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When Gerakan Baljit claims that women are naturally sexymaterial , by default

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Advertising Gerakan models and services often say more than Baljit mean, and mean more than they say might have far-reaching geo-political implications

 latest Gerakan weapon against DAP 

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Writers need to say things that people don’t want to hear see 

 Baljitis a deceptively innocent phrase, not unlike ‘eve teasing’. It’s not just talk, it leads to stalk. And worse.A leading politician has just declared  that I should not be allowed any access to the media to express any views whatsoever on Islam A politics built on sycophancy is the first sign of a rotting democracy. Aren’t our political mavericks aware of the fact that fanatics seek to plunge society into darkness, that they are against human rights and women’s rights, and consider that any opinion contrary to theirs must be silenced? Writers across the world are being persecuted, whipped, tortured, murdered, incarcerated and exiled. Apart from dictators, even so-called democratic governments are no longer interested in freedom of expression.Between awareness and ignorance, freedom and  woman enslavement.some of the issues that pit one party against another and worse.Indian women have a certain allure to them, a sultry exotic sex appeal. You just know that once you get them in private, they let loose. Hot, sexy
Seduction is not just a mind game, your eyes play as important a role. We help you perfect your moves...Indian women have a certain allure to them, a sultry exotic sex appeal. You just know that once you get them in private, they let loose. Hot, sexy and ready to fuck hard.

All that talk about first impression and lasting ones... well, that’s not all jazz you know. Whoever said it sure knew what they meant. And guess what, if you want to seduce someone, you’ve got to do more than just dress and speak the role, you have a secret yet powerful tool at easy disposal, your eyes. Making the right eye contact and giving the right signals via your eyes to the person you are interested in means about 50 per cent of your work done. The truth is that most of the communication that occurs between two people who are interested in each other is wordless, it’s all about the looks.

Even the experts will vouch for this. In fact, communication and body language counsellors opine that the basic components of eye behaviour are easy to master once a person knows how they work. So, if you want to ensure that you always use your eyes fluently and with dazzling effect, here are four simple steps you need to follow.
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Establish : The first thing you need to do when you meet is to look into the eyes of the other person. A confident look will create a positive first impression. Establishing eye contact is a specially handy tool when you’re trying to gain the attention of an unknown hottie or cutie. In this case, don’t keep staring at him/her, it may feel like you’re stalking them. Instead, make short frequent glances. If the opposite person reciprocates your move and holds your gaze, it a silent signal that you have the ‘permission’ to go ahead and initiate a conversation. Start of with introducing yourself.
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Maintain : Now that you’ve started a conversation, it’s time for step two. Yes, we agree you can’t keep looking into each others eyes forever, but try to maintain eye contact for as long as it’s possible. Studies say the average gaze time for an average listener is a minuscule three seconds. But you need to go a tad further, try to hold your partner’s gaze for at least five to seven seconds. This will make it look like you’re paying attention and care about what the other person is saying. How does this work? It’s a two-way effect. While is makes the person opposite feel important, it will make you more ‘attractive’ in their eyes. Mission accomplished!
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actually grateful for our DNA-ed hypocrisy. Can you even begin to visualise a debate on Baljit the lines of the unedifying spectacle put up by the Baljit and Gerakan Azmar.

actually grateful for our DNA-ed hypocrisy. Can you even begin to visualise a debate on Baljit the lines of the unedifying spectacle put up by the Baljit and Gerakan Azmar. We Malaysian used to make a virtue of ‘Let id awll hang out’, but what should be hanging now is their heads. In shame and despair over what Pas youth chief Nik Abduh Nik Abdul Aziz called ‘the choiceless choice’. Suave and powerful men get easy prey, at least Donald got that right under his ridiculous yellow-orange mop, though he qualifies for only one of those adjectives. Our man at 7, Lok Kalyan Marg is both, but he managed to nuke what could have been a bombshell sabotaging the Big O that we gave him in the 2014 elections. Later whispers have remained just that. Here, ‘dalali’ of a different kind is seen as a more effective allegation. But it’s ineffective invective when it comes from the politically impotent.

Bimbo eruption’, itself a semantic sexist offender, was coined during Mr Clinton’s 1992 campaign. This time, Not Friends of Hillary had dissed her ‘for-women’ positioning, pointing to her vicious decimation of the sexual targets of Bill of Wrongs. The phrase itself was coined by Betsey Wright, deputy chair of his presidential campaign. A full rapid response system to neutralise the real and present danger from the scores of women with whom Bill had got up close and personal against their will. It had proved effective then, but his rogue libido almost took away his job, courtesy Monica & Co. Men on top must have unimpeachable conduct.Overriding them all however is this question: Does the presence of a large, if diversified, Muslim community in France threaten to dispossess French society of what has held it together in the past – culture, language, lifestyles and, above all, the republican values that have sustained it for more than two centuries? The latter include a single legal system for all citizens, adherence to basic freedoms, gender equality and a strict separation of religion from the public sphere.

In order to win rural Malay votes, it will be used to show Umno’s solidarity behind what is dubbed as the hudud bill. This is a long foregone conclusion, as Umno will not do anything unless it is politically expedient to the pave the way for Abdul Hadi’s PAS to collaborate with Umno. If some agreement could be reached in the collaboration between the two parties before the next general election, especially in rural seats where every attempt will be made to ‘unite’ rural Malay votes either for PAS or Umno candidates, the PAS grassroots in these constituencies will not hesitate to vote for Umno.there is an attempt to set the stage for such collaboration, because Umno realises it is a goner where the Malay votes are concerned.

The Chinese and Indian votes especially in the urban seats are no longer important to them in the peninsula. If there are any attempts to win the next general election, Umno has to secure more seats, which I suspect is now being done through the alleged gerrymandering process.

What we read in the English dailies, especially in the alternative media, will be different from what is painted by Utusan Malaysia and the other newspapers targeting the rural Malays.

 Must understand PAS leaders are not living in the world of celebrities who clamours for popularity and 'likes' on social media, said its youth chief Nik Abduh Nik Abdul Aziz.

Although there are other ways to gain popularity, Nik Abduh said PAS leaders would not resort to tactics 

Nik Abduh, however, said PAS aimed to convince Malaysians and Muslims in particular that the solutions offered by other parties are not permanent or long lasting.
Like when they talk about “Why not field a woman who is beautiful, sweet, energetic, sexy, and is willing to give it her all,” Baljit was quoted telling Gerakan delegates at the party’s annual general assembly.Gerakan leader Baljit Singh’s remarks on fielding young, sexy women in elections reinforce chauvinism and misogyny in politics, DAP’s Dyana Sofya Mohd Daud said today.
When a Baljit claims that women are naturally maternal, or are by default,“Like when they talk about women’s rights, come up with laws, protect (all the rights of) women, we see the West as being great. Greater than (struggles of) Muslim women.

“But see the Western solution, they bash rape but they promote pre-marital sex,” he pointed out.

As such, Nik Abduh said PAS has tried to make the people understand to not follow solutions by the West that appears to be great but actually promotes destruction.readmore When Gerakan Baljit claims that women are naturally sexy maternal, by default

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