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Off the record Najib and Zaid have finally trap PAS decimation in three-cornered fights

Datuk Johari Umno supreme council member is absolutely right in pin-pointing that we need to dig deep into our consciousness and decipher from where this inferiority complex has crept into the veins of our society.There are people struggling to sort out their inner world for a meaningful life, while others are trying to hold together a damaged relationship, or are trying to raise consciousness in society, change the political system, save our planet and create universal brotherhood. The journey is daunting and often people give up.The argument that’s given usually is that one is too small to bring a change. But no one is too small and no problem is beyond them. The thing is that our attention is rarely focused as we wish to multitask owing to our greed, restlessness and sensory needs.

Off the record Najib and Zaid  have finally trap PAS decimation in three-cornered fights
The first challenge before Najib, if he wants to take UMNO to the top position, is to protect 
marginals and displace PAS from its thin space. Mahathir and Lim Kit Siang synonymous with fractious politics.Najib  cannot take a switch in swing for granted, for while national factors do shape currents on the surface, there are always extremely strong local whirlpools just below which can pull in the opposite direction.PAS is the small party, and therefore needs to hitch a ride with UMNO  to maximize the conversion of support into seats, as is happening in Malay belt. , where no one is offering a ride, PAS votes will wander in that useless space called purgatory; neither in heaven nor hell.Moreover, an alliance with a potential winner fetches higher rewards. 

Something is happening If voter want to witness the possibility of significant change, forget PAS president  a spent force and Abdul Hadi Awang ’s theatrics. 
 UMNO can make their own simulation, we will do ours," 
For the first time since PAS a political party with diluted Muslim credentials migrated from UMNO, is making a credible bid for UMNO support. PAS confined itself to Kelanta and, contra-factually, succeeded precisely because it was Anwar reformasi force. Other matters, mainly DAP  , became puffs of smoke from the ash of certainty.Muslims on the platform of unity? PAS president Abdul Hadi Awang refuses to be embarrassed by his, his faith or his route map in the competitive jungle of democratic aspiration.PAS is in play because it can mobilize anti-Umno electorates without the burden of anti-Mahathir and Lim Kit Siang. In fact, PAS is risking  its own life would not have done significantly better if it had refused regional power. Still an infant, it is more effective as a toddler of promise rather than an adult on steroids. It is too early to risk the loss of kampong innocence.
Muslims have handed over their vote as proxy in the hope of security and some degree of welfare. The first beneficiary was PAS. That illusion evaporated those who understand the temperamental nature of any electoral season know that predictions are risky. It is far safer to keep your eyes open and mouth shut. But if you had to lay any bets, how would you start? Open up the map and check out what may be called pinprick constituencies. These are the marginal seats where victory went to one party by a statistically inconsequential figure it happen in Sg Besar and Kuala Kangsar.  This will be more illuminating precisely because their random existence, outside any cluster that suggests geographic logic. If there is consistency in disarray, it means consolidation towards UMNO. If not seats are travelling in disparate directions. Off the record Najib and Zaid  have finally trap PAS decimation in three-cornered fights In electoral science, statistics are illustrative, interpretation is critical and everything is fluid. Politics is evolutionary, and evolution – even Darwin’s – is a theory, not a fact. No election is an echo of the past, let alone a mirror of the future.
The ever-punctual Comrade Gorbachev, who huffed and puffed so hard that he brought the whole Soviet house down, was once late for a meeting with a French delegation. He explained to his guests that he had been delayed by a problem in agriculture. When did the problem begin, asked the solicitous French. ‘‘In 1917,’’ replied Gorbachev.
Any democracy is hobbled without an Opposition. Are we condemned to replicate Malaysian parliament par at the national level — where a government wheezes, gasps and limps triumphantly to the finish line because there is no other horse in the race? 

Individual dynamics require special circumstances, not to mention the heavy propulsion of hidden political boosters. Mahathir succeeded because he had terribly long arms; he held the PAS by one hand, and the Anwar by the other, while he reinvented himself as an honest politician, sympathetic to Malay concerns. It required too much heavy engineering and the end product was so unstable that it kept Malay politics off-balance for a decade.
History does not repeat itself, but does it imitate itself? The answer will take a while.

Image result for DAP lawmaker Tony Pua ,PKR and PASImage result for DAP lawmaker Tony Pua ,PKR and PASImage result for DAP lawmaker Tony Pua ,PKR and PASImage result for DAP lawmaker Tony Pua ,PKR and PAS
DAP law maker is the perfect post-ideological politician. Those who think he is preaching to the choir are missing the point: a significant chunk of the electorate is tired of grand creeds.Tony Puah leaves behind a trail of feel-good bubbles on his travels. Contrast this with the hyperventilation of Lim Guan Eng , who believes that B-grade histrionics pave the way to stardom.
It is really stupid to see those who call themselves lawmakers discussing number plates on precious parliamentary time as opposed to correcting the ridiculous amendments to the existing laws which the draftsman department sends out to them for debate.

We have to blame ourselves for electing people like them to represent us. As a lawmaker, one should set an example not ask for 'discounts' and 'special treatment'

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