Wednesday, December 7, 2016

The Umno warlords who are keeping Najib in power are so short-sighted

Be that as it may, in contemporary Malaysia, few people would care for the question, with only a Parkinson-ed minority having experienced the alien, aloof and imperial Raj. Even the worst elements of the Taliban Pas are not bloody keen on an apology for the much-vaunted democracy and the rule of law were a sham,

The Umno warlords who are keeping Najib in power are so short-sighted that they can’t see that the party they love and the Malay cause are being decimated by Najib because of his greed and his desperation.If the Chinese Navy had wanted to surprise Malaysia with an invasion,now with shrewd tactical strategy Jho Low help China to invaded Malaysia Without firing a single bullet the first battlefields in the civilisational wars – in reality or ideology-wise. can alter political equations in Malaysia.Chinese Malaysians had long awaited for this Moment More importantly, the government might be forced to toe China  in reality or ideology-wise. can alter political equations in Malaysia.Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak is a desperate man and he will not hesitate to do anything to save himself from the biggest scandal in Malaysian history.

Mahathir warned thatJohore’ the newest colony of the PRC?Will Bandar Malaysia be known as Bandar Mao Zedong soon? the advent of some 1.5 million foreigners, mainly from China, who will live in Johor's new Iskandar Region, may lead to complications, the most dire of which is the area being overrun by the foreigners and potential secession, just like what happened to Singapore when its racial population mix threatened to unbalance the federation.One dangerous misnomer Jho Low an intelligence agency.While spy fact imitates spy fiction, the world must come to terms with a difficult truth.  are information accummulators. Intelligence Jho Low1MDB, by-product of his endeavours. Look no further than this case  Look no further than this case The Prime Minister has become either the target of dark outrage or the butt of black humour. The insulation that protected him while colleagues were falling on either side in the many corruption battles, has been ripped off by Jho Low inspired 1MDB, scam

 Najib is one of the Umno politicians in the forefront opposing the return of Chin Peng's ashes, claiming that it was sensitive to the Malays. He was well supported by Umno leaders as well as those from Perkasa.Malay sensitivities and dignities would be hurt if a communist’s ashes were to be stowed away in some God-forbidden place in Perak., what happens to Najib and Umno Malays' sensitivity and dignity? The communist Chinese are coming in droves, thanks to the welcoming arms of Najib.With tonnes of cash at their disposal, they will drive up prices of properties, making them beyond the reach of locals. When the ‘Ketuanan Melayu’ wake up, it would already too late. Rich Chinese Malaysians would have long gone. And there will be a new wave of migration from China. By then, it would again be the fault of the Chinese.sliding down with pathetic glee and jumping up with an occasional wheeze, but quite certain that its destination is downhill.. The political stability of India is equally a shambles.The recent behaviour of the UPA government has been utterly bizarre.. Congress might lose the plot, as it has done before, but it has enough experience in its DNA to manage a Parliament session. The current session is an object lesson in suicide. As seasoned a politician as Parliamentary Affairs Minister gives the impression of being either  a fool or a zombie; and since his track record proves that he is not silly, then he is under clear instructions to act like a robot. faithful lieutenant A sudden flurry of stories appeared— foreign correspondents seemed particularly gullible — suggesting that Najib would, with a wizard’s touch 
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