Monday, October 3, 2016

Hadi said Only Islam can rule, others can f--k off

Abdul Hadi Awang drive to diplomatically isolate Kafirs but receives an early windfall as various opposition parties begin MCA,Gerakan,MIC silence on 'hudud consensus
How can one person  emotion have so much hold on you as to wipe away the rest of Malaysians life?Traitorous PAS President Hadi Awang TRAITS OF Cheating and deception are despicable characteristics that are beneath a decent person.  Intentionally distorting the truth in order to mislead others contradicts the values of honesty,

 PAS president Abdul Hadi Awang said those who want to court them must be mindful that only "Islam" can rule the country

What do we do with PAS president Abdul Hadi Awang , when he continues to provoke us the voter? PAS have no real accountability to the people who voted PAS They could still engage in madness, without provocation. Maybe  loses a round of poker one day, has one drink too many or doesn’t like that a Bollywood heroine didn’t respond to him on Twitter and boom!
random group of fundamentalists, with much collateral damage to the rest of PAS Yes, it’s a low chance but it isn’t entirely implausible. Such is the world we live in.however, MCA not have the luxury of leaving Umno  alone."Let's not place religion and politics in separate corners," he was reported saying "Don't ask PAS to cooperate with you, when you will not make any change towards (prioritising) Islam, that is wrong."As long as the power of Islamic governance isn't upheld, then those who rule would not care about sin and reward, would rob the people's wealth and so on."Only Islam can correct people's (behaviour). PAS can only cooperate with those who are willing to uphold Islam only,The MCA’s sin is that it does not have the courage either to support its partner, UMNO or leave BN. while PAS is begging to join UMNO  Datuk Johari Umno supreme council member warmed Don't Use Hudud to Poison the Discourse and Polarise the Polity

PAS president Abdul Hadi Awang dismissed talk of defections to Parti Amanah Rakyat (Amanah) saying the breakaway party would eventually "kneel" before his party.Such news can easily be plucked (from thin air), what more in the world of cyberspace where news comes quickly that is not based on reality,We are confident our members in all branches and regions continue to be consistent (in their support for PAS

The 48-hour silence of the top MCA, Gerakan and MIC leaders who are also cabinet ministers, to the claim by the Umno and BN secretary-general Tengku Adnan Tengku Mansor that the BN has arrived at a consensus regarding PAS President Abdul Hadi Awang’s Private Member’s Bill, is more eloquent than any statement anyone of them could make.

As usual, the top MCA, Gerakan and MIC leaders allow their low-level underlings to cast doubt on Adnan’s claim. But they dare not personally contradict Adnan’s statement and their silence is louder than the protestations by the MCA, Gerakan and MIC underlings.

Before the BN supreme council meeting two Fridays ago, I had said that the BN Supreme Council had degenerated from the BN federal coalition government’s highest decision-making body into a superfluous and even superannuated creature without any bite, role, authority or purpose whatsoever.

What Umno leadership decides is the order of the day, and this is what happened to Hadi’s Private Member’s Bill in the May meeting of Parliament.

Classic example

Hadi’s Private Member’s Bill is in fact a classic example of the degeneration of the role and place of the BN supreme council.

MCA and Gerakan leaders had not dared to even requisition for an emergency meeting of the BN supreme council when Umno ministers unilaterally fast-tracked the PAS president’s Private Member’s Bill in Parliament in May.

This violated the 43-year BN stand and consensus that PAS’ hudud proposal was not appropriate for Malaysia’s plural society, and against the fundamental provisions of the 1957 Merdeka Constitution and 1963 Malaysia Agreement.

Although MCA and Gerakan leaders had promised in the recent Sungai Besar and Kuala Kangsar by-elections that the BN “consensus” will be restored, the top MCA, Gerakan and MIC leaders have disappeared to their respective “holes”.

They dared not clarify or contradict what Adnan meant when the Umno/BN secretary-general claimed that BN had arrived at a consensus regarding Hadi’s Private Member’s Bill, for the Parliament meeting starting on Oct. 17.

Voices of opposition to Hadi’s Private Member’s Bill have been raised from BN ministers and MPs from Sabah and Sarawak.

It is undoubtedly a great letdown that the top MCA, Gerakan and MIC leaders are not as forthright and principled like the Sabah and Sarawak ministers, like Anifah Musa and Nancy Shukri, who had publicly declared their opposition to Hadi’s Private Member’s Bill.

The mystery is how Adnan can claim that there is a BN consensus on Hadi’s Private Member’s Bill, if MCA, Gerakan and MIC leaders had spoken up to the BN supreme council to declare their opposition?

also The MCA do not have the courage divorce UMNO.while PAS is begging to join UMNO

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