Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Pas Leadership failure:Powerbrokers Mohd Nor Hamzah said Hadi has his right to live a lavish life

Read between PAS power broker Mohd Nor Hamzah lips  exploitation and manipulation more measured  If you want a glimpse of this emerging saga do no more read the inside articles  with care. No newspaper can offer a comprehensive account. 
The memory last general elections  DAP and PKR in past elections had forced Umno and BN's defeat in 89 parliamentary seats, and wrested the popular vote. party president Abdul Hadi's Awang new imperatives of strength with UMNO but will it work DAP is predominantly made up of non-Muslim members while Bersatu is the converse says Hadi
PKR, which has a balance of Muslim and non-Muslim members, is maintaining talks with PAS in hopes to forge a political pact between Pakatan Harapan, Bersatu and history says Mahathir.He said political co-operation with DAP and PKR in past elections had forced Umno and BN's defeat in 89 parliamentary seats, and wrested the popular vote.
Image result for DAP lawmaker Tony Pua ,PKR and PASImage result for DAP lawmaker Tony Pua ,PKR and PAS
 MACC should check Hadi's personal bank account. He may have plenty of donations from the "Arabs".
Image result for DAP lawmaker Tony Pua ,PKR and PAS
Ok, my way! on record

Hadi own houses worth millions live lavishly with his wives, With South China Sea as his play ground. 
PAS power broker Mohd Nor Hamzah: What lies ahead? fragmented PAS and scale of the political brokerage need to feed hadi continuously with 72 virgins for his PAS alliance with UMNO justified you can take over since you are eyeing his activities jealously...pray hard  on Hadi's dirty way life that your dream may come true. 

thank you for revealing Hadi whose only moral compass is the conviction that might is right, a self-interest so near-sighted as to be self-defeating, one that panders to ill-informed prejudice  and promises to cede more elbow room to rising powers hitherto hemmed in by  umno presence.The theme, this time is “Muslim First”, followed frank Sinatra’s famous song, “My way”. This more or less is the closest a politician shall ever reveal. It does to an extent reflect the profile of the first citizen that flashed on various occasions during Hadi's campaign. The “Audacity of Hope”, was in a way similar, because it did talk of “audacity”,

Politicians who come to power feeding and feeding off a majority’s imagined sense of victimhood have to genuflect, once in a while, to the bogey they rode but would, if they have sense, concentrate their energies, having assumed power, on building up an alternative, real agenda — their personal agenda.
The overall show, the dress-up of the players, the speeches well peppered with rhetoric and clichés, and finally a new sounding slogan. many stress points or political gears to shift, first to gain Hitler leadership within the PAS, and finally to overcome the single adversary that is left. The final message, therefore emerges like a hot cake, that has been variously baked and cooled, till it is sure, that it is the one to be pulled out of the oven.

Hitler chose to persist with the Jews, Now PAS is pursuing their extermination to the Holocaust and associated politics by other means across the globe. Hadi told Muslims in Malaysia they were the victims of elite selfishness UMNO at one time and grandiose altruism that saw Muslims sacrifice its own security and prosperity for the benefit of others. Heated debates overlook nuances, Voter should ensure  thought about these nuances in the course of their arguments. Most likely, Hadi saw an opportunity to make a political point using the private member’s Bill calling for the upgrade of the Shariah courts, recent controversy  this episode shows how politicised the issue  has become.

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