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Misinterpreting the mandate the Barbarians of UMNO

In 1897 Ronald Ross proved that what caused malaria were germ-carrying mosquitoes. Malaria was only a symptom, which quinine could only suppress but not cure.Najib is only a symptom of the disease of corruption. The only cure for malaria was the eradication of the insects that caused it.

We Malay are said to be genetically predisposed to coronary disease and diabetes. Are we also biologically programmed to be dishonest in our dealings?
If dishonesty is in our DNA, can genetic engineers reprogramme us to become honest and upright citizens? Quite a challenge for science, almost on a par with finding a cure for cancer.Or, perhaps, our dishonesty is not gene-based but is the result of a social and cultural context in which we see our successive governments as nothing but an extension of colonial rule,

This emboldened Najib to swear and sneer at opponents, favour cronies and generally stride about the landscape like some colossus batting off scam and scandal, fraud and failure.We inherited our political system and our bureaucracy from the British, and in exercising its power over people of the government is often seen as being as disempowering as any foreign ruler. In which case, subverting the government by corruption might be seen as an extension of the freedom struggle.To free ourselves from corruption we need first to free ourselves from a neo-colonial mindset. A mindset which makes adversaries of the rulers and the ruled, the government and its citizens.
Najib’s megalomania finally went haywire. In one fell swoop, he knocked the bottom out In other words, holdovers from the corrupt UMNO are responsible. “Prime Minister Najib was presented with the issue in such a way that turning down the scheme was out of the question,” the narrative quoted “senior officials” as saying. It goes on to add that Modi “raised several queries, especially on the impact on the common man and only when it was conveyed to him that steps were being taken to minimize hardship did he agree to the measure.”

Najib asking for a mandate in his name; the party was secondary.seems to have interpreted the mandate as an irreversible affirmation of his popularity as a leader,  This year’s Umno annual general assembly ended with party president Najib Abdul Razak in a position of undisputed power Leading a round of “Hidup Najib”, which was cried out thrice, Zahid added his support for Najib was undivided. Does his support and the UMNO delegates mean the Chosen One's sins are forgiven, or no sin was ever committed? word of caution for Najib If Zahid stands behind you, one day he will stab you at the back. Politics is a dirty game and dirtier by the day The Umno euphoria has ended. But the support for Najib was just mouth say of the crowd yelling. The real enemy for UMNO is from within not DAP or other minority. For true religiosity or spirituality money is secondary. Principles and values are supreme.
Recent acts of violence by a small portion of Umno members do not reflect the entire party, the party’s supreme council member Nazri Abdul Aziz  view was the party’s communal core remained intact

 This emboldened Najib to swear and sneer at opponents, favour cronies and generally stride about the landscape like some colossus batting off scam and scandal, fraud and failure.

As usual double standards. One for the righteous and for the reals crooks and thugs. The righteous get jailed and detained and the crooks have tea with the powers that be and roam free to create more havoc.IGP, these 12 are terrorists, 1. they intended to attack a lawmaker and 2. they trespassed into the compound of Parliament building which is a restricted area and 3. the one - Nur Jazlan - who sponsored their entry is equally punishable. All these barbarians who created terrorism must be charged under SOSMA.
Why want to investigate the intention? It's their action that needed to be taken action n how they got in is what need one investigated. Did they break in?Double standards on terror:After every terrorist outrage in  Parliament grounds voters asks a question that repeatedly withers on the dry sand of evasive clich├ęs. How long will the apartheid of two laws for the same crime continue? Neither goes into a brown study to ponder the causes of terrorism, a manipulative phrase designed specifically to provide cover for perpetrators of terrorism.  when  MP Khalid Samad is attacked by barbaric terrorists operating out of UMNO sanctuaries, Is an opposition MP Khalid Samad live less valuable than an UMNO MP life?  Nur Jazlan - who sponsored and provides sanctuary to UMNO terrorists – whether individuals or government must be punished, swiftly and decisively,  There has to be a cost to hypocrisy.Umno have a precedent. Perhaps all these barbarians who created terrorism must be charged under SOSMA.
Act of terrorism Why wait? Lock them up.You can expect kid glove treatment for these UMNO rioters compared to peaceful Bersih protestors!!they will be let off with just a slap on the wrist. Don't expect action to be taken against a minister's son.All evidence including video already pointed to the why wait? Are you deliberately delaying and press no charge later? Is this country fast becoming lawless and UMNO members have immunity to all crimes? This is d question a rightful journalist should ask!"would not want to elaborate on that yet until we have finished our investigation because we want to see what was the purpose."  for this case, you have video evidence to start with, with many witnesses. So, compared with the speedy investigation on Maria Chin, which you mentioned your team found document that showed the link with terrorism - this is quite disappointing.
  Khalid, these people have committed very serious offence and they should be arrested and charged at once. As Nur Jazlan said, their acts amount to terrorism since they've attacked a law maker in the compound of the Parliament, a place considered to be safe. And the MP who brought them in, should be arrested as well. As a law maker he should know the ill intention of those people. He is responsible for their behavior. Waste no time, Khalid. It is very easy to establish who the MP is.a struggle against shadow armies that glorify This is also a conflict between theocracy and democracy; between practitioners of faith-supremacy and believers in faith-equality as the basis of civilised behaviour. The answer to regression is not complicated: modernity. Modernity has four basic, non-negotiable principles. A modern nation must be democratic; it must believe in Parliament

. We need a doctrine for permanent war against terrorism, and we need signatories that are ready to implement this doctrine with all the muscle at their command.Walter Nicolai, the now forgotten head of Germany’s intelligence services during World War I, told his country that if it wanted to succeed it would have to adopt a new theory: ‘war in peace’. A hundred years later, this seems a relevant basis for an effective counteroffensive. But before we can solve the problem we must learn to recognise it. Fudge will not serve.

UMNO and Barisan Government cannot long continue a policy of selective punishment It must accept what Prime Minister Najib has been saying repeatedly: There is no good terrorism and bad terrorism; terrorism is terrorism. To supporters of Umno's Pasir Salak MP Tajuddin Abdul Rahman and Red-shirts leader Jamal Md Yunos by different yardsticks is akin to America saying that it would fight only Japan in World War II.

The ruckus that occurred on Parliament grounds yesterday has no connection with the party leadership, says the Umno sec-gen.

"Can we say they represent Umno's culture? Of course not... millions more were not involved. You can't judge Umno based on the actions of a few," Nazri, who is tourism and culture minister, told reporters

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