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PKR president Dr Wan Azizah Wan Ismail can emerge as a clear winner

 "It is this internal factor that will bring destruction to the party in the 14th General Election,  the ‘supremo’ cult which has now been created around Najib is both a boon and bane for the party. A nascent political force is bound to be marked by some sturm und drang, yet the infighting and public name-calling has undoubtedly damaged UMNO’s reputation.  ForNajib too the era of self-righteous moral posturing is over; Strategists in all parties therefore see the first constituency opinion poll as possibly the most important event of the entire campaign. If one opposition candidate PKR president Dr Wan Azizah Wan Ismail  can emerge as a clear challenger at an early stage, then many voters will abandon other hopefuls and rally around them.

A double by-election loss would be a significant psychological blow to Najib that is billed as a referendum on Prime Minister Barisan Nasional must win Permatang Pauh by-election, even with a one-vote majortiy, said Umno vice-president Datuk Seri Ahmad Zahid Hamidi or we lose Najib by election that is billed as a referendum on Prime Minister By-elections also have the capacity to provide an enormous morale boost to whichever Opposition party or Independent can best capture the anti-Government feeling.


The end of the road for Ku Nan

In a rare private statement, Najib’s four younger brothers Johari, Nizam, Nazim and Nazir expressed worry that the name of their father, who was known for his frugality, would be tarnished by such talks of family assets.
They said: "We are extremely concerned that some recent news ​articles and postings​ have given rise to speculation as to the nature and extent of the inheritance that our​ late​ father, Abdul ​R​azak​, ​had ​left​ behind.
"We wish to put on record that Abdul Razak was a ​highly-principled man, well known to all ​who knew him ​for his frugality and utmost integrity​ and any statement or inference to the contrary would be totally false and misleading to his memory and to his service and sacrifices for the nation.​
"We take issue with anyone who taints his memory, whatever the motive. We would also like to add that our whole family is united on this issue."
I can vouch that Tun Razak was known for his frugality and utmost integrity as I had on no occasion in my years in Parliament from 1971 – 1976 when Razak was the Prime Minister to raise any issue casting any doubt on his integrity.
History is full of instances where family members have accused one another for wealth, power or out of sheer envy. The idea of fratricide disturbs and threatens to disrupt the basic values we build our lives on!responsible for laying the foundation of the relationship siblings share as they grow up. What parents do to promote harmony, and to discourage sibling rivalry, is vital to how sibling relationships will play out later. Parents need to be aware that they have to play an active role to this end, and not just let relationships drift! Feelings of insecurity and jealousy are natural amongst siblings. An insensitive and unthinking response from Najib can tilt the balance to a lifetime of rivalry and dislike.Rosmah scolding and humiliating  hurting or showing down a sibling will only entrench such behaviour. It is better to understand the  the four brothers’s insecurity and address the issue by giving equal time and importance to both children. 

Najib and 1MDB

All in the family album

Nothing behind 'alone, not alone

  Najib are you one of a crowd or do you stand apart? What distinguishes you from `others’ and gives you that cutting edge?
Razak Boys and Tun Rahah
This is déjà vu. I remember in 1997 or about that time when rumours were doing the rounds of a spat between Mahathir and Anwar. Shortly after, the two of them appeared in a photo together dispelling the rumours. "All is well," Malaysians were told. Then a month or so later, the cat came out of the bag. The two were in a open confrontation and I still remember Anwar banging on a desk in defiance of Mahathir to arrest him. Nobody defies the Godfather and gets away with it, so the next episode saw Anwar unceremoniously taken away by balaclava-clad policemen and the rest is history. You can verify my account from old newspapers. I saw it all reported on ABC News in Australia. Every human quarrels, even a husband and wife, and there is no need for Tengku Adnan to spin. Lying is a sin and a serious problem in the country and those who lie through their teeth ought to be ashamed of themselves. They insult our intelligence. If they cannot speak the truth, not saying anything will be better

Realistically Najib’s situation is untenable,” a member of the Mahathir faction said. “Certainly he will fight back but whether he resigns or not point is he is he cannot function as PM.

Accepting reality doesn’t mean you condone what’s wrong. That’s when you stop being judgmental and begin to better your lot

 UMNO produces, above all, are its own grave-diggers
.Riza and Jho Low
Rosmah and Najib 1mdb
The reason that Najib is unassailable, however, is the unceasing river of money that flows from government coffers to UMNO cadres. Thus the unanimous confidence vote in early March, when the prime minister called together 160 of the 191 UMNO division chiefs to a party meeting in Kuala Lumpur. That was followed [by] a strong confidence vote from other component Barisan parties.  It is money that not only appears at election time, to pay for lunches or small items like tin roofs for constituents whose kampung houses leak, but pays them wages between elections.To be a credible party of government, Najib must shoo away UMNO’s own grave-diggers.
While holding power, one lives life with a new intensity and energy. Extreme adulation, the good life power brings in its wake and of course increased responsibility keep one highly energised and the atmosphere crackling. The energy and impatience a powerful man exudes can be an attractive force that not only feeds him but also touches and affects those around. Lesser mortals bask in its reflected glory and feel blessed.People like Najib in power do behave differently from others and more often than not, they behave badly! From mild eccentricities that may amuse or at worst be irritants, to hurting or harassing underlings , to invasion of privacy — powerful men are capable of all unless they learn and make a special attempt to stay grounded.Think of the worst that can possibly happen. Get used to the idea and accept it. From there on, things can only get better… and you can acquire courage even as you retain the object you feared losing, for you fear that no more. You know loss is a possibility and you are moving ahead with that in mind.

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A couple of good speeches by Najib will not bring the UMNO roaring back into the game. Najib has to learn a lesson or two from Mahathir in the art of political communication and continuous propaganda employing all the media available, using each medium in itself and to amplify the message in other media. Let us call this the art of poliphony.Polyphony is a literary feature in which a novel contains multiple points of view or voices, the term having been borrowed from music, in which multiple melodies together define the texture, rather than a single or a dominant melody. Effective poliphony uses obfuscation of facts that do not suit a particular political narrative, to create a melody that drowns out all others. All politicians employ this to some degree or the other, but nobody has mastered it as Mahathir has.showed the effects of the government losing its nerve after being battered on all sides with  on Najib-Rosmah’s lavish spending habits and corruption charges.This evil and murderous couple is utterly corrupted, completely abusive of power hunger, absolutely no sense integrity

   Najib has been under fire from within his own party because of the loss by the national ruling coalition of the popular vote in the 2013 general election for the first time since 1969 although it maintained power through gerrymandering. He is also the author of a long string of scandals going back to his period as defense minister. He has undergone scathing criticism for allegations of vast mismanagement of the 1MDB state investment fund, which has billions of ringgit in unfunded liability.  His wife’s profligate spending, which seems impossible to inventory adequately from a husband who has spent his life in public service, has also enraged critics.
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