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The Pua frog that boiled: Indifference to rising Xenophobia and Racialism in Malaysia

To build a new Malaysia DAP and Malaysiakini must rid the system of entrenched habits

 Finance Minister II Johari Abdul Ghani his surgical strike against the burgeoning  DAP GOONS Cadreism in DAP is as pernicious as Racialism in society. A vast number of people, especially private sector or  have been fed on doctrinaire notions of work culture and entitlement that encourage sloth.
Johari must be commended for his attempt at explaining the mismanagement of 1MDB.Johari said that there is no clear-cut evidence of crime, and asked Pua what the government can do now.yes his 25 years of corporate experience. It means nothing to .MP Tony Pua because  he branded a “Leftist” and traitor, and therefore a “traitor” and “anti-national”. But as history has shown,that DAP is that class..Arguments over what precisely is to blame Johari  apotheosis — inequality, callous globalized elites, corruptible local legislators, zealous ideologues,  Malaysia a news media either toxic or complaisant — will only intensify in the coming months.One hopes Finance Minister II Johari will not just wring his hands like  ministers, but grasp the nettle and show, in the words of Andrew Jackson, “One man of courage makes a majority.”

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 Under DAP MP Tony Pua leadership form a bipartisan parliamentary select committee with full authority to look into all MACC relevant investigation papers, reports and recommendations, including those submitted to the AG, and to summon MACC and AG’s Chambers officials to answer questions.DAP MP Tony Pua  has threatened as never before when he  has to reconfigure himself to serve the “utopian experiment of  selfcentered.politician.
 The legal scholar David Kennedy has argued, the administration of a professional global class of hidden persuaders and status-seekers.Pua is not doing exactly what he has been elected to do -
Datuk Johari Abdul Ghani  extraordinary  act upon his ideas. They are not afraid of losing; the only thing that matters to them is realising his dreams.  not afraid of being wrong either, or of accepting mistakes and stepping back. You cannot hope to be more than ordinary if you do not believe in yourself and your own strengths.An extraordinary person lives his life fully. The trick to leading an extraordinary life is to lead your simple, ordinary life and be open to experiencing the extraordinary you find within it. Striving too hard to be different is not the way to stand out; rather it is the way to becoming an object of ridicule. Just live your life fully and by your rules; do not make compromises you do not believe in. Stand up for what is right and work with focus and sincerity.Image result for tony pua lim Eng Guan

Interesting! What  Johari  thought was his limit, turned out not to be the limit after all. he could still go beyond. That encouraged him to wonder what other limits are we capable of crossing – the good and the bad. What is the worse that we are capable of doing if pushed to the edge? Also, what is the best we can do to win plaudits with a surgical strike against DAP MP Tony Pua and under what conditions?obnoxious behaviour towards  Najib and Johari, eliciting  urban popular outrage, is no isolated incident. “We the people” are supposed to be equal, but many are increasingly enabled to be more equal than others.Public servants – both elected representatives and babus – are afflicted by anti Malay syndrome and cannot comprehend people’s trials and travails. Let  DAP MPs now set an example across the country.Hence the ruckus created DAP representative. 

To build a new Malaysia DAP and Malaysiakini must rid the system of entrenched habits

Strategic and financial scenario analysis has a long, venerable history at energy companies.
Shell Oil popularised the technique in the 1970s, and almost all othem have adopted it as a vital part of their decision-making processes. But as executives know well, scenario planning has its pitfalls; 40 per cent of the leaders we surveyed in 2013 said that it didn’t meet their expectations.
Often, companies fall prey to one of several tendencies, such as availability or stability bias, that hinder the exercise and produce unusable results. Energy companies are finding that in today’s volatile world, one flaw of scenario planning is particularly acute: when business leaders consider a range of scenarios, they tend to “chop the tails off the distribution” and zero in on those that most resemble their current experience.
Extreme scenarios are deemed a waste of time because “they won’t happen” or, if they do, “all bets are off.” But this approach leaves companies dangerously exposed to dramatic changes. Consider the shocks and disruptions of recent years.
The 2010 Deepwater Horizon disaster had far-reaching effects on the oil companies involved, and many others. The 2011Fukushima earthquake and tsunami upended nuclear policy in Japan and elsewhere, changing the industry’s structure. Geopolitical shocks have upset the plans of energy companies in too many countries to name. Most recently, the rise of anti-globalisation sentiment has thrown a new wrench into energy planning.

The great Hindu revolution of Narendra Modi All these clever journalists got it wrong: true UP voted for Narendra Modi – but more than anything, they voted for a man who works 17 hours a day, who puts the country before himself, who is bold enough to take a huge gamble- demonetisation- because he believes it is necessary for India. A man who fights against corruption without fear and is the Prime Minister of all Indians, though once more, it is the Hindu vote which elected his party the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP).

This election may also have signalled the beginning of the end of caste politics, another cancer that gnaws at India’s entrails – and Mrs Mayawati had become a champion at it, taking a leaf from the Indian National Congress, who for 70 years, mostly got elected on the Dalit & Muslim vote.
Many newspapers and television channels blazed across the headline: “Saffron wave in Uttar Pradesh”. This is another ill-advised coin word, that wants to sensationalize and demean, but which falls flat. What does ‘saffron’ mean? First saffron is mainly cultivated in Kashmir – and that by Muslims – so it’s a wrong comparison. Secondly, in Hinduism, saffron is the color of renunciation, a beautiful and noble tradition, that has been followed all over the world, by Buddhists, Jews, or Sufi saints. Mr. Modi and many of his ministers, such as Manohar Parrikar, have renounced many of the worldly pleasures to work for their party and their country. When will Indian journalism stop being small, petty, untruthful, without any depth or vision? The mastery of English does not make an Indian better than a simple country folk of UP or Tamil Nadu, who lives more in his or her heart than these arrogant journalist and intellectuals. I was most of the day, when the election results came, on the WION TV studio, with different panels of journalists. Most of them were of the old Nehruvian-Marxist mold, dinosaurs, who do not realize that they are out of sync with reality and are clinging to an obscure and anti-evolutionary path. One of them, from the Hindu newspaper, even said that demonetization was ‘communal’! Can you imagine how biased the guy can be?
All right, the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) got four out of five states. Nothing wrong with that: Chanakya would have approved and the Indian National Congress, who cries foul about Goa and Manipur, did much worse than that. One doesn’t need a deep political insight to predict that the BJP is soon going to rule the whole of India – both at the Centre and in the states – exactly the way Congress had done during the Nehru-Indira Gandhi era. And that the writing for Congress has been on the wall ever since. Will the sycophancy of the Indian National Congress ever stop? It’s a remnant of colonialism, a legacy of Macaulay, who wanted to have brown sahibs as tools. On top of that, Rahul Gandhi has no dignity: he should immediately have taken responsibility for his party’s thrashing and resigned. There are plenty of talented people in the Congress ranks who can take his place.
One of the big tasks of Mr Modi, now that he has secured more of a majority in the Rajya Sabha, is to reform education. Many have said that his choice of Yogi Adityanath as the UP Chief Minister, shows that he is moving towards a Hindu India, away from secularism. However, as I have explained in a series of articles in this blog, Hindu power will always be compassionate: Hindu men and women are still today the only people in the world who recognise that God may manifest Himself or Herself at different times, using different names, and different scriptures. This is why a Hindu is still capable of worshipping not only in his own temple, but also to enter in a Christian church or a Muslim mosque, and that with respect and devotion. The reverse is not true.
But for that it is important that Hindu children, know their own history, their poets, such as the great Kalidasa, who is on par with Shakespeare or Homer; their warriors, such as Maharana Pratap, Shivaji Maharaj and many others, who are as good, if not more visionary and more spiritual than Napoleon; their heroines, like the Rani of Jhansi, or Ahilyabai of Indore, or Chennama, who easily compare with Joan of Arc; their philosophers, such as Sri Aurobindo, whose depth, height and knowledge is as wide and much greater than Nietzsche or Kant; their artists, whose sculptures, such as the dancing Nataraj, or architects, who built the Meenakshi temple or the Rajasthan palaces, are so beautiful that they even survived the holocaust of repeated savage and bloody Muslim invasions – see the Hampi/Vijaynagar statues, every one of which the noses and ears have been chopped, but which still retain their ethereal beauty…?In this way, they will grow up proud to be Hindus, wile retaining Hinduism’s broad outlook and tolerance, which actually is the knowledge that God is One but manifests Himself or Herself in multiple avatars, men and women.
Instead, what happens? Most of Hindu kids are brought up in schools and universities that mostly teach them western subjects and concepts and even Indian history is viewed through the negative western prism. As a result, not only do not they grow-up as Hindus, which would be a boon both to India and the world, but they become clones, good only for export – indeed Hindus are the biggest brain drain of the world, from India to the West.
Mr Narendra Modi can succeed in his task only if a new generation of Hindu youth grows up with that knowledge and help him and the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) to introduce the essential reforms – not only educational, but also, economic, constitutional, judicial, cultural, sports wise, that are needed for India to become a real superpower and spread this great Knowledge that will save the world.

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