Friday, January 20, 2017

Najib behind the shame and silence don't 'U-turn' go forward

Najib behind the shame and silence  even more important is how the organisation is held to account.The  must report to the executive, as it does. Its chief must testify, on a regular basis, before a multiparty committee of Parliament. It, along with all other police outfits, must also be accountable to the National Human Rights Commission. Multiple lines of accountability would guarantee autonomy.

In the past, directly and indirectly hinted at the use of MACC cases against them to exert political pressure. As Malaysian develops as a democracy, integrity of the institutions of the state must strengthen, not weaken.An institutional solution would have three parts, relating to appointment of the organisation’s chief, lines of accountability and professionalism. Ideally, the bureau should have its own, directly recruited, professional cadre. The very process of deputation from various police forces is a node for injecting political patronage. The appointment of the bureau’s chief is by the prime minister, the leader of Opposition and the chief justice. This is not foolproof, as appointment of an interim chief whose tenure would witness the superannuation of some eligible candidates, shows.
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It is entirely within the logic of turbulent judicature that a dream run should be interrupted by a wake-up call. It might be pertinent to note, in this context, that dreams are best shaped into reality with the help of daylight not daylight robbery. Among the dangers of darkness is that it obscures the bumps on that twisting road to judicature regeneration has a long tradition of serving as the political tool of the powers that be. The tradition would appear to be gaining strength, rather than being supplanted with healthy professionalism. The MACC’s probe into graft allegations against 
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Corruption,and exploitation and manipulation more measured tones of history the record will prove that our much abused system  would appear to more selective targeting of opponents of the ruling party than upholding probity in public life. 

Former Kuala Lumpur Criminal Investigations Department chief Mat Zain Ibrahim has questioned whether attorney-general Mohamed Apandi Ali has the power to indemnify anyone against criminal action.believes in the Caesar’s Wife principle: in public life Would Caesar’s Wife have accepted the   attorney-general post if she had been told she had to rescue Najib Mohd Zin too high a price to pay for fighting corruption., where corruption dogs  at every step.there is ready to take on the corrupt instead of joining the loot. a promise for the future. True or not, history will tell. For now, they continue to believe he can win the war against corruption.The Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC), is becoming “curiouser and curiouser” - in its pronouncements, staff movements and selective, even malicious, investigation and prosecution of corruption cases.ALSO READ THIS Mohamad Appandi Should prove the innocence of Najib in courts, not streets

In 1897 Ronald Ross proved that what caused malaria were germ-carrying mosquitoes. Malaria was only a symptom, which quinine could only suppress but not cure. The only cure for malaria was the eradication of the insects that caused it.a symptom of the disease of corruption.
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