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The real cost of a bribe Guan Eng paid

The trick is to perfume rubbish with a bottle of incense hidden beneath the pile. Brown’s bottle is artfully shaped, with secret sub-containers for clues and questions that persuade you to suspend rational judgement. But, contrarily, this would not work without a writing technique that is so stupid it can only be described as courageous. The latest Dan Brown, Inferno, exhausts the reader with some serious heavy breathing in punctuation. There are more dots separating words with simulated tension than in an optical illusion graphic. Words appear in bursts within sentences; sentences stutter through paragraphs as short as summer underwear. Chapters are as flimsy as a negligee. We are playing peekaboo with destiny, so why not?The fulcrum of this anger is corruption. All else pales. Shed a tear then forwho was charged merely for buying house save the nation. All that owning  house, albeit to lim buying a house is no longer a hanging offence in DAP. For many future stars rotating in the highest orbits,DAP must be bewildered at  definition of crime and punishment. 
The DAP’s 50th anniversary dinner saw party leaders pledging their support and solidarity with secretary-general Lim Guan Eng, in the face of his two graft charges.It was an early scandal of the DAP’s tenure, but people did not forget, just as voters will remember a long DAP litany sanctioned loot of resources on an unprecedented scale: in spectrum,  agricultural land gobbled up through shady private deals.  The Penang voter has more patience than the Selangor temperament would suggest. Even a fog at the top will not deter the voter from locating his destination. The UMNO did not have a candidate for Chief Minister in Penang during the campaign. It did not matter beyond a point. It will not matter beyond the same point when Penang votes. The DAP vote in Penang did not rise by much; the PAS vote collapsed.

Guan Eng, if you are still sore or sulking at the moment,
better resign as CM as u are big headed and it is not helping The top politicians and leaders are putting aside their past and bitter experiences to collectively fight the common enemy. Why can't you LGE?? 

Despite the reputation crisis facing the DAP, approximately 3,000 supporters turned up for the dinner at the Spice Arena in Bayan Baru last night.
The chief minister’s ongoing corruption case.Lim was trapped in a suicidal pincer of corruption and arrogance. The syndrome is so widespread, across party lines, that we might need a word for it: “corrugance” would do. More names keep getting added to a long list: Corruption kills; arrogance insures a long burial. This was fatal to Dap in  Penang; it will be deadly for DAP across Malaysia when a general election comes. The voter is especially unforgiving when governments permit theft of natural resources, the people’s wealth, by cronies. The Dap collapse began with the rape ofcorruption and arrogance. in Tanjong. 

A good leader needs to be humble so that he can listen, think clearly and make the right decision. A big head does not help as it will expose the leader to unnecessary risks.

Ambiga, good retort and good questions for that arrogant, LGE! 8 years after coming to power in Penang, he still has the decency to say in public he will consider it. Might as well be man enough that DAP is doing what BN has done all this well - use those posts as dedak for their supporters!!

Noh Omar: Mahathir-Anwar meet a hilarious Bollywood drama  

Minister Tengku Adnan, Life in K.L means being once bitten twice shy

As articulated  by  Tengku Adnan   further questioning the prime minister Najib if these were the acche din he promised, he drew attention to the corruption stalking kuala Lumpur.  whether you are minister or a Mayor, whether it’s a pothole that needs fixing in front of your house or a business you want to start, sometimes it seems nothing can get in kuala Lumpur done without paying bribes. This corruption in the DBKL is a huge impediment, to better management of DBKL . The only way forward is to rebuild the city corporations as professional administrative units, seriously accountable to the public.It has since turned out  that sec-gen Tengku Adnan  had been issued notices by MACC for misuse of power
As the national capital reels from Chronic Corruption epidemics, the focus has been on whom to blame 
 Focus on preventive public health measures, such as providing clean drinking water and sanitary disposal of sewage and solid waste.Civic consciousness on this and not allowing mosquitoes to breed Kuala Lumpur is a must. has to raise the number of healthcare professionals, adopt decentralised governance in which all the Kuala Lumpur   Members of Parliament (MPs)can hold primary health centres to account and deploy the latest in telemedicine. Healthcare outfits that take charge of the well-being of an assigned set of people and use a network of general practitioners and secondary and tertiary hospitals in return for  electing  them 
 Why they stayed away from the political limelight, afraid of  Minister Tengku Adnan in his shadows and very much , if necessary, even deny their existence. FT Members of Parliament has no balls theirr political careers have been built around this attribute of a low-profile, inaccessible, to voters has  also ensured that they  doesn’t convey any signal Tengku Adnan is the only one in control., who found himself in the gaze of central investigative agencies. He was virtually sacked, sidelined, but dramatically returned on 

BN and Umno will hold a special meeting on Sept 23 and 30 respectively to discuss the Election Commission's (EC) proposed redelineation exercise, said BN secretary-general Tengku Adnan Tengku Mansor.
Result: mutual distrust, animosity and break-up at various levels.Tengku Adnan, who is also Umno secretary-general, said the party should mobilise its election machinery and have its branches and divisions inspect the electoral roll.

This is to ensure better preparation for a possible early election, he said.his  mosquitoes are ready
That has changed. The tail is now becoming the head. The reason stares at our faces: the quantum leap in ‘political’ expenses, especially on election campaigns. Even more important is the complexity of managing these resources, staying above board and, yet, being able to run an electrifying campaign..

 Tengku Adnan   has also ensured that he doesn’t convey any signal that he is the only one in control., who found himself in the gaze of central investigative agencies. He was virtually sacked, sidelined, but dramatically returned on 

UMNO sec-gen Tengku Adnan Noh Omar has written off the cordial meeting between Dr Mahathir Mohamad and  Anwar Ibrahim as "Hindustani play acting".#thighsforjeaux the  step movement became so popular that it has been revived a couple of times ever since– once Dr Mahathir Mohamad and Anwar Ibrahim meet UMNO sec-gen unfazed with the pow-wow between former premier Dr Mahathir Mohamad and  Anwar Ibrahim. to kiss and make up, the Malay party still has its secret weapon, which is the Bollywood play 
Something is happening. A message is getting through  A new narrative is being written. More seeds have been planted in UMNO like UMNO sec-gen Tengku Adnan by Mahathir
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"...... has the rakyat." Ha ha ha really burst out laughing after reading the headline and nearly choke on my food. Not the 51% of the rakyat at least and increasing, you gang of thieves!Adnan - we are waiting for you to declare your assets and decide if your wealth is legitimate. When are you doing that? Scared to show because it is from slimy deals?

In our cities these days, reality bites. If the tax man doesn’t draw blood, the mosquito will. You may bring out the Odomos and other mosquito repellents but our cities are fully bugged. When you hear the familiar humming sound of circling mosquitoes, you know that one mosquito is telling the other, like to go out and grab a bite? You may then get the seven year itch and many deliriously feverish days because chikungunya will drive out any plans of chicken chow mein.
Every year, DBKL , the city of the bloodsuckers falls prey to one of its own, namely the humble mosquito. The insect doesn’t distinguish between the powerful and powerless or VIPs and commoners: everyone is Minister Tengku Adnan, victim  when it comes to the dengue and chikungunya carrying dreaded Aedes aegypti bug.

The party in power in  FT has been accused of abandoning the city is singing ‘yeh duniya, yeh mehfil, mere kaam ki nahin’ after an adverse court verdict.Minister Tengku Adnan,   has also been accused of being missing in action at a time when the city needs to wage a Jung against the epidemic. As for the MCD, most of its councillors are accused of confusing state power for real estate power: it’s easier to get an illegal building sanctioned than to ensure better sanitation in neighbourhoods. Corruption in cities bites citizens harder than the mosquito. TV news likes to take sound bites but for those suffering from mosquito bites, it’s a case of once bitten twice shy.

The MIC health minister seems to believe the Aedes mosquito is a mysterious invader from outer space. The mantri who seems never to have KL-ites who adore love-bites were struggling with a surfeit of hate-bites. The prime minister cannot get of Minister Tengku Adnan because he remote control , but still waters run deep in our metros where there’s little sign of smart city thinking or draining the swamps that pass for our roads.
The media believes only the capital is in ICU, but the epidemic has spread across the country. While BN parties fight over seats, the mosquito is clearly oblivious to inter seat disputes, preying on MCAand  MICTamilians with equal ease. As someone just recovering from chikungunya, it’s time to await the election because at least the biting during election the bit better than biting mosquitoes.

The public school of politics has only one subject in its tutorials: Events. The big boys of UMNO have been playing truant,years convinced them that a delay is a solution. lulled by  Federal Territory liaison chairman  an imposter’s mantra .Najib dilemma is familiar to those who win elections: A promise that restores you, can always return to haunt you.Ahead of the next 14th general elections, Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak is expected to introduce changes to prevent a further slide in BN's hold on power also readthis.readmoreNajib saddest moments in politics with Tengku Adnan as the sec-gen Tengku Adnan

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, the Malay party still has its secret weapon, which is the Bollywood play 
Something is happening. A message is getting through  A new narrative is being written. More seeds have been planted in UMNO like UMNO sec-gen Tengku Adnan by Mahathir UMNO sec-gen’s many-layered faces is ignored, the worse it gets which is the Bollywood play 
Something is happening. A message is getting through  A new narrative is being written. More seeds have been planted in UMNO like UMNO sec-gen Tengku Adnan by Mahathir .UMNO sec-gen Tengku Adnan

Image result for UMNO sec-gen 

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hilarious political Bollywood dancing steps will brighten your day

 is very rich in valuable natural resources. And one of the most valuable of these natural resources – particularly when it comes to election time  

 Malaysian Kabali Crown of Clown MinisterTengku Adnan, his "Hindustani play acting".continues

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