Saturday, September 24, 2016

Did Anwar mock MCA’s great dreams to make Mandrin official language in Tanah Malayu

Najib said MCA and the politics of hate the Malays the Malay languageChange is a mist which floats through events, often obscured by the daily cloudburst of facts. It is noticed least by those it affects most. Politicians have a sharper eye than they are given credit for, but they can miss the obvious. A tectonic shift is taking place in the structure of party politics. After a long and dominant reign, the high command is dead. It has become a dinosaur, a museum piece whose skeletal jaw hints at the massive bite it once possessed.Mahathir and Anwar the last inheritors of a concept that has exhausted its moment in history. After them, there will be command, but it will not be very high.  The relationship between people and leader was direct, without intermediaries, nourished by mutual sacrifice and commitment.Mahathir was transparent about his methods. He called himself a dictator before anyone could accuse him of being one. 

Did Anwar mock MCA’s great dreams to make Mandrin official language in Tanah Malayu 
Why MCA is so determined to establish dominance over the Malays In reality, however, Chinese leaders have a much broader strategic objective, one which UMNO cannot publicly talk about only can he what is right for his country ,his race and his religion during Anwar Ibrahim tenure and influence that the Education Ministry disallowed any vernacular schools to be built on government land reserved for schoolsn war who had insisted on appointing non-Mandarin speaking headmasters and senior assistants in vernacular schools despite vehement protest from MCA and educationalist?
 MCA leaders must be hiding thier "political ugliness". problem is that  Ti Lian Ker doesn’t anticipate scenarios and plan for them in advance. And when a crisis breaks out cries of rage impel us into action, without thinking things through. Ti Lian Ker in a statement today ridiculed Azmin's response saying his "mere bare denial" was "a laugh".

Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak today said that MCA only resort to the politics of hate, unlike Umno/BN. Umno must Keep cool heads, have a strategy:  must not repeat the mistake.he inevitable, but not prevented it. Change took its time, but it has arrived. Umno will determine the state of Malaysia
Why it’s a bad idea to try taking a selfie with a python like MCA Not many people have had the chance – or the misfortune – to find themselves a foot away from a python’s head. When they realize they’re in the presence of one of those formidable creatures, most of them likely tried to put as much distance as possible between the serpent and themselves.Another barbaric chapter of an epic conflict between the presence and promise of modernity, and the bitter, toxic romance of regression was written on often and provocatively, the rhetoric of superiority in its pursuit of  Mandrin superiority 
is a confrontation between the lethal adrenalin of faith and  language supremacy and belief that language equality is the basis of civilised political and social stability. 
PAS Islamic jihad and the Chinese chauvinist DAP are the masked vanguard of a movement that found its spurs in magnetised by inspiration  beyond the control  to take from Najib. singular duty of the state was to enshrine freedom of faith as a basic right; the citizen was enjoined to treat every faith with equal respect
MCA is not articulated what it seeks On the surface, their deep commitment seems odd because, claiming ambiguously defined  sovereign rights over 

What is modernity? It has four non-negotiable pillars: democracy, which is impossible without free speech; freedom of faith; gender equality; and economic equity, through which the poor are the principal beneficiaries of economic growth.
Nations that deviated from this model are paying an existential price.after Anwar imprisoned i.Pas Talibans and DAP shadow armies have filled this vacuum, the most powerful of which operate in a loose alliance under the banner of terrorist theocracy.14th general election of the this decade will Its results will determine whether UMNO gets stable governance or whether power in Putra Jaya over the next ten years will be synonymous with fractious politics. If there is no stable government , we will not see one for a few elections to come. National parties which have offered a coherent centre to coalitions will fracture, and be replaced by makeshift alliances of incompatible but equal satellites.Those who understand the temperamental nature of any electoral season know that predictions are risky. It is far safer to keep your eyes open and mouth shut. But if you had to lay any bets, how would you start? Open up the map and check out what may be called pinprick constituencies. These are the marginal seats where victory went to one party by a statistically inconsequential figure of around 15,000 votes or less. This will be more illuminating precisely because their random existence, outside any cluster that suggests geographic logic. If there is consistency in disarray, it means consolidation towards a national party. If not, seats are travelling in disparate directions

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