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Johari’s Historic Move:to tell the truth but Pua and Malaysiakini attacking

Satire is the thin wedge that separates fear from panic.  businessmen are not yet panic-stricken, but thanks to Pua a sudden flurry of stories appeared in Malaysiakini  foreign correspondents seemed particularly gullible  they are edging towards the zone of fear. As haemorrhaging international confidence in Malaysia weakens fund inflows, When a nation’s confidence is undermined, adversaries abroad pounce to take advantage, and uncertainty within encourages social tensions.there is only so much harm that an indecisive DAP can inflict upon a nation’s ability restoring the economy to health and vigour. A nation is only as strong as its economy. There is no magic wand as we enter election year. There was no wand in 2013 either. We recovered because we needed the shock to come to our senses. It is time for a radical reboot once again.

Pua  even tried Johari as scapegoat for his failure as 
Johari’s deeds and actions only goes to show the hypocrisy of his moral high ground and his claims of “doing the best for this country”. In fact, in his attempt to cover up the stolen funds  without answering for their crimes, whose crime are you saying that Johari is a criminal who is betraying the country and sacrificing the interest of our future generations.? Pua, this editor is not wrong calling you the real mother f--ker!Analogy comes easily in conversation.but  hard, tough competition for circulation, for newsbeats, for exclusive stories. Just so long as it doesn’t damage the prestige and privilege and position of the owners. If it does, down comes the lid.”
This is not from any book of quotations. But it does suggest that truth finds a better home in fiction than anthology. The author is Raymond Chandler, an authentic master of modern fiction who created the shabby and sharp private detective Philip Marlowe. Marlowe — and Chandler — lived amid the shadows that enveloped wealth and crime in mid-20th century Los Angeles; they knew that the difference was marginal and the price was high if you talked too much. Marlowe talked too much. He did something even more risky. He spoke the Johari.
 A jury is often asked to distinguish between a mistake and a crime. The first is unconscious, the second deliberate. A lapse may be condoned by apology. Crime demands punishment.
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The dark side of today’s political satire is the evil of corruption. There is a school within the ruling establishment selling the theory that corruption as an election issue has been deflected. This is delusion. The voter is not going to be finessed by the argument that all politicians are corrupt, and so theft of the present lot should be condoned. A jury can punish only the person in the dock, and the present government is on trial in the next electoral court.Jokes are the evidence and the argument in this trial; the voter is both lawyer and judge in the court of the people. But there is some good news for those on trial. The maximum sentence is just five years in wilderness. The next five years will pass as quickly as the last five

 Malaysiakini and DAP enjoying the privilege of a harlot, exercising power without responsibility. But this a   DAP MP Tony Pua self-serving taunt.uncovering multi-billion ringgit hanky-panky within his ministry part of his minister’s scope of work? Is it because Johari not dare to ask because he already knows the answer, but doesn’t want to rock the boat Be that as it may, money has always chased power through media, and every democracy has provided this incestuous opportunity.The key to media does not lie in ownership, but in credibility. Without credibility, a newspaper is just wrapping for fish and chips if not a rag for rubbish. Credibility makes journalists indispensable to publishers.Are publishers indispensable to politicians?We will not find out the full truth till the end arrives, 

Johari taking the position that what has happened in the past, even if it involved billions of ringgit of stolen funds, who stole it?Did Johari stole?  should be left alone, and who blinkered ?role is just focus on how to cover up the massive hole which has been created?unlike in  the Watergate exposé, brought down Richard Nixon just after he had won a landslide endorsement from the people. because Nixon lied Discourse, therefore, is about accusation, not comprehension. This is perfect for the latest version of television dialogue, which bridges brevity with hysteria. Anyone who seeks any more is dumped into the dustbin of boredom. Do not blame journalists alone. This is what the viewer wants; this is what the viewer gets.

Obviously there should be a lifetime achievement award  to DAP MP Tony Pua self-serving taunt. as well, for shortest sentence with maximum impact. It would be inappropriate to hand out a statue for this. A tweezer could be a good substitute.
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Tony Pua an irritating nuisance, a mirror before our guilty conscience? Who wants to be measured by the yardstick of a saint who was so disconcertingly honest , mere handful of professions are honoured with an honorific that survives beyond the office. Priests, judges, armed services officers, professors and doctors, of both the medical and academic disciplines: that’s about it. Journalists, even editors, and politicians, even cabinet ministers, would invite ridicule if they handed out visiting cards marked ‘Editor X’ or ‘Cabinet Minister Y’. Malaysians are, at best, ambivalent about media and politics. They respect our guardians of law, knowledge and security. There is a new tendency among former envoys to add ‘Ambassador’ before their name, a practice borrowed from America, but this is a title snatched from vanity rather than bestowed by popular acclaim.
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