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After a turbulent 2015, PM Najib and his ethical violations Law and order continues

The proposed alignment of the high speed rail between Kuala Lumpur and Singapore. Chinese firms are poised to win the project following its deal with 1MDB, says PKR's Rafizi Ramli. – December 31, 2015.

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After 1MDB deal, Rafizi says Chinese firms to win KL-Singapore fast train project
The proposed alignment of the high speed rail between Kuala Lumpur and Singapore. Chinese firms are poised to win the project following its deal with 1MDB, says PKR’s Rafizi Ramli. The Pandan MP said he felt the government under Prime Minister Najib Razak was bound to favour the China-owned companies following their deals with 1Malaysia Development Bhd (1MDB). 1MDB today agreed to sell 60% of its equity‎ in Bandar Malaysia Sdn Bhd for RM7.41 billion, as part of its plan to reduce its RM45 billion debt. – See more at:
The deal today (1MDB, Iskandar, CREC) only proves my earlier warning that the 1MDB scandal would drag the country along until most of its important assets sold to cover 1MDB’s huge debt,” The deal today (1MDB, Iskandar, CREC) only proves my earlier warning that the 1MDB scandal would drag the country along until most of its important assets sold to cover 1MDB’s huge debt,””CREC will now have 40% of the 60% stakes in Bandar Malaysia (overall 24% stakes in the entire project), which is a lucrative and strategic piece of real estate. “Although Najib’s administration will argue that 24% by the Chinese company is small, I believe CREC will have the upper hand in biddings for larger projects linked with Bandar Malaysia, which is the high speed railway system between Kuala Lumpur and Singapore worth up to US$11 billion based on the current rate exchange,” he said.
He said 1MDB had sold its energy assets, Edra Global Energy Berhad to China General Nuclear Power Corp (CGN Group) despite the government’s policy on foreign control of the country’s power assets.”Therefore I invite Malaysians to appreciate how lately Najib’s administration had a tendency to sell or award bids to companies linked to the China government.The stake was sold to a consortium comprising Iskandar Waterfront Holdings Sdn Bhd (IWH) and China Railway Engineering Corporation (M) Sdn Bhd (CREC), said 1MDB. “If my guess is correct, Malaysia would soon be entering a complicated era as the stakes held by the China-owned firms are bound to complicate matters that Malaysia share a mutual interest with China, such as the nation’s stand on the Spratly islands. – the Sapuman
PM Najib can return to his basic script  the political discourse — filed by a ‘fringe force’ of a different sort — a huge body of material evidence exists that demonstrates how Najib’s government has lost the script. Forgotten in this period the way of Najib’s government functioning the way it wishes a simple political conclusion:the gap between promise and delivery.Unfortunately horrifying assaults against law and order continue to be reported Laws to protect citizens against judiciary rape, molestation and harassment of all kinds which shocked the conscience of an entire nation. citizen had to be protected, laws had to be made stronger, trials had to be shorter and sentences needed to be stronger to act as actual deterrents all of which seemed to find place in the updated act
Apandi ampu
Especially for a topic which touches the nerve of every Malaysian right now.Former Attorney-General Tan Sri Abu Talib said Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) cannot express its views on the investigations on the Prime Minister.  MACC’s role is only to investigate and pass the investigation papers to the ‘mai dari entah mana’ A-G for his decision whether to prosecute the case or not.The moment an investigation file is opened, investigations are completed and the MACC hands the file over to the A-G, then their recommendation will be to pursue the case in court. ONLY then is it up to the A-G to decide whether to prosecute  the case or not. Yes the A-G has the final say whether to charge the person in Court or to declare an NFA (No further action).Our Federal Constitution envisages that the Attorney-General will always be a man or woman of unquestionable integrity.  A fearless person who is honest and will uphold the Constitution
The brand new A-G has been revived and brought to life again at the age of 65 when most retirees begin to forget the details of their past careers.The new A-G was brought in after the incumbent Tan Sri Gani Patail was unceremoniously removed  under the most suspicious circumstances and without following normal procedures. The smoke screen thought up in July was that Gani Patail was too sick to perform his duties. Well they forgot to ask Gani Patail about how sick he was because Gani is still walking, talking and doing all the usual things.
Since his appointment, the new A-G has omitted and committed many things, almost all of which appear more and more strange to the Malaysian public. Note the following:
1.  Just like MACC will submit their investigation papers to the new A-G soon, Bank Negara Malaysia (BNM) also submitted their investigation papers to the new AG with a very strong and made-known-to-the-public recommendation that the A-G should prosecute 1MDB for certain crimes.  The A-G acted quite predictably. The Governor of BNM made appeals that the case be prosecuted and yet the answer was the same.
2. The new A-G then held an unprecedented Press ‘conference’ where he read a prepared statement (he did not say prepared by whom) then promptly left the room without taking any questions from the Press whom he had summoned.
3. The new A-G also did not prosecute the Ali Tinju fellow. He said that the video evidence was insufficient. The A-G should explain to the public how cases were prosecuted before the invention of video? Especially a case where multiple witnesses were present.
4.  The A-G did charge Khairuddin and his lawyer, Matthias Chang under the SOSMA for lodging police reports against 1MDBHere the new A-G again bungled because there is a proviso under the Penal Code to deal with the crime of making of “false Police Reports”.  Perhaps to avoid exactly that, Khairudin employed the services of a lawyer to make sure his Police report was not a false report.  But Khairudin’s lawyer was also arrested and charged. Strangely (this is where the new AG bungled). Khairudin and his lawyer were never charged with making a false Police report. Instead the new AG charged them with ‘economic sabotage’ under SOSMA.  Then the Court threw out their 28 day remand  and Khairuddin and his lawyer have been freed.
5. The new A-G then withdrew the case against that NFC fellow (the husband of the Wanita leader who has pledged her support to the PM) while his trial was already being conducted in Court. The A-G withdrew the case based on a letter written to him by the defense counsel.

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