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PM.Najib Razak should be held responsible for emboldening his Umno men in hope of being his "attack dogs"

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PM Najib Abdul Razak's dilemma because Umno and Malaysia have conflicting agenda. Yes, it's not easy being the president of the party and at the same time, the prime minister of the nation.It is just one of the thousand cuts by which UMNO hopes to bleed Malaysia also read Who outsourced this job to private militias. red-shirts leader Jamal
Kee Thuan Chye said Najib sounds like the leader of the Ku Klux Klan  who also happens to be the leader of the country. UMNO strategy has been afflicted by  a primary deficit, the failure to perceive that this is a slow and long war in different domains. These domains demand sub-strategies of their own and a degree of pro-activity to prevent only being responsive.
UMNO stands for an economy based on legitimate money UMNO stands for an economy based on legitimate money Why Nations Fail’ that institutions, both political and economic, are crucial to prosperity. Without a strong and independent judiciary, an effective and efficient bureaucracy, a predictive policy framework and independent and robust regulatory mechanisms, can we have sustained high growth and prosperity? And can these institutions be robust and effective if they are routinely hijacked by money and muscle?

Najib should lead, not be thinking of his own position.singing a narrow racial and bigoted tune when he speaks to Umno. Playing the race and religion narratives are typical agenda of the allegedly corrupt Umno-BN government that put self-survival and grip of hegemonic power above the interest of our beloved multi-racial and democratic nation.It’s pathetic. Even Donald Trump did much better after he was declared the winner in the November 2016 presidential race. His first statement was, “An America for all Americans.”Najib, your statement only conveys one fact, and only one fact - there is no future for a small nation of some 30 million people living in a racially and religiously-divided country called Malaysia.there is no dilemma. Speak as a leader. What is good for ‘Malays, Muslims and bumiputera’ must be good for all Malaysians. That is the ultimate hallmark of a true leader.With that, how can any leader go down to the grassroots with any meaning, while allegedly having to lie and avoid difficult questions?

is trying its best to stoke this sentimentThere is no solution to UMNO’s aggressive intent and strategy except to hurt it more than we get hurt.
Infiltration is a phenomenon which will never be reduced to zero,Infiltration is a phenomenon which will never be reduced to zero,The populist imagination dramatically pits ‘the real people’ against those in charge, and leaves the details for you to fill in, as politics writer has analysed that Najib is a populist demagogue from the right, DAP from somewhere leftish. But always, when a populist leader says the Malays,Najib is implying the popular will wants only one thing. They ignore their birth right their voices Najib don’t agree.also read this Chinese piracy Jho Low conspiracy China to invaded Malaysia Without firing a single bullet
The prime minister's wife Rosmah Mansor has advised netizens not to believe in whatever goes viral in the social media as coming from her as she does not have a Facebook or Twitter account.Instead, she said, those who want to know about her can post their questions to her directly.mere symptoms of more serious maladies, I fear the situation is much worse than what these pitiable creatures display, these events are indications that the entire structure of the code that should guide a government is steadily unravelling and disintegrating.the utter imbeciles who lurk within the ruling party, if we consider the statements and conduct of almost every principal officer in the administration including the political realm, when we see the behaviour of the prime minister, his deputy, the Parliament speaker, the attorney-general, that IGP, the head of the Elections Commission, and lately even the auditor-general, we witness total disregard of the honour of their position, respect of the law, fairness and justice, sheer decency, or the acknowledgement that perhaps they are accountable to a higher authority if not their own self-respect.Tajuddin keeps repeating justification for his offensive comments in Parliament, despite knowing full-well that his defence is so fraught with contradictions, falsehood, and absurdity that no one would believe him.

But why should he do otherwise, he of Umno loftiness? He knows that tomorrow others of like mentality would without the least shame rush to his defence even as they scream purity of race and religion.Nothing would happen to them, they are Umno and accordingly, beyond the pale of accountability.Unafraid: It's a sad reality that a vast majorityThe ability of unscrupulous persons to manipulate, subvert and even criminalise the system,
The huge elephant in the room is that the prime minister’s passion for change is not shared by some of those who have the responsibility to make his vision a reality. The point I want to reiterate that transformational change in  umno can happen only if the  leadership passionately feels the need for a transformation.They should realise   is a carefully envisioned project in statecraft and not an empty slogan in stagecraft.. Nobody can expect honest service delivery from someone who has paid a bribe to become
   Reforming police recruitment therefore must be the first step. As for training, it is a sad reflection of the state of neglect that in some of the states the syllabus of police training has not been revised for several decades now.These are the real threat to Parliament not those who campaign for free and fair elections.If the father is uncouth and uncultured, what do you expect the son to be? conspicuous notoriety of the defiant and shameless deputy minister Tajuddin, along with his son, have smothered the highly-regarded perception when they had menacingly emerged with their rowdies and launch their physical attacks on Khalid outside the Parliament an Umno minister representing a largely rural Malay electorate, Tajuddin’s uncouth behaviour is reflective of PM.Najib Razak should be held  responsible for emboldening his Umno men in hope of being his "attack dogs" to ensure a delay to his own imminent political demise.Society should not be cowered and allow "might to triumph" when the utterly irresponsible Tajuddin his party and his electorate as he claims that the goons that included his son were from his constituency.If the police do not step in to arrest these troublemakers, it means that anarchy is at the doorstep of democracy.the actions of crude uneducated individuals who felt they would not be answerable to the law, an understandable confidence.

Our police have lost control, and mob rule has reigned when it can happen in an august place like Parliament.It will be interesting how the PDRM (Royal Malaysian Police) handles this daring daylight crime in a high security area. for a strict but sensitive, modern and mobile, alert and accountable, reliable and responsive, techno-savvy and trained body of professionals. But i wonder if the real dimensions of this vision have been fully understood by the police brass and the bureaucracy responsible for implementing this vision. I say this because the discussions at many of the meetings on SMART policing have been primarily around acquiring technologies and smart phone applications which apparently would make the police SMART.The friendly neighborhood policewoman and policeman is often seen as not so friendly – but corrupt, insensitive, inefficient, beyond any accountability, partisan. Of course there are also several examples of police displaying the highest standards of probity and professionalism. But in the absence of robust systems and processes, coupled with the ability of unscrupulous persons to manipulate, subvert and even criminalise the system, the good work that gets done is easily eclipsed. Only the bad cop stands out. large ritualistic, with very little strategising content or impact.
What is missing is a discourse on how to prepare the field policewoman and policeman to undergo attitudinal transformation and skill-development. What is missing is how the police should base its core values on integrity, rule of law, respect for human rights and accountability to the citizens. Only a strict adherence to these values will address issues of violence against women, protection of Dalits and the socially excluded and disadvantaged sections.
There is a new energy in democracy, and this threatens those who championed democracy the most. Trump succeeds because of the very reasons that makes him so obnoxious. He has no respect for any institutions, little knowledge of how to govern, no personal scruples that can be readily identified, but what he has is a seemingly unstoppable desire to tear down existing structures without caring for the consequences. It is the blindness of his rage, the rampagingly impractical nature of his tantrum/plan, that signifies that finally, something drastic will be done to push back against the smugness of what exists.Without the possibility of some dialogue based on a certain minimum amount of empathy, the divide will only get sharper. The right is rapidly manufacturing its own set of labels, and these are potentially even more frightening than the ones used by the liberal establishment. Trump needs to be fought, but the phenomenon that created him needs to be spoken to and engaged with.

In some way or the other, whether on the surface or really deep down, most people would find it difficult to measure up to the very values that they espouse in the way they lead their own lives. This is not a failure on their part or a sign of their hypocrisy; it is how change occurs. We let go of the past gradually, and our actions lag behind our ideals. Equally, there is nothing unnatural about people who have lived in a certain way feeling threatened when that way changes dramatically in a short period of time. Race, gender, sexuality, caste- these are constructs that represent common currencies of meaning. Simply because one group has changed its view on these meanings, does not mean that everyone else will immediately and unhesitatingly fall in line.The liberal intellectual establishment is under attack, and the values it has espoused for so long are being challenged. Perhaps the problem lies with the fact that the liberal establishment declared a premature victory. Over the last few decades, what were ideals to be striven for have become standards against which people are judged. The mental model is that of a presumed consensus on what the world should like and what our beliefs should be. Those not conforming to these standards are called a variety of names. What is striking is that the standards have become progressively more stringent without always keeping ground realities in mind. 

A fashionable parlour game is to spot flaws in anything that is held up as progressie, by finding structural reasons why it is deep down still discriminatory in some form. Labels have hardened- sexist, racist, homophobic, bigot, casteist- these are descriptions that are used quite freely.To be told constantly that many of one’s natural instincts are not only flawed, but are arrayed against the principles of humanity, can be a deeply dispiriting experience. That is not to say that the labels are always used incorrectly, but that the framework itself does not adequately factor in how transitions in cultural norms take place. This is quite paradoxical for liberalism is a credo that is hinged on humanity being in a state of constant transition- being liberal is not a station one has arrived at, it is a journey that is never quite complete.

There is a strong feeling in some quarters that this is not to time to go soft on Trump and what he signifies, that any time attempt to empathise makes excuses on behalf of Trump and normalizes what should be abhorrent. This might appear to be a strong and uncompromising view, but it ignores the fact that today it is democracy that is increasingly throwing up popular demagogues, and by doing more of what of has created this phenomenon in the first place, is the surest way of ensuring that Donald Trump is not an aberration, but the norm.

The real shark is Apandi: and crocodile is Khalid Abu Bakar

written by syed1145
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Apandi: Maria Chin’s detention in accordance with the law, is that so? whose law  The real shark is Apandi: and crocodile is Khalid Abu Bakar  can fight with the state machinery, which has the real power.The real dacoits are these smooth talking, apparently sophisticated, who have looted the country, in collaboration with  bureaucrats and big businessmen
Fact of the case : sosma used in this scenario is vague to say the lease. Fact : the government failed on its promise that this law would only be used on terrorists. Peaceful Assembly act allows for such rallies and thus detaining Maria is a contradiction. Fact : this AG is incompetent and biased. Such swift action on Maria cf no action on 1MDB culprits is painfully evident.
on the ground that the Constitutional machinery has broken down in the state In a speech delivered in the Prussian Landtag ( Parliament ) in 1862, the great future Chancellor of Germany, Bismarck, said " the great issues of the day will not be decided by votes and speeches but by blood and iron ( blut und essen ) "
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Najib this is the man who has been thrust down the throats of Malaysians as the ' Father of the Nation and cheerfully swallowed up by our gullible people, who are like children whom any Machiavellian Pied Piper of Hamelin can lead into a deep ditch
A few intellectuals may know historical truths and social developments by their study and genuine understanding, but the masses learn only through bitter experience,The Malaysian learnt after being befooled and being kicked around for almost 60 years that the 'Independence' of 1957 was no independence and that real independence is independence  led by that hypocrite Najib, and that the 'democracy' we got after 1957 was phoney, and was only vote bank politics craftily manipulated by our crooked umno politicians who took advantage of the low intellectual understanding of the masses and tremendous  communalism still prevailing in UMNO to win elections.It is only now that the Malaysian masses through their bitter experience are gradually learning the truth, and are realizing that the solutions to their massive problems lie outside the system, and not within it, that is by a revolution.But in Bersih there are no rivers of blood  but that is unfortunately how history operates. The vested interests in the present order will not give up their hold, and will not allow allow great changes in the country, but will seek to retain the status quo, by putting up fierce resistance.For this struggle the people will have to use all their creativity, and devise the forms of struggle, as were devised by the people in the great French, Russian and Chinese Revolutions, led by modern minded, brave and self sacrificing leaders. Only then will they get real independence. And they will do it.A mighty struggle will have to be waged by all patriotic Malaysians, who will have to make great sacrifices, to combat feudal ideas and destroy the feudal remnants in our society, and replace them with modern, scientific practices and ideas.
Can all this happen without a great deal of turmoil ? No, it cannot. There will be fierce resistance by the champions of the old, feudal order, who dislike changes. One may wish that the transition is without any pain or turbulence, but unfortunately that is not how history functions. So the next 20 years or so in Malaysia is likely to witness a lot of turbulence, turmoil and bloodshed before the new, modern prosperous society is created.

you must be put up on trial and given harsh punishment, as was given to the Nazi war criminals at the Nuremberg trials.

 Close your eyes, and then there is nothing Of all the crooked politicians of Malaysia,The red-shirts, led by Sungai Besar Umno chief Jamal Md Yunos,is perhaps the most brazed in his hooliganism and shamelessness.non Muslims were also vilified .This, of course, created a vote bank for UMNO, based on hatred (as had Hitler, of whom Sungai Besar Umno chief was an admirer), and how does it matter if the country breaks up and is Balkanised? From what I have heard, UMNO under Najib  built up Sungai Besar Umno chief Jamal Md Yunos to counteroppose the Bersihs,Sungai Besar Umno chief turned on the UMNO, just as Osama bin Laden, who had earlier been supported by the Americans to fight the Russian army in Afghanistan, later on turned on the Americans..
For most of the period after Independence in 1957 politics in Malaysia was largely governed by votes and speeches ( though there were some sporadic violent incidents too ). The 'giants' in our national scene were people who could give attractive and seductive speeches about how they would serve the people if elected, but behind the scene indulged in their field of expertise of manipulating race and religion vote banks, and looting the nation. But now after almost 60 years something fundamental has changed in Malaysia, these ' giants' have been exposed as paper tigers, and it has started from Sungai Besar Umno chief Jamal Md Yunos . The era of ' blood and iron ' has arrived in Malaysia, and is going to rapidly replace the era of ' votes and speeches 

Federal Court Judges
Anwar Ibrahim was persecuted, not prosecuted, says Malaysian Bar Council PresidentLet me tell you that if you do not desist from these high handed illegal and despotic acts People will get so accustomed to seeing horrible deeds in such a war that, as Shakespeare said, mothers will only smile on seeing the dead bodies of their slaughtered children, and men in agony will plead for a quick burial.
What forms such a civil war will take cannot be foretold with any degree of accuracy, but events in Malaysia, which are still developing, give an indication
I am sorry to paint such a scary picture, but unfortunately that is how history functions, and it is time someone told you the truth.
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