Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Najib a lie for a lie, truth for a truth to A Kadir Jasin

Wonder that Penang-borned Chinese wonder boy is in Los Angeles when Rosmah was busy doing her christmas shopping for 5 days. This Chinese wonder boy is a good friend of Paris Hilton

Malaysia is very creative country. The government will come up with all sorts of smokescreens, thinking that the people can be easily fooled. What a way to make a fool of himself. Even his ardent Umno supporters will know that Najib went to Bangkok to try to take the blame away from apparently his wife's use of the 9M-NAA government jet.
It was reported that the government jet was not with the PM, who is one of the few persons who have the right to use it, while he cut short his holidays flying back on an Air Force plane instead, leaving the government jet behind travelling to many unknown destinations and presumably ferrying mystery passengers at the expense of Malaysian taxpayers’ money.
Then the script take a very creative turn with the government jet reportedly landing in Thailand, and then conveniently our much loved and caring PM was suddenly discussing with the Thai PM on nothing but of course also conveniently on the issue of the current flooding disaster.
No matter how stupid that the Malaysian government may think about us, it could not simply fool all the Malaysian people.

A lie for a lie, and a truth for a truth, on the political poker table, is still acceptable, if it comes at the end of unending Ask them to clarify the route that Rosmah took from Hawaii to Bangkok.
 now we want to hear from you, a true story. Please elaborate what kind of technical issue that you need government jet 9M-NAA to fly all the way to IND to get it fixed and why not do it in LAX or HNL? Can you show the proof from third parties which involved in handling your technical issue? 
It is better to argue over our stupidities, than to end them with gunpowder.

Gov't jet didn't stay in US for Najib's family'

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