Saturday, September 24, 2016

Minister Tengku Adnan is not how high you have reached but the distance you have travelled away from your people

Corruption Commission (MACC) to conduct a full and fair investigation.
The DBKL officer was among three senior officers detained on Monday for allegedly committing graft, abuse of power and money laundering  During the raid, MACC officers also seized huge amounts of cash hidden in the ceiling of one of the suspects’ house.
The real cost of a bribeto cleanse the gutters of DBKL corruption.
who plunges into every crisis with the dexterity of Don Quixote, is pushing the brilliant thought noted how colleagues and contractors could at times be jealous of a DBKL officer due to his achievements

Ku Nan's comments that declaring his assets publicly will endanger his family. Now open tender can cause problems to the government. Najib, is this the best person you have for this important job? Malaysia deserves better.

No wonder Federal Territory  in dire straits due to mismanagement at all levels because appointments are due to patronage, and not according to capability and integrity. There are many bumiputera that are very capable, but sad to say, you are not one of them.
First, you need to prequalify suitable tenderers for their capabilities for a particular project, and not cronies.Why would anyone be surprised that this minister is casting doubts and negativity on open tenders for government procurement despite it being the right thing to do?- open tenders can give you problems as it makes it that much more difficult for you to cheat.Other countries practise open tenders and they always get their jobs completed. Is it either this Umno government is so incompetent to run a country or is it just too corrupted?Don't tell us that all "negotiated" tenders were given to competent crony contractors. We have reports of abject failures on deliveries and cost overrun, and above that, chronic corruption, involving government servants and politicians Kun Nan heard of pre-qualification requirements that's normally expected from contractors? Like sound financial position, expertise, track record, manpower, equipment, etc?It has nothing to do with low bids and uncompleted projects. Project risks are a reality and this is why mitigation clauses are included before projects are awarded.there is a tender board to vet and see who can provide the best value for money. Ku Nan, we expect better comments from you.
The bigger fear for Najib is  Federal Territory liaison chairman  that the Umno warlords are not with ,helming the Federal Territory liaison chairman, This would allow Najib, as Umno president, to get a concensus for the change, rather than to proceed in a unilateral manner.

Tengku Adnan, please tell us which multi-billion or million-ringgit projects awarded through direct negotiations that have not exceeded the initial budget, were completed on time, where the infrastructure did not collapse, or required millions more to complete the job.There is no doubt every tender system has its strengths and weaknesses. Regardless, the advantages of open tenders still outweigh the other forms. Direct negotiation is the worse, as it leads to corruption.
Government contracts awarded through direct negotiations can result in work being restricted to the same old names, most of the time awarded to cronies or highest under-table money contributors, or involved kickbacks in the deals.

‘You should not see how high you have reached but the distance you have travelled away from your people ’Despite the cautionary note sounded in the old rhyme ‘The names of fools, like mayor Mhd Amin Nordin Abdul Aziz Some might see this as getting over imperial connotations and serving as for your Minister interest considering the state of dereliction and disrepair of most of our potholed and garbage-strewn public thoroughfares,Indeed, in a canny inversion of such name games future political strategists might well explore the avenue of identifying and naming the most deplorable of our roads after their adversaries’ idols .For instance, an administration of a leftist persuasion might waggishly name a series of potholes sketchily linked by tarmac after a notable moneybags, while a capitalist dispensation could give itself full Marx for ingenuity by pinning the appellation of a communist poster boy on a malodorous alleyway.But till that distant day, conventional political name-callers will persist in dubbing roads after their own heroes in the fond belief that this will place them streets ahead, not just metaphorically but also literally, of their competitors.
Think about what you are saying and please try to engage your brain before you engage your mouth
This man has been sniffing glue again.Who do you serve? The public or the crooked system that installed you? It is better you do not justify the rate hike with patronising remarks.
Which idiot appointed this clown to be the mayor?
Please do not insult our intelligence unless you too have a share in this matter (remember the recent Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) arrests of your staff)?

 Rising number of proposed  need focused tax and non-tax revenue, both devolved and locally-generated resources, to change the reality on the ground. Otherwise, our urbanisation process would remain blighted and stunted, constraining overall economic growth. Urban local bodies can raise resources by issuing municipal bonds only if they have the viable means to service this borrowing.

 The reality is that there is no clear-cut mechanism for regular resource transfers to our urban centres. The report of the  Finance Commission reiterates the fact that constitutional provisions place “local government squarely” in the state list, with states having unquestioned discretion to assign functions and resources to municipalities. This surely needs to change. We clearly need more clear-cut mechanism design for resource transfers to our cities, generate as they do a growing and disproportionately large portion of our national income.Does he realise he is talking about tight-fisted Malaysians who would never gleefully accept an increase in the cost of anything?Mr Mayor, in an economy that is dying and bereft of steady income, you are saying people want more taxes? I think the time has come for the lot of semi-literate and out of touch civil sycophants be removed from office.Raising car park charges only shows that DBKL has little money to spare. By the way, raising car park rates it is a burden whom you are trying to fool - probably yourself. Show us where and how many residents were surveyed. 
we can see that Kuala Lumpur City Hall (DBKL) has done absolutely nothing to provide more parking facilities such as multistorey car parks, even when there was empty land. What has happened over the years? Empty DBKL land has been turned into commercial areas instead, bringing in even more traffic - the very reason why our areas are so congested.also read thisMinister Noh Omar is creating licenced loan sharks
Kuala Lumpur mayor Mhd Amin Nordin Abdul Aziz, we have news for you - the average Joe's level of intelligence has risen and we can smell a lie when one is offered.Who in their right mind would agree with a parking fee hike unless he owns and manages the parking lot? Can you show the rakyat your statistics that show that the public agrees to this hike? emphasised the huge potential for local generation of funds. More realistic property tax is one avenue
There is much scope to increase revenue from vacant land, including a betterment tax. Taxes like those on hoardings and entertainment, besides octroi, will get subsumed in the goods and services tax. Besides, our cities do need to shore up user charges from utilities, public transport and parking. Further, the report suggests that local bodies be compensated for civic services provided to state and central government offices. Cities must raise far more revenues on their own, than they do at present.

What "other side" are you referring to, Mr Mayor? Shouldn't your role, regardless of which administration appointed you, be apolitical? Or your job is only to look after the "your side" of the political divide?
this has nothing to do with pro-BN or pro-opposition affiliations. Please do not turn this into a seemingly anti-government issue fuelled by the opposition.

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