Sunday, December 28, 2014

Wan Azizah said Hudud sitting deferred;in face of deluge as Kelantan MB trapped at home

DAP and PKR reps shooed from flood relief centre

 Nik Abduh is an idiot! This a sigh from Allahh that He is against Hudud and is stopping the PAS from holding further meetings to discuss this matter. This is a 100% sign from God Almighty to stop this GHuddud nonsense now and forever.  PAS would do well to exercise their common sense instead of hudud sense! The fact that the waters are worst in Kelantan, and have entered the SUK building is proof enough that the God of heaven and earth greatly and furiously DISAPPROVES of hudud! Its a shame that PAS’ Pasir Mas MP Nik Mohamad Abduh Nik Abdul Aziz has to retort to using the flood(caused by rain) as an excuse that God wants Kelantan to implement hudud. In the same premise we can also say that Kelantan is now facing god's wrath for its insistent to implement hudud laws in Kelantan. This revealed his shallow thinking and inexperience as an MP. From using God as an excuse for natural disasters one can see that this excuse would come in handy for other misdeeds created by greedy and corrupted men.
Truthfully, this is what Malaysia and the rest of the world are going to face in the future. The weather patterns or peaks of today are going to be the norms of tomorrow. This is due to "progress" and development, pollution and carbon emissions. We can all look forward to many more years of this happening. Poor countries like Bangladesh, Myanmar Nd Vietnam and Thailand are going to loose valuable paddy growing lands to flooding. This and the application of hudud law is going to make the already difficult lives of the poor even more painful. It is a pity these stupid politicians cannot think further than the head of their shits and prefer to make a joke and mockery of such terrible situations.When you don't help yourself by building infrastructure to ease the flood and maintain proper development program that do not jeopardise the environment, God will not help you. Why do such incompents, even granted a space to voice out their nonsense. You destroy everything and expect God to fix it - where is the good governance in Kelantan, that is where the problem is.g Leading blindly with God's will, everything you do wont be wrong. People suffer because there is no flood mitigation infrastructure in place, you say its God's will, everything good that happens, you say its good governance.
The worst floods to hit peninsular Malaysia in history is a sign from God that the hudud agenda must go on, said PAS’ Pasir Mas MP Nik Aduh Nik Abdul Aziz. keep preying and the ground will open up and swallow all the flood water..

WAN AZIZAH slams Accusing PAS, says it is playing politics over relief work  to flood victims in  Kelantan PAS:Asking the people to vote for PAS for safeguarding PAS Islamic values, Your hudud is not a 'sacred She added that the PAS In Kelantan  promised the sky, but did not follow it up with actions We have to  face a natural disaster (floods). It does not feel good to talk politics (but) the relief and rehabilitation work is going on a very slow pace,"are complaining that assessment of flood damage is being done in a biased manner,e alleged that residents of various flood-hit districts have complained that assessment officers only meet politically-connected persons and do not include names of everybody who have suffered damage to property.

Kelantan Menteri Besar Datuk Ahmad Yakob surveying the flood situation on Wednesday. He has apologised for not helping the flood victims in his constituency of Pasir Pekan, after his home was flooded. – Facebook pic, December 27, 2014.

Kelantan MB: Captain abandons sinking ship to save himself…
…while telling the passengers to start praying profusely so that they may all be saved by the grace of God. 
Prayer or no prayer, the rains will definitely stop when the clouds have released all the water.
But people who are being told to pray will claim that it is prayers that stopped the rains. Prayer is to ask for strength to do something, not to get the thing done without putting one’s heart and soul into doing it, for God helps those who help themselves.  
“Pathetic” and “disgraceful” are not forceful enough to describe the excuse given by the Kelantan menteri besar for being unable to leave the comfort of his house to turn padang and assist in the relief operations.
As head of state, he should have been at the state’s flood relief operations centre to at least give moral support if not head the operations centre himself.  
So, the Kelantan government’s state of readiness was only to implement hudud and not to face the annual floods? Flooding in Kelantan is an annual affair, only that it is worse this time.
This speaks volumes of the priorities of the state government. So the past year, the minds were only on scheming ways and means of getting hudud implemented so as to ensure a coveted place for themselves in the hereafter for enforcing God’s law although God did not anoint any mortals to enforce his law.     
What a sorry state of affairs this country is in. The flood-prone state leader can only apologise for not being able to leave his flooded house to hand out relief packets to his constituents, and at the other hand the nation’s leader sneaked a holiday to Hawaii not for any state matter but for a photo and selfie opportunity showing him rubbing shoulders with the president of “the most powerful country on earth”.

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