Monday, October 17, 2016

Monsieur Baljit an apprentice’s take on pledge to make Gerakan “great agai

Gerakan president Datuk Mah has taken Monsieur Baljit idea seriouslyGerakan politicians seem to have a penchant for making incredibly sexist and misogynistic comments against women slurs that show how ridiculous  Gerakan politicians can be but Singh remains just a cog in a long-running wheel of sexism in Malaysian politics.“Why not field a woman who is beautiful, sweet, energetic, sexy, and is willing to give it her all – who is like Kak Azmar,” Baljit said at Gerakan’s 45th Annual Delegates Conference at Menara PGRM yesterday.

Monsieur Baljit fantasticness of Gerakan fighting the coming elections  enough to make male voters ecstatic.Consider the ultimate male, Lord Shiva. In his Ardhanareshwara form, Shiva casts off half of himself to accommodate the female form of Parvati. This then makes the Lord complete and ecstatic. This Shiva form symbolizes a meeting of internal and external forces, of masculine energy (Purush) and feminine energy (Prakriti). Male and female are inseparable and equal, and many Shiva legends bear testimony to this.The masculine and feminine flow in and out of each other in perfect symphony and equality. How else can life be an ecstatic, wholesome experience?
Common to all these male dominance political party like  Gerakan is the perverse defense Some have suspected Donald Trump also suffers from such pathology.She was saying no but she meant yes. How many rapes are accompanied by this reasoning?
And many are the times when complaints of sexual harassment in the workplace are dismissed with, don’t worry, it was nothing, the problem wasn’t that he was touching too much but that she was being too touchy. Gerakan  woman wowing in an itsy bitsy bikini in to pioneering the topless trend , the gerakan beach club  at  Wisma PGRM has been a byword in liberal open-mindedness., why did she have to make her pussy so soft when she knows man prefers them crisp?Male dominance Gerakan will score a big win and Monsieur Baljit becomes exponentially more powerful 

“Why not field a woman who is beautiful, sweet, energetic, sexy, and is willing to give it her all,” Baljit was quoted telling Gerakan delegates at the party’s annual general assembly.
Gerakan leader Baljit Singh’s remarks on fielding young, sexy women in elections reinforce chauvinism and misogyny in politics, DAP’s Dyana Sofya Mohd Daud said today.
When a Baljit claims that women are naturally maternal, or are by default, , he is a sexist. If he was to add that women are only good for a fuck and should be confined to servicing men and their children, it is misogyny. Misogynists are always sexist, but sexists are not always misogynists. For example, if a man says of a woman, "Look at the state of that fat, ugly cow, I wouldn't touch her with yours," then he is a misogynist. It would follow that he does not respect women as equals and is therefore also a sexist.While sexism demonstrates a disregard and disrespect for women, I always have associated misogyny with something darker, angrier, and more cynical. Things like Page 3 often betray a failure to move with the times, a certain outdated attitude about women's roles that has the potential to be modernised. But educating someone out of the blinkered hatred of misogyny is a monumental challenge. To think, as the Republicans do, that the male half of society should be able to legislate and control the bodies of the female half, well, that can be nothing but misogyny.What a damaging, sexist statement! The idea is not to perpetuate a stronger sexist divide, but to understand that both men and women are equal and complementary to each other. Women have to be more confidently feminine, not adopt masculine traits; else we are only helping the masculine thrive further! It is only when we appreciate the criticality of both masculine and feminine strength,and we help nurture the feminine in society that as human beings we are equal and complete!
The mood and tone of the 2016 US presidential campaign has become much darker since then, with the bitterness being intensified.many times over. This is definitely the most vitriolic presidential campaign in American history, with both the Republicans and the Democrats stating over and over again that the rival candidate is “unfit” to be president.

With the surfacing of a 11-year-old tape where Trump talked in a private conversation about forcibly kissing women and grabbing them by their genitalia, the question was even asked by the moderator of the second presidential debate as to whether he had done what he had said and sexually assaulted women. Trump vehemently denied this and maintained that this was just “locker-room banter” and argued that these suddenly taped revelations weeks ahead of polling day were all part of a Clinton campaign to discredit him among women voters. The New York Times then carried a report quoting a few women who said they had been groped and kissed against their will by Trump. Which has cast doubts on his denial of having indulged in sexual assault.

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