Saturday, January 31, 2015

Mahathir said Najib Walking a tightrope with Razak Baginda Pandora's box forced open

On Rosmah's order Razak Baginda said my love was terminated

Now that the suspense over Najib must step down as  immediately said Mahathir

The prosecution of the case has been tardy from the start, with the failure to establish the motive for Altantuya’s murder the most questionable of all. Through the case, the labored attempts by both prosecution and defence to obstruct the probe into any involvement of then defence minister were also most bewildering.
Who benefits from killing and blowing up an allegedly pregnant Mongolian woman? Who has the motive? Abdul Razak Baginda has suddenly become the mouse that roars. Why stay in England and make these comments? Return to Malaysia and vindicate yourself if you think that public perception is wrong.
 Why was her immigration records deleted? During the trial, why did the prosecution and defence object to any question that touched on a political conspiracy, which the judge dutifully disallowed?
Ask anybody in the police force in private and they will swear that Sirul and Azilah Hadri did not go on a frolic of their own to kill Altantuya with C4 explosives but rather were told to do so by very powerful individuals.

If the duo were only told to deal with the problem since Altantuya had been harassing Abdul Razak for money or other favours, why kill her when all they could have done was to warn her or get her deported out of the country?
Then you have the judge stating that it was not important to the case to establish the motive for the murder.
 In his confession to the police in the form of a caution statement, Sirul Azhar Umar told the interrogating officer that he was offered RM50,000 to RM100,000 to kill Altantuya.

So the next logical question the interrogating officer should ask Sirul is "who offered you this money" but this crucial question was not asked.

So besides the prosecutor, the defence and the judge, it appeared that the police also play a role in the cover-up in protecting the real murderer. In fact, Sirul's confession was ignored by the prosecutor, the defence and the judge.
This whole sham episode is one of the blight in the Malaysian justice system with lies, cover-ups, dishonesty and political interference, that it is no surprise that the reasons for Altantuya’s murder were never established.
the Attorney-General's Chambers could file its petition of appeal and state reasons why the Court of Appeal was wrong when it acquitted the two policemen based on the written grounds of the judgment. There was no need to wait for the entire appeal records to file the petition of appeal
Is the Police Force going to take Razak Baginda's remark lying down? Do they not feel insulted by Razak Baginda insinuation that police go about killing people as and when they feel like it, like Azilah and Sirul must have done?practically remote-controlled by high command with ‘directives’ being issued to murder her weren’t the two involved only because Abdul Razak had sought help from Deputy Superintendent Musa Safri, Prime Minister Najib Razak’s former aide-de-camp, and this help was needed because he had an affair with Altantuya and she was blackmailing him so he needed to get her off his back?
So, who is the focus of this murder? Who was the source of the problem that led to the murder? And yet Abdul Razak can say, “Shit happens”? It was his shit that happened in the first place, and now he seems to be putting the sole blame on the hapless commandos and implying that they are “rogue cops”. Is that funny?

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