Thursday, February 23, 2017

Najib or Hadi on the knife edge:Post-poll lessons for the winners, and whiners

 It is crystal clear to me that PAS president Abdul Hadi Awang is morbid about non-Malays and non-Muslims winning seats in GE14 and is bent on working with Umno to deny the opposition from getting any further footings from the last election.: PAS has only 25 seats because it had lost many seats which it had contested. The 89 seats in the opposition camp are the actual seats won, and not the number of seats PAS contested.: PAS has only 25 seats because it had lost many seats which it had contested. The 89 seats in the opposition camp are the actual seats won, and not the number of seats PAS contested.PAS and UMNO alliance or end of the road for PAS

With a few months to go before the elections in Malaysia, political realignments are on the cards as the ruling umno and PAS are reported to be in advanced stage of seat-sharing talks. Both parties are confident of sweeping the election against a rampant opposition if this alliance does come through, but ground realities could throw a totally different picture.

As per sources, umno seems to be coming around to contesting in 170 of the 222 seats . The remaining 52 seats are likely to be divided among PAS  other smaller parties  Earlier talks had hit a road block when pas insisted on at least 20 seats, but the state unit seems to have prevailed upon the central leadership not to ditch the alliance due to this.The first direct outcome of this alliance could be PAS becoming the biggest casualty as it will put the umno-PAS alliance in a direct fight with Mahathir. This will have a double adverse impact on PAS as the Muslim vote could shift loyalty towards the new alliance while UMNO quietly nibbles into their strong supporters  .What Hadi is saying is that  UMNO must sacrifice their mixed urban seats to PAS because PAS cannot win with Muslim votes alone. Why should UMNO make this sacrifice? This will dent  UMNO which is banking heavily on non Muslims and Muslims to provide them a winning formula.also read thisPAS’s Historic Move: the skewered gerrymandering, the winner is UMNO
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You can teach an old dog new tricks
The masterful manipulator of redefined democracy.   PAS President a role model oligarchy,in democratic Malaysia In the seats negotiation for the last general election, PAS had demanded for seats but failed to deliver. Now Hadi is using the discrepancy in the seats to justify his claim. If only PAS can translate contested seats into actual seats in Parliament.

In the great toss-up between perception and evidence, the former generally wins. Conventional wisdom, for instance, suggests that unity within a party brings victory. Reality: It is the scent of victory that encourages unity.Did DAP invent that opinion poll? No.Lim Kit Siang is an honourable man. if anything, is even more honourable, with proven credentials in the opinion poll business.PAS Hadi did  make up that claim. By that measure, PAS’s support declined by nearly 20 seats between the opinion poll and polling day. The struggling UMNOI picked up momentum, reaching first place but not entering comfort zone. Has Hadi, therefore, lost an election that he could have won comfortably? This question seems to have evaporated in post-results hyperbole.Tilt the perspective on what seems an obvious fact, and the picture changes to startling effect why did PAS only win 21 seats out of the 73 parliamentary seats that it contested?The lion's share of the parliamentary seats was given to your party and you failed to even win half of the seats you contested against Umno-BN. Is that the fault of the non-Muslims?In fact, PAS would have done worse without the support of Chinese and Indian voters. Truth be told, even among Muslim voters they do not trust PAS and its brand of politics., why did the rural and semi-urban Muslim voters reject PAS overwhelmingly in favour of Umno?


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