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MCA Wanita old prostitute with alot cosmatic look sexy to pimp for position

UMNO warlords speaks volume. Bloated PM department overtaking responsibilities of many other ministriial functions shows a messy administration at best if not lack of confidence in his own cabinet. Self praising of international recognition for Najib 's reform agenda to puff up his public image is not gaining currency as we see the country is sinking into a racial, security , societal decays spiral and pending financial crisis due to mismanagement or hidden agenda of having 1 MDB ,for example. The lists of " can be better" can go on and on.... Hence Najib fails Malaysia.
 Eventual strategy,  Umno to stay in power and kick Najib out
Very optimistic, Umno backbencher Nur Jazlan Mohamed, with a change of PM That hurts. Nur Jazlan is no heavyweight but that shot on the solar plexus of Najib packed a wallop. Truth be told, his was not an unfair assessment of our current PM.Do you mean our PM is not honest?Umno parliamentarian Nur Jazlan Mohamed,is disappointed  can see the weakness in Najib the rest of the BN members are mere zombies, What Najib says, they would respond, “correct,correct,correct”. Altantuya Shaariibuu’s death, Teoh Beng Hock’s death, Ahmad Sarbaini’s death. Lahad Datu intrusion, MH370, MH17 ,worst floods, 1Malaysia Development Berhad (1MDB) fiascoare his great achievement for Malaysians. 
Dr. Mahathir group loosely consists of Daim, Ibrahim Ali, A. Kadir Jasin, bloggers ,Tengku Adnan Umno backbencher Nur Jazlan Mohamed that is vocal against Najib is blaming the Umno president for everything bad in Umno, in the Malay community and in the country threaten to impeach Prime Minister Najib. “Impeachment is a message that has to be sent to the Supreme Council that we’re not going to put up with this lawlessness ,Tengku Adnan admits that there’s no serious impeachment effort underway.Muhyiddin Yasin is also blaming Najib for not doing enough and not doing the right thing. He proposed to make the efforts to help improve the Malay and Bumiputra community as a national agenda and not only as Umno’s. This will institutionalize the agenda.


President Richard Nixon resigning from the U.S. presidency in the wake of the Watergate scandal and subsequent cover-up. like The murder of Altantuya Sharibuu a secret hard to hide, but hard to steal too 

What we knew so far was that Altantuya was the translator for the Malaysian Government in Malaysia’s negotiations with DCNS for the purchase of submarines when Najib Abdul Razak was Defence Minister. Her insistence to claim a USD500K commission ultimately led to her demise, where she was shot twice, her body packed with C4 explosives and blown to smithereens.
Will the main characters in the murder conspiracy like Najib and Rosmah, Razak Baginda, DSP Musa Safri and their ilk be exposed and implicated?

The murder of Altantuya Sharibuu a secret hard to hide, but hard to steal too 
Convicted killer Sirul Azhar Umar, a former police VIP bodyguard sentenced to death for the murder of Altantuya Sharibuu was captured in Brisbane, Australia after an alert from Interpol, a few days ago and placed in detention.The expose’ may bring final closure to the sad episode not only for Altantuya’s father and the people of Mongolia,No other country on this planet has the kind of anarchic,Najib must be kicked out of old beleaguered party UMNO for dramatic change.Nur Jazlan opines that what Ismail Sabri had said was not based on facts."Although now he says that he did not say it (boycott Chinese traders). But the problem is that the top leadership should have a stand".He added that it was important to be more progressive and that people should place themselves on a global supply chain.
MCA to Ku Nan: Apologise or we will  leave B.N forsaying MCA women  as cosmetic beauty like old prostitute with alot cosmatic
Heng wins women’s chief post, team makes clean sweep
MCA Wanita chief Yu Chok Tow bares fangs at the FT minister’s cheapening of women as valued only for their cosmetic beauty like old prostitute with alot cosmatic Najib will not dare touch him. His balls are tiny,  low-class, ill-bred people, apologising is an unknown act, and making of infantile, crude comments such as statements that degrade members of the fair sex is natural to them. What this bastard tengku is saying that he prefers his wife to put up make up the whole day so that she look sexy  said Yu Chok Tow Not all women are like Rosmah’s high maintenance. Goes to show how superficial our FT Minister’s think is ….
Most Malaysian Chinese will only make noise for all the things that they do not have while never even for once mention all the things that they have already had ?
Some may give example of how a Black American like Barrack Obama can be the President of the United States without knowing the facts that it take US 446 years of democratic electoral system to have Black American President compare to our Malaysian democratic electoral system that not yet even reach 60 years . Even that do u know how tight is the US President security system to prevent the Skin Head plan to assassinate and kill Obama because of his skin colour ?
We will complaint about Ali Baba policy and yet accused it benefit entirely only the Malays community but do you know how many Chinese Malaysian became a Millionaire out of this Ali Baba system ?
We talk about corruption but do you all know behind every single so ‘called’ racist UMNO politician there do have their own Chinese businessman as their proxy and crony?
Corruption is wrong. But the issue here that I am trying to convey is about racism. If it is really about race then why should the so called Racist UMNO Malays even have their crony from the Chinese race instead of their own races entirely ?
If the Malays in Malaysia is really racist then are we the Malaysian Chinese not racist as well ? Whenever we uses the word Chinese , Chinese , Chinese ? We must have a Chinese Prime Minister and etc ? If we are truly colour blind then the demand should be what type and quality of PM we should have and not what race should or should not be the head.
When our civil servant got more than 80% of the Malays , we claimed that the Government is racist but then in reality it was the Chinese who choose to work in the private sector than the public sector. Why should we blame others for something that we ourselves do not want to be part of it ?
Most Malays are easily contented with the pay in the public sector while most Malaysian Chinese will never wanted to have that type of pay. So when you all do not want it and others want it and when it happen you all blame the government of being racist when most of the Malays are in the Army and Police sector ?
Umno secretary-general Datuk Seri Tengku Adnan Tengku Mansor said


 Dr Lim Mah Hui
Senior Fellow of Socio-economic and Environment Research Instute Lim Mah Hui  is at brink of bring labelled as being defined as a racist, bigot or liar. He should explain on his statement debunking Minister in-charge of Economic Planning in Prime Minister’s Department Dato’ Seri Abdul Wahid Omar’s stance for lack of opportunity is the culprit for lesser Malays in corporate sector instead of “Poor quality of workforce”.

There are evidently clear discriminatory practices against Malay graduates, job market candidates with experience, professionals or even top management aspirants.The Mole Chief Editor  Shamsul Akmar Musa Kamal’s analysis on the New Sunday Times:
"We should move away from this racially-tinged and populist kind of rhetoric," he said.
It is no secret that other BN component parties were unhappy over Ismail Sabri's remarks, MCA and Gerakan in particular.
MCA Youth chief Chong Sin Woon had even asked for the minister's resignation, a call backed by 165 youth divisions.
Party president Liow Tiong Lai had urged Ismail Sabri to be "responsible for his statement".
Defence Minister Hishammuddin Hussein however today dodged questions if BN component parties had accepted the cabinet's position on the matter.
"We discussed it in cabinet; MCA, MIC, Gerakan are also members of the cabinet," Hishammuddin told a press conference in Kuala Lumpur todayBy claiming at the commencement of his unseat Najib campaign, after the fashion of Brutus, that it is not because he loves his leaders less but that he loves the people and country more, Mahathir is parodying what Anuar Musa, then a young delegate from Kelantan to the UMNO general assembly in 1983, who quoted from the Shakespearean play Juluis Caesar the words Brutus used before stabbing Caesar. The Roman emperor was surprised that a friend like Brutus could be part of squad of assassins with regicide in mind.
Even so, in what appeared initially to be an ostensibly honest exercise to unravel the real reasons behind   the demolition of a sitting Weak PM Najib Sadly the culture of  UMNO insists only on permanent genuflection to them; the truth is always optional.Anuar cited the quotation in the course of rhetorical flights faintly critical of Mahathir’s leadership of UMNO. Mahathir’s response was characteristically brusque.“Brutus stabbed Caesar”
 he reminded the UMNO delegates. In other words, back-stabbers are back-stabbers, their lofty motives not withstanding..As the dust settles, after what was a spectacularly riveting contest between a floundering and ineffectual  and a masterfully managed  war-machine, analysts from both camps have submitted their diagnosis.A fortuitous benefit of this incipient extravaganza – to the federal opposition, Pakatan Rakyat – has been the confirmation that their self-destructive shenanigans in Selangor have furnished the opportunity to the premier demolisher of incumbent PMs to fix on this as the most opportune time for the unleashing of his decanal decapitation of national head honchos, not to mention a few deputies as well.
The wonder is that anyone at all, at this advanced juncture of their career trajectories, could be surprised at how the two protagonists, one of the drama about to start and the other of an already running one in Selangor, confirm a truism of classical Greece – that character is fate.The answers might not be as obvious as one might have imagined. Mahathir had pointed out that Najib did not speak against corruption in his address to the nation he had said that if somebody has to do any work one would what's in it for me If the work is not done, one would say why do I care this has spoiled the nation," said Mahathir While undoubtedly UMNO owes their grand success to Mahathir charisma strategic prowess, however the reasons for UMNO debacle appear less than straightforward. Was it simply a case of a reluctant leader being handed a poorly managed campaign?readmore

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