Saturday, January 31, 2015

Mahathir's democratic coup scripted and executed with precision Najib's exit

Najib’s days numbered?
The rift between Najib and Mahathir has noticeably widened and there are concerns that the latter will soon raise a possible candidate to displace Najib whom Mahathir considers as being frivolous and failing to live up with the ideals of UMNO.
Mahathir laments a lot that there are no able and capable Malay leaders in this country today and concedes that “Najib’s leadership is very weak.”
Mahathir states further that the future looks bleak for Malays in this country as they are being outpaced and displaced in every sphere of Malaysian life by the other races and foreigners that it won’t be long “before Malays are polishing the shoes of the others in this country.”
For this Mahathir places the blame squarely on his replacements Badawi and Najib whom he feels have reneged on their promises to do all that is within their power to safeguard and promote UMNO. Instead UMNO and the Malays in this country are disunited and at loggerheads with each other.
This is what irks Mahathir terribly and he vows to see that his legacy is intact and strengthened and aims to do so by making his move to create a power shake-up in this country after a number of major bungles and fiascos by Najib and his followers.
The stage is set for a showdown and it’s really a matter of time before Malaysians become witness to more drastic political changes in this country, changes everyone must follow to accordingly plan the agenda of their own lives and those of their families and business concerns.If there is discontent among Malaysians that is threatening to fester and disunite the country, it can be boiled down to the fact that Najib has failed to look into the future and see where the country is heading.
Racial polarization is still a common theme that is being played up by his critics, the fact that Najib has failed to secure greater unity within Malaysia’s diverse population. This has caused a concern that the multi-racial fabric of the nation is under threat.
Besides this, there are the long running religious tensions in this country, especially the persecution of Christians by overzealous Islamic authorities sparking renewed fears of Islamophobia among Malaysia’s minority religious groups.
Under Najib’s reign of power, there are increasing fears alarming people in this country that Malaysia will go the way of the Taliban although overtly there is that show of bravado that Malaysia is rooting as a nation of moderates.

Mahathir and his trusted lieutenants had no whiff of the democratic coup scripted and executed with precision by former PM Dr Mahathir Mohamad right under their nose. leading to the  cleansing Najib and his man Veteran journalist Datuk A. Kadir Jasin today said he was being criticised and lectured over his postings on the state of the country which, he added, have had an impact on the local media. - not alone. Although our media pride themselves on free and bold speech, they maintain a conspiracy of silence on some issues relating to the supposed “national interest.” creative in the first place. Self-expression for such gifted individuals doesn’t begin or end with one medium. Perhaps, his persecutors hadn’t figured out as much. Before the collective gloating over his ‘submission’ goes into overdrive, Over the past few months there have been countless attacks on assorted freedoms across Malaysia  

This is seriously worrying. Too many voices were silenced recently. And our voluble Prime Minister said nothing. Yest the reason behind the PM’s stony silence is naturally being attributed to what we in Malaysia call “vote bank politics”.

 Home Minister Ahmad Zahid Hamidi  debacle may well be one of the biggest failures in Najib  intelligence security agencies as it has been The key players in the script remained in touch with each other either over satellite phones or through internet protocol mode like Skype, Viber and Tango, said a senior Umno leader 

Beleaguered Malaysian prime minister, Najib Tun Razak, is facing mounting criticism to quit office and resign soon as more and more of the ‘rakyat’ feel he is doing very little to alleviate their increasing suffering and misery. Since he has taken over the reins of power from Abdullah Ahmad Badawi,  

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