Corporation You declare your undisclosed income would issue you an Immunity Certificate
Why? Minister Tengku Adnan said Ahmad Husni was never slammed in cabinet meetings, 

 also read thisSo Tengku Adnan is dragging his boss Najib in condoning his corrruptions

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