Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Malaysiakini an unconscious sense of superiority Separating facts from alternative facts

Malaysiakini  haves been particularly nasty in the last few years against UMNO and Najib
journalists and  still biased against Najib,The difference between stenography and journalism is that journalists have the right to twist a fact, bring in alternative facts, make a fact check and question the very premise of presentation. they are supposed to report honestly about, so that their readers,Malaysian who are mostly ignorant, get enlightened? should be to report truthfully and create some empathy amongst its readers or viewers for a country that is unique and endearing and whose Malay civilization, that viewed the world as One family, has survived centuries of savage onslaught, including by the British, who are still trying to lecture Najib AND UNMO also read this.Has Najib and Hadi charting a muddled path for Malaysia at the most severe political risk
 Stenography presents things as they are, similar to the way  imagined a good spiritual life. Learning the art of seeing things as they are, as he used to say, learning to see what is.also read this Azmin Ali :If Mahathir want to kiss the feet of PAS leaders that is his business
 Arithmetic or chemistry? Political calculations Mahathir had not got the right read on the state PAS of today. the infighting would really undermine the party candidates, with opposing camps proving much more iinjurious to PAS  than :Pakatan Harapan   another political calculations of illogic from Hadi to justify his rejection of the opposition front and the embracement of Najib Razak/Umno, is another strong indication that he has allegedly received something ‘unholy’ from Najib (as widely perceived by the public) to make him obligated to the latter.sometimes patronizingly hypocritical? It’s time to dump Hadi if PAS still wants to save the party from impending ruin.

In a media statement today, DAP lawmaker Gobind Singh Deo denied the former law minister's statement on Dr Mahathir Mohamad being the de facto leader of the opposition.Dr Wan Azizah Wan Ismail is Pakatan Harapan's opposition leader who will lead the coalition in the coming general election, said PKR deputy president Azmin Ali.

"We have an opposition leader, Wan Azizah, and we are preparing for the upcoming national polls,

The  unknown factor in DAP is the emergence of  as a brand in his own right. In the last few weeks, he has shown deft political footwork and has emerged as a new kind of option in the political landscape. The alliance with the DAP gives him just that little edge that might turn out to be decisive, but it isn’t entirely clear as to how deep his support runs. He is a new variation on an old theme, the strength of whose appeal is an open question.
 a larger uncertainty that both the government and the party are exuding currently. The party seems tentative about the exact proportions in which to juggle its electoral ingredients- how much to back development, what role should race and religion fault lines play, how effective would the plank of nationalism be in GE14 elections, and of course whether to try and ride on 1MDB or to hold back given the uncertainty around its impact on the voter. The government too seems to be in wait-and-watch mode, not giving any clear indication about what its future direction might be. Will it continue it’s wooing of the poor- ‘the tired pro-poor PAS rhetoric’, as it has been described, at the cost of its traditional support base, or will the reform thrust return in any significant way?

Some things however are a little more certain. Whether or not party hopping will work electorally, what he has achieved however is something potentially not significant in the long run for Hadi Awang It has NOT made him a truly mainstream brand.onlyMuslim voter in Malaysia now knows him and has some personal emotional reaction to him. Money reaches everyone; as a vehicle of a political message it is a more effective advertising medium than any other. It is possible that some or indeed many of these reactions are negative, but he has become the only politician in recent times, after Indira Gandhi to have managed this depth of reach.
 It is crystal clear to me that PAS president Abdul Hadi Awang is morbid about non-Malays and non-Muslims winning seats in GE14 and is bent on working with Umno to deny the opposition from getting any further footings from the last election. PAS looks doomed for certain, and that is hardly a surprise, but the real revelation has been that Umno is likely to gain much as a result.

This Saturday, President Trump, while addressing a rally in Florida, said the following to defend his travel ban for refugees from seven major Muslim countries: “You look at what´s happening in Germany, you look at what´s happening last night in Sweden”. He further added, “Sweden, Who would believe this? They took in large numbers. They´re having problems like they never thought possible.”
The fact of the matter is that it is true that Sweden took in a record- breaking large number of refugees last year. Approximately around 160,000 new arrivals to Sweden. Did they have any terrorist attack last Friday? No. These are straight facts. Was Donald Trump referring to Sehwan in Pakistan or Sweden in Scandinavia? Sehwan in Pakistan did witness a terrorist attack in which more than 70 people lost their lives at a famous Sufi shrine. Malaysiakini an unconscious sense of superiority

Fact checking is the new fashionable word added to our political lexicon, used in the modern world for justifying one’s point of view. Those who fought the campaign for President Trump and his supporters feel that it was outrageous when, just a day before the presidential election, The Huffington Post published a presidential forecast, predicting that Hillary Clinton had a 98.2% chance of winning the election. Mildly speaking, this turned out to be incorrect.
 contrast to the spiritual experience, the political world gets complicated by facts, such as who presents it, for what purpose and with what particular affiliation. Questioning strengthens journalism, makes it highly relevant and interesting, but when facts are presented without consulting the source or substantiating them with verifiable facts, it raises concern.Wouldn´t it be nice if some journalist, somewhere in the West, bothers to check an alternative fact: The United States and its allies were dragged into a war in Afghanistan, trying to catch Osama Bin Laden and his Al Qaeda supporters, who were probably hiding in Pakistan? After having donated 20 billion dollars during the period 2002 till 2011 to Pakistan, Americans truly became aware of the double-game played by that country. Osama Bin Laden was not in Afghanistan, he was in Pakistan. American tax payers paid for an expensive war in Afghanistan, while donating money to the country that was actually housing the terrorist. A bitter truth, a bitter pill to swallow for a country that spends billions of dollars to research and investigate terrorism.

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