Sunday, January 4, 2015

Is UMNO going to pieces?When it’s right to be wrong: Political attractions of regularising the irregular

Mahathir's boys have  come out with gun blazing at Najib

Kadir, what makes you so sure that the next leader will be better than Najib? Who do you think is capable of reversing the tide of Umno's declining popularity?It has long been said that, thanks to an ingrained parochialism, Umno is now standing between the devil and the deep blue sea. Either way it is doomed. The so-called golf diplomacy is the last nail in BN’s coffin. let Najib die a slow death before the opposition takes over the government by letting him carry on his bungling ways. We can hasten it by demanding that he calls for a general election earlier rather than wait until BN term expires.
All the hundreds of millions of our money spent on Najib's PR were totally wasted. Even if Najib is booted out, who can save Umno? The other vice-presidents (VPs) and senior ministers who are eyeing the post are no better.
Or is Umno's popularity really declining? If so, do you even bother to find out why? I am sure there are good leaders in Umno as there are in the opposition.

This Mahathir agent is spewing nonsense regarding PM Najib Razak. We know Najib has failed as PM, but not for the reasons that veteran editor A Kadir Jasin has in mind.Najib has failed because he has conceded too much to what former PM Dr Mahathir Mohamad wants, but Kadir wants Najib to quit because the latter has not conceded enough.Kadir, you can ask your master to go to scoot off if he wants to replace Najib with a Mahathir puppet, for that would only hastened the destruction of our beloved Malaysia.The real solution is to get rid of this Umno hegemony that has brought all these miseries to this country, and with no hope of a silver lining.

What the scribbler left unsaid is the meme that Najib is weak because he did not or cannot take "strong measures". Behind Kadir Jasin’s diatribe is a concerted move to return the country to draconian authoritarianism.
Unfortunately the extreme rightwing (of which this scribbler is chief apologist) cannot see beyond the tip of their ideological nose.
Their chief dogma is still the total hegemony of the Malays and whatever the means justify the ends (never mind, that the 'sandbanks' have moved and that an injustice however ameliorated over time is still an injustice).
Should his group succeed, another era of authoritarianism will result. However the morality and sustainability of their ideology (ethnic hegemony bordering on the fascistic) is so bankrupt that (in my humble opinion) it will prove to be even more devastating to the Peninsular Malays than any other existential challenges.
And one more term of such authoritarianism will pretty much destroy the nation as we know it.

To err is human, but to keep erring is smart. This, at least, is the way it works in Malaysia. All known political parties are in a scramble today to take credit for regularising irregular colonies in politics. But how did these structures come up in the first place? As neither Rome nor slums can be built in a day, our politicians are obviously highly trained, and fully geared, to look the other way.
 There is a difference between Abdullah Ahmad Badawi and Najib. It is easier for Mahathir through his cronies to get rid of Abdullah than Najib.Therefore, another Indian jingle: to not err is downright foolish. Those who obeyed the law and built nothing illegal are crying all the way to the voters..Umno has an advantage, it has the experience in running the country for more than 50 years and if what you said is true that Umno is losing popularity, then it can only be because it is pursuing the wrong policies.What then is the moral of the story? Simple, two, or more, wrongs always make a right! 
Otherwise, why should the rakyat, who have embraced Umno for so long, have a ‘change of heart’ now? And what makes you so sure that unless there is a new PM, Umno will lose Putrajaya in the next election? Don’t worry then if you are about to do something illegal; give it a little time and the law will obligingly self-destruct.In order to get public support, Najib will throw money, BR1M after BR1M, especially to the rural Malay, his power base. Never mind the country goes bankrupt as long as he controls the gravy train.
Opening the secret files of Umno warlords and warladies may not work because Najib has a firm grip on the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC), the judiciary, the Special Branch, the army, etc. Remember he has the Sedition Act too.
If he knows he is going to get a technical knockout or suffer an internal coup d’etat, he may adopt a scorched earth policy. There is a saying, “Enemy of my enemy is my friend.”
In the case of Abdullah, most of the Umno warlords do not support him. But Najib is no easy meat. Today he has the support of most of the warlords and also the warladies in Umno  Kadir is 100 percent right about Najib but this is something known to 52 percent of the voters and they have responded accordingly in the last GE.

Can Kadir give three names in Umno as replacement for Najib? But there are no capable leaders in corrupted Umno.
All the capable names are already out of Umno. The best that Kadir can do for the Malays and Malaysia is to kick Umno out.

It’s been a year of stacking the positives against the pile of dirty laundry

It would be nice to imagine, as so many otherwise seemingly sensible people clearly do, that some omniscient, omnipotent and omnibenevolent being might be prayed, or otherwise, persuaded into to saving Malaysia from the string of disasters it continues to suffer.
Unfortunately, however, Malaysia’s most destructive and never-ending disaster, the ever-misgoverning and corrupt BN regime, has apparently or at least allegedly enlisted God on its side

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