Saturday, December 27, 2014

Mahathir's Tactical Trap: Najib as ‘radical Islamist PM’

 “I am in charge, don’t worry. Have trust in me.” Muhyiddin said. Muhyiddin does not know what he is talking about.People have lost trust in the Umno-BN government. Why was there nothing urgently done to evacuate the Kuala Krai Hospital patients and caregivers?
 Muhyddin said, “Both in terms of economy and race relations, there are challenging times ahead. We have to find solutions to our problems by sitting down and working together.”
The economic problems are mainly caused by the BN leaders because they and their cronies wasted billions of the people’s money annually through various crooked methods such as overpriced negotiated contracts and purchases.
Umno uses its paid subsidiaries like Isma and Perkasa to deliberately create racial tension by making incendiary statements so as to polarise the various ethnic groups.
Umno does this because it feels that it can continue to remain in power by using this classic ‘divide and rule’ strategy.
Thus the simple solution for all Malaysians, who wish to have a better economy and wish to see harmonious relationship between all the ethnic groups, is to get rid of Umno and BN in the next elections.
 How could people trust DPM Muhyiddin Yassin, and for that matter all the ruling elite, when he is actually not defending his boss but trying to do one up on him.
In any event, there is nothing to defend PM Najib Razak anyway. If he is really that hardworking and cares for the rakyat, he shouldn't be golfing with US President Barack Obama and enjoying his year-end holidays as usual when his countrymen are suffering the worst floods in a decade.
The US-based news portal said this based on Najib's speech in June at a dinner to commemorate the 20th anniversary of the Cheras Umno branch where he had urged party members to emulate the exploits of the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (Isis) members as they had been able to defeat the Iraqi armed forces despite being outnumbered.
"The nation's Commander-in-Chief teed-off on Christmas Eve with the radical Islamist prime minister of Malaysia, who praised the actions of terrorist groups such as the Isis for their victories," it wrote.
Recent inhuman terror attacks from fundamentalist Islamic organisations have sent tremors round the world. As a scared world dissects the causes and tries to find solutions, many stress the role of the ‘moderate Muslim’, or educated and modern Muslims who have kept quiet or not spoken up enough in all this.This is the result when you are a double-faced leader doing double-talk all the time. You never know which side of you will be picked up by the media. To a large extent, this double-face and double talk political trait is present in all BN leaders, and they will continue to thrive as long as the majority of the people are unaware of it
However, it isn’t as simple. To find solutions, it is important not to assign blame to a whole group of people. The first step is to try and understand the moderate Muslim point of view.'s report, however, made no mention of the fact that the prime minister's office had later clarified that Najib's words were taken out of context and had on many occasions reiterated that the militants' actions ran counter to the Islamic faith and culture and humanity.
PAS leaders will need to decide if the party is going to fulfil its promises to its allies or act on self-interests. – The Malaysian Insider pic, December 22, 2014.
The Islamist political party just has to decide whether it wants to fulfil its promises to its allies in PR and the voters who supported the coalition or act on self-interests and join BN in expanding the federal Parliament.The 52% of the electorate supported a coalition that promised good governance, an Islamic welfare state and equity for all – just as much as the remaining 47% voted to stick with BN.The only difference is that BN kept the government due to the unequal electorate in each federal seat, especially in rural areas which have far fewer voters than in urban areas.If PAS believes redrawing the seats in the four Malay states will help it, then it is delusional. In recent history, the Islamist party could only last one term in Kedah and Terengganu, unlike its long reign in
Kelantan.So, even the Muslims in these Malay-majority states have rejected them, not the others. What are the chances that creating more seats will mean a greater share for PAS?Zero. Because the only coalition profiting from more federal seats will be BN, especially politicians who believe Malays need to unite to ensure Malay supremacy.The PAS leadership has to think far and deep in this matter, particularly those who have been working on reaching out to other communities. PAS has to decide which is more important, principles or interests.The principle of pledging to keep within a coalition and the promises made to the people or the interest of just winning along ethnic and religious lines.Its allies PKR and DAP will also have to decide what the PR coalition is all about. A loose grouping of parties only interested in winning power without concrete social and economic policies or a coalition that wants a better Malaysia for Malaysians.That goes beyond religion, vernacular schools, cheaper fuel and cars, or going to the streets at the drop of a hat.Two elections have seen PR gaining ground on promises to be better than BN. The next election will be based on PR and BN's  respective track records – not promises which remain just that – promises.

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